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Vince Gironda Diet And Workout [8x8 Regime 2022]

Iron Guru !! Yes, you heard it right! That’s what he was regarded as. An American professional bodybuilder personal trainer and author, we are talking about none other than Vincent Anseimo Gironda popularly known as Vince Gironda.He aimed toward exclusive bodybuilding and took it to a level making the Vince Gironda workout and Vince Gironda diet sensational among fitness lovers.He credited bodybuilding to be 85 percent nutrition. He was an early supporter of a low-carb diet and recommended the use of various supplements. He was against the use of steroids for physique development. Gironda was the co-founder of the famous Vince’s Gym.Vince was among a few in the building zone to mention that sit-ups do not contribute to the development of abdominal muscles. He had a certain perspective on unorthodox training ideas. He suggested a large number of fertile eggs being equal to the Anabolic Steroid Dianabol in effectiveness.In the 1960s, Vince claimed popularity as a personal trainer, when his trainees were hitting on all important contests. “We do not weight lifters, We’re bodybuilders.” His quote was very firm as it came to his followers. Vince was famous for throwing people out of his gym for going against performing the exercise he had forbidden for.[incontent_ads]

Who was Vince Gironda?

Gironda was born on 9th Nov’1917 in The Bronx, New York later moved on to Los Angeles with his family. His father being a stuntman had good fortune but Vince was attracted to his physical development more.At the early age of 22, he began weight lifting. The gym local YMCA was the first place where he worked before opening his own gym ‘The Vince’s Gym’Gironda in those days was very popular for his expertise in training both champion bodybuilders and movie and television actors.

  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Weight Lifter, Trainer and Bodybuilder
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Weight: 185-195 lbs

He claimed to get a person in the desired shape faster than anyone else could and actresses to him for that reason. He has trained famous Stars like Larry Scott and Arnold Schwarzenegger.Vince hit the ground with his hard as -nail attitude by creating controversial training and dieting protocols that are still prevailing in the world.This American athlete with a height of 5’8” and weighs 185-195 Ibs conquered the fitness world like no other in a very short span of time.He was known for his dedication and hard Attitude which brought him fame and his glorious accomplishment with[incontent_ads]

  • 1949 Pro Mr. California - 4th
  • 1950 Mr USA- 4th
  • 1952 AAU Mr.America - 2nd
  • 1958 Mr. USA - 3rd
  • 1962 Mr Universe - 2nd

Vince Gironda Diet

The Low Carb Diet was a creation of Vince. He advocated for a diet high in fat and protein and considered it a way to increase testosterone and lose weight. Gironda improvised the eating fashion for bodybuilders by considering high fat in their diet.Other than promoting full-fat cream, cheese, beef and whole eggs. Vince also supported supplements like desiccated liver tablets, vitamin C tablets, and digestive enzymes. Nutritional exercises are essential as a hard-working attitude and strict approach to training in order to achieve your desired physique.Here is full Vince Gironda diet.[incontent_ads]

  • Breakfast: Fish, Steak, Eggs, Natural Cheese, Milk, Wheat toast and row cream
  • Lunch: Eggs, Meat, Cheese, Green vegetable salad and Fruits
  • Dinner: The majority of foods same as lunch, Yogurt
  • Snacks: Special protein shake, Half & Half and Ginger Ale, Sandwiches with cheese, Eggs, Meat, Tuna and Peanut butter

Vince was simple and specific while other bodybuilders' meal plans tended to be confidential secrets. The Maximum Definition Diet, now known as the Ketogenic diet, was considered the fastest way to burn fat and gain muscles at the same time. This was followed by an alkaline diet of fresh vegetables and fruits to rebalance metabolism.Gironda promoted a Hormone Precursor Beverage for which he used 12 raw eggs with shells, ⅓ cup milk egg protein powder and an optimal banana blending together to make a concoction and drink between meals and before bedtime. He included liver tablets, wheat germ oil and calcium to fill in the nutritional gaps.Check other articles like Kelly Ripa Diet and Workout, Kevin Durant Diet and Workout and Tristyn Lee Diet And Workout Routine.

Vince Gironda Workout

‘The German Volume Training’ was Gironda’s exercise routine with 10 sets of 10 reps each. It was a unique way to grow muscles by making the muscle fibers do a lot of work. Gironda aimed for a look where he could have massive arms, big shoulders, broad chest, small waist and defined legs.Vince did not favor barbell back squats to guard over the development of gluteals. He did not support the bench press and eradicated traditional sit-ups in his gym considering them ineffective and dangerous. He said people needed to focus on what mattered: Visualising and sculpting the body.Here is the massive Vince Gironda workout 8x8.[incontent_ads]

Day 1: Back and Triceps Workout

  • Pull overs
  • Narrow grip dips
  • Pull-ups
  • Seated rows
  • Kneeling overhead extensions

Day 2: Legs Workout

  • Stiff-legged deadlifts
  • Hack squats
  • Leg press wide stance of single-legged

Day 3: Calves and Shoulder Workout

  • Military press standing
  • Leaning side raises
  • Donkey raises

Day 4: Chest and Biceps Workout

  • Incline dumbbells bench
  • Zottman curls
  • Floor flyes with cables
  • V-Dips
  • Drag curl

The famous 8x8 workout routine followed by Vince is an advanced bodybuilding routine to shock your muscle into growth. The 6x6 routine is an intermediate version of the same program. Vince did not promote every exercise to use an 8x8 rep scheme but instead designed for each muscle group to perform 8 sets.To supplement his body for a hectic workout schedule he included Liver pills that help muscles to grow strong, Calcium that prevents muscle spasms, Kelp which helps to maintain pH balance and regulate blood sugar, and Digestive Enzymes that prevent inflammation and strengthen the immune system helping in weight loss.Protein that would act as a building block, VitaminC which is an antioxidant and help in muscle recovery and Wheat germ oil which has anti-aging effects boosting energy and metabolism.

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The Vince Gironda fitness study is although a rigid one an effective one too. Sheer dedication and high target can reach you there if tried for. You should not miss out on the warm-up exercise pre-workout and cooling down by stretching yourself post-workout.Also, keep yourself well hydrated with the intake of adequate amounts of water and nourish yourself with juices and energy drinks. Stay focussed on your target and get there with patience and hard work.So you read everything about Vince Gironda diet and Vince Gironda workout, Let us know about your experience by reading this in the comment section.




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