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Unveiling the Secrets Behind Gordon Ryan's Training Regimen

If you're a fitness enthusiast or practice Jiu Jitsu, chances are you've heard the name Gordon Ryan. His elite performances in competitive grappling led him to take home two ADCC championships. But what most don't know is what goes into creating that level of success. Come with us as we take a deep-dive into the diet and workout strategies behind Gordon Ryan's famed training regimen. We'll discuss exactly how he achieves peak physical performance, while also staying healthy. So if you've been curious about how someone can go from zero to hero overnight (or close to it), read on!




What Does His Diet Consist of and How Does He Track Macros?

Macros play a huge role in any fitness and diet regimen. Understanding the details of how macros work can help you reach your fitness goals even faster. Your macronutrients are the carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that make up your diet. Tracking your macros helps ensure your diet aligns with your fitness goals. This process requires you to consider 3 things daily:

  • the average number of grams of carbohydrates you consume,
  • the average number of grams of protein you consume, and
  • the average number of grams of fat you consume.

Understanding which foods are high in each macronutrient will also help you create meals that meet your macro goals.

There are several different approaches to take when tracking macros. For some, meal prepping ahead of time can be a great way to ensure that all their meals hit their macro goals for the day. Meal prepping is especially helpful for those trying to lose weight or build muscle. Another approach involves tracking macros via an app or website. All you have to do is enter in the foods you eat throughout the day, and the tracker shows the macros within those foods. Apps like MyFitnessPal are amazing tools to help you make sure you reach your caloric and macronutrient goals, without having to do the math!

When it comes to tracking macros for physical results, consistency is key. Finding a system that works for you and that you can stay consistent with helps you reach your goals faster. With a bit of planning and practice, anyone can learn how to track macros!

What Supplements Does He Take to Enhance His Health?

The health benefits of taking vitamins and minerals are well documented. Studies show that taking certain supplements can help improve physical and mental performance. Not only that, but they are known to help reduce the risk of certain diseases as well. There are a variety of supplements to choose from depending on one's individual goals. These can include multivitamins, probiotics, and omega-3 fatty acids ( For example, someone looking for increased energy would opt for B vitamins or iron. Someone seeking digestive support might try probiotics or digestive enzymes. Many individuals even take a combination of supplements based on their specific needs. Natural botanicals such as ginseng, garlic, and ginger can also provide wellness support when consumed

Many athletes supplement their diets with protein powders containing essential vitamins and minerals. Using protein powder to supplement your diet is one of the easiest ways to meet your macro goals. Protein powders encourage muscle growth while aiding in muscle recovery after a workout. When choosing a protein powder, it's important to consider:

  • the net macros per serving (carbohydrates, protein, fats): make sure they align with your fitness goals!
  • the ratio of grams of protein to total calories per serving: aim for 24g of protein per a 140-calorie serving for building muscle and fat loss
  • flavor: because who says meeting your macros has to be chalky?

We recommend (Pro JYM Ultra-Premium Protein Blend) because of its optimal macros and downright amazing flavor. If you're looking to up your fitness game and meet your nutrition goals, Pro JYM is the way to go.

At the end of the day, the right supplements will depend largely on an individual's goals. Everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for another. Keep in mind that supplements should never replace a balanced diet, but rather exist as a tool to support wellbeing in addition to a healthy diet.

Workout Plan

What Does His Workout Regimen Look Like?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a workout regimen. Exercise plans are dependent on age, current fitness level, and the individual's health concerns. It's important for everyone to find a routine that works for them and sets them up for success.

Gordon Ryan recommends a comprehensive approach to ensure total-body fitness. He recommends a workout regimen that includes strength training as well as aerobic activity. This means that the workouts should target all major muscle groups and use compound exercises.

An effective full body program includes exercises that work large muscle groups, increase core strength, and spike the heart rate. Examples of these are:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Pull-ups
  • Presses
  • Planks
  • Burpees
  • Running
  • Cycling

Full body training is recommended twice weekly to maximize fitness results. This ensures muscle growth while giving the body time to recover between workouts. Gordon also stresses the importance of proper form when it comes to exercise. We recommend consulting with a personal trainer to learn how to perform exercises. You'll end up getting more out of your workouts and will prevent injury in the long run!

You've heard it before, but we'll say it again: you can't out-exercise a bad diet. Nutrition plays a huge role in any fitness plan. High-quality, protein-packed foods can help fuel performance and encourage muscle repair. And let's not forget about water! Proper hydration before, during, and after exercise is key for maintaining optimal health.

It's safe to say Gordon Ryan's fitness regimen is both an effective and efficient way to achieve optimal health. His approach involves combining strength training with HIIT (high-intensity interval training). This combo maximizes calorie burn and builds muscle mass, all while increasing the body's aerobic capacity. Gordon also stresses that a good fitness program includes quality nutrition as well as rest and recovery days.

Gordon Ryan's goal is to help people reach their peak physical performance efficiently. This regimen works best for those already in good shape, but who still want a challenge. It requires discipline and dedication, but the results are always worth it in the end. By following a program like this, you can expect to build muscle, experience increased energy levels, increased endurance, and greater overall physical performance.

Gordon Ryan's fitness program is perfect for someone looking for a challenge in their fitness journey. Someone who wants to improve their physical performance without sacrificing their health in the long run. Those willing to commit to this program will likely find they achieve their desired results faster than they ever expected.

If you are looking to boost your health and fitness, consider taking some notes from Gordon Ryan. His workout and diet plan has contributed to his success as a world-renowned athlete. Changes like this can seem daunting, but remember that even small steps in the right direction can have significant results.

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