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Will Tennyson Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The youtube star Will Tennyson is popular for posting food-related videos on his channel. He has a YouTube channel. The channel he has designed is called after his name, which protects his subscribers, so nobody knows how many supporters he has. As well as posting workout videos where he often does the lifting, he also posts training photos. He is 25 years old and from Canada. Since April 2018, he has worked as the CEO of Beacon & Eggz Inc. From June 2018 to date, he has worked as the Founder of Odds and he has also been posting videos on YouTube for an extensive period.

Will Tennyson

His YouTube channel is very dynamic and he posts constantly. His Instagram account has 89.8 thousand supporters. You can locate him on Instagram at @willtenny.In this article, we will talk about Will Tennyson and his fitness routine. It includes his workout schedule and his diet plan which he is famous for on his social media too. It will cover up his exact fitness plan throughout the week. So stay tuned to know all about it. In the next section, we will see some of his body stats.

Will Tennyson Body Statistics

  • Birth Year: 1994
  • Birth Date: 30 August

Will Tennyson Workout Routine

YouTuber Will Tennyson observes his strict workout regimen when he is not supporting the diets and fitness routines of swole stars like Mark Wahlberg, Henry Cavill, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He describes in a recent video what an average week seems like for him in terms of practice.

Will Tennyson

"I don't see fitness as a day-to-day thing, I see it as a process, so I don't do daily calories, I do weekly calories," he states. "I eat 21,000 calories over 7 days, and I can utilize that however, I want to. This allows you to be flexible and to listen to your body. If I need to eat more, I eat more, if I'm not hungry, I don't eat... It just makes it so much more enjoyable and sustainable."Additionally to his training routine, Will assures that he gets 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, and marches 10,000 steps a day to help support his weight loss. He also performs 4 cardio workouts per week, including rowing, running, basketball, and anything else that makes his body move. He suggests having fun with your cardio activities. Be mobile.The current exercise program that Will uses spots all muscle groups twice a week over five training sessions, each of which can be accomplished in about an hour.

Day 1:

Includes the chest, back, and biceps. The activities in this session are bending a dumbbell press, a barbell row, a superset of flat dumbbell press and lat pulldown, a superset of machine row and cable fly, and a barbell curl. Will reduces the reps and improves the weight on each of the composite moves in the program, as long as he can achieve the required number of repetitions throughout each gathering.

Will Tennyson

Day 2:

We train legs and triceps, do squats, leg presses, leg extensions, and hamstring curls in a superset, tricep pushdowns, and French press/calf raises in a superset.

Day 3

Is shoulder and biceps, covering seated behind the neck press, machine lateral raise, a cable lateral raise/cable reverse fly/cable upright row superset, spider curl, and 3 sets of any bicep exercise.

Day 4:

Chest and back: bench press, neutral grip pulldown, incline pause bench press, chest-supported row, and a cable row/pec dec fly superset.

Day 5:

Shoulders, legs, and triceps—finishes off the week confronting press, smith machine squats, smith machine shoulder press, dumbbell Bulgarian split squat, a parallel raise variation / Romanian deadlift superset, and the dumbbell skull crusher.

"You can have the most on-point diet and the best training, but at the end of the day you need to have the mindset," he speaks. "It is you that goes into the gym every single day and puts in the work. No one else is going to do it for you, and when it comes to fitness, there is no quick fix, you cannot skip steps. Stop counting down the days, and make the days count."It's a 4-day split comprising of two days of legs/shoulders/tri's and two days of chest/back/biceps.

Will Tennyson

There's a video concerning it, and it is as it appears:

Progression/rep ranges are:

Week 1: 4x10

Week 2: 4x8 (5kg increase)

Week 3: 5x5 (5kg increase)

Week 4: repeat week 1 with a 2.5 to 5kg increase compared to week 1

Day 1:

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  • Bench
  • Neutral grip pull up
  • Incline DB press
  • Pendley's
  • DB Preacher Curls (optional accessory depending on energy)

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Day 2:

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  • Squat
  • Mil press
  • RDL
  • Lat raises
  • Face pulls

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Day 3:

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  • Incline bench
  • Lat pulldown
  • Floor press
  • T bar rows
  • Wide grip cable row
  • Hammer Curls (optional accessory)

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Day 4:

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  • Mil press
  • Hex bar deadlift
  • One arm DB shoulder press
  • Walking lunges
  • Leaning Lat raises
  • Overhead tricep extension

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Producing each muscle group beat twice a week, great succession, the mix of high reps and low reps, and so on, is fascinating to me. It's working for him!

Will Tennyson

That was all about the workout routine that Will Tennyson stuck to be all buff and chiseled. He makes sure that he is quite consistent with his routine and thus follows it religiously. In the next section, we will follow his diet plan and what he eats in general to fuel himself.

Will Tennyson Diet Plan

Will Tennyson, a fitness YouTuber who usually snacked through quarantine, recently set himself the aim of losing as much weight as he could in 10 days. The mini-cut trial challenges him to lessen his daily calorie intake from 3,000 to 2,300-2,400 calories.

"You don't need to count macros," he states, "just hit 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight, get your fiber in, and just let your carbs and your fat just fall where they fall."Tennyson became inspired by macro fasting after exploring intermittent fasting. He consumes only protein in the morning and receives his other macros in the evening. (He declares this makes going out to eat less of a nuisance.)

Will Tennyson

"A great thing about protein macro fasting is that it keeps your hunger down throughout the day," he tells. "You may notice that when you have a carb-heavy meal or just carbs in general, immediately after you eat you're hungry again, and that's because you have those massive blood sugar spikes. So by sticking to just protein throughout the day, you're keeping the blood sugar spikes minimal, and your hunger is pretty stabilized."Tennyson's second resolution is to improve his daily step count in addition to adjusting his diet. On an ordinary day, he tries to walk 10,000 steps, but during the 10-day challenge, he directs for 15,000-20,000 steps. "I find walking to be very effective and very underrated for fat loss," he speaks. "It doesn't increase your appetite, it's easy to recover from, and it burns a ton of calories."In addition to giving consideration to the non-exercise venture thermogenesis (NEAT), the energy we exhaust every day without consuming or sleeping, Tennyson also prescribes that people obtain other ways to combine physical movement into their everyday lives, such as walking to their targets. "Just by changing up a few things, you can burn a lot of additional calories," he said. "Over the weeks and months, it makes a huge difference."

Will Tennyson

Will weighs 179.2 pounds and has 14 percent body fat at the initiation of the provocation. After 10 days, he has lost 12.6 percent of his body fat and estimates 173 pounds. "I know that sounds like a lot, but in the first couple weeks of a diet you will drop a lot of weight," he declares."I noticed a lot of difference in my abdominal region, and especially in my face, I leaned out a lot there... If you know what you're doing, you can start to see some results pretty damn quick."


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Will Tennyson

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