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Sergi Constance Diet & Workout Routine

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The more you care about your diet & workout, The more your body will respond in bodybuilding. The Sergi Constance diet is strict & complex. He maintains the balance between protein, carbs & fats.The Sergi Constance workout routine is a 5-6 days split routine. Where he trains every muscle group with different days. He once says that he loves to workout & there are some of his favorite exercises like: Incline Chest Press, Squats & Deadlifts.

Bodybuilder Sergi Constance

The Spanish guy Sergi Constance is a great bodybuilder, fitness model, and social media influencer. He was born & raised in Spain. Besides bodybuilding, He is an amazing personal trainer.The young bodybuilder has a great vision & dedication to his training. He made his dream true by following a disciplined diet & workout routine.

  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Profession: Professional Bodybuilder, Fitness Icon & Social Media Influencer
  • Date-of-Birth: 25 October 1988

[su_box title="Also Read" box_color="#00bfff"]Chris Bumstead Workout Routine & Diet[/su_box]Sergi is IFBB cardholder and also one of the best fitness male icon in this world. He defeats many bodybuilders. He is WBFF pro muscles model champion.He was featured in many international magazines. Basically, He is a sponsored athlete from Spain. Besides his bodybuilding career, He is also an Entrepreneur.When he was a youth, He joined the gym. He wants to create his body stronger & bigger. He has his own fitness clothing company.[incontent_ads]

Sergi Constance Stats

[su_table responsive="yes" fixed="yes"]Height6'1" (185 cm)Weight207 lbs (94 kg)BicepsWill Get SoonChestWill Get SoonWaistWill Get SoonThighsWill Get Soon[/su_table]

I have been able to achieve the body I have today thanks to years of consistent dieting and training. The fitness lifestyle has been very rewarding and I have loved every bit of the journey. -says Sergi Constance

When he started gym earlier, After some week he was inspired by some bodybuilder and fall in love with bodybuilding. After that, He decided to go with bodybuilding.

Sergi Constance Diet

Really the guy eats big in order to stay in shape. He also drinks gallon water throughout the day in order to stay hydrated every time.Sergi always avoids junk food and prefers good healthy food with nutrients that are fresh and prepared ahead of time.He avoids overcooked and oily foods and follows a strict diet. He consumes six meals a day, all of which are high in carbs and protein.[incontent_ads]

  • Meal 1: Oats, 2 Eggs & 6 Egg Whites
  • Meal 2: 6 Rice Cakes & Red Meat & Walnuts
  • Meal 3: White Rice, Chicken, Tomatoes & Walnuts
  • Meal 4: 2 Rice Cakes, Protein Shake, Isolate Protein & Glutamine
  • Meal 5: Tuna, Vegetables & Walnuts
  • Meal 6: Salmon, Vegetables & Walnuts

Sergi takes supplements to fuel his body. It will make your body fully energetic throughout the day. He takes supplements like Glutamin, Multivitamin etc.

My ultimate motivation comes from my inner goal to one day become a world famous fitness model and have one of the best physiques in the industry.

Sometimes he makes protein pancakes for him in order to protein stack. He gathers all ingredients and blends them in a blender then drinks before the workout session.

Sergi Constance Workout Routine sure you stay hydrated throughout workouts by consuming water or energy drinks before you begin your workout or training program.Also, remember to warm up by exercising and cool down by stretching your muscles out, as this can assist you to avoid injury during your workout or exercise.Here is the complete Sergi Constance workout.

Workout Split

  • Day 1: Quads & Calves Workout
  • Day 2: Chest, Triceps & Abs Workout
  • Day 3: Back & Biceps Workout
  • Day 4: Rest
  • Day 5: Shoulders & Traps Workout
  • Day 6: Hamstrings & Abs Workout

Sergi also does cardio workouts twice a week for 40-45 minutes. Where he performs with the treadmill. He also says that cardio helps burn lots of fats.

Quads & Calves Workout

  • 5 sets & 20 reps: Leg Extensions
  • 4 sets & 15 reps: Squats
  • 4 sets & 15 reps: Leg Press
  • 4 sets & 20 reps: Single Leg Extension
  • 4 sets & 10 reps: Seated Calf Raises
  • 4 sets & 8-12 reps: Standing Calf Raises

Chest, Triceps & Abs Workout

  • 5 sets & 10-20 reps: Incline Bench Press
  • 4 sets & 10-15 reps: Incline Hammer Press
  • 4 sets & 10 reps: Dumbbell Fly’s
  • 4 sets & 8-12 reps: Decline Chest Press
  • 3 sets & 10 reps: Dips
  • 3 sets & 10 reps: Triceps Extension
  • 4 sets & 10 reps: Incline Skull Crushers

Back & Biceps Workout

  • 4 sets & 10 reps: Lat Pulldown Wide Grip
  • 4 sets & 10 reps: Rows
  • 3 sets & 10-15 reps: One Arm Dumbbell Rows
  • 3 sets & 10-15 reps: Lat Pulldown Reverse Grip
  • 4 sets & 10 reps: Deadlifts
  • 3 sets & 10-15 reps: Hammer Curls
  • 3 sets & 10-15 reps: Preacher One Arm Dumbbell Curls

Shoulders & Traps Workout

  • 4 sets & 10-20 reps: Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press
  • 4 sets & 10-20 reps: Seated Lateral Side Raises
  • 4 sets & 10-20 reps: Rear Delt Machine
  • 4 sets & 10-20 reps: Upright Row
  • 4 sets & 10-20 reps: Dumbbell Shrugs

Hamstrings & Abs Workout

  • 4 sets & 15-20 reps: Lying Leg Curls
  • 4 sets & 6-12 reps: Stiff Legged Deadlift
  • 4 sets & 10-20 reps: Hamstring One Leg Curls
  • 3 sets & 15 reps: Crunches
  • 3 sets & 20 reps: Hanging Leg Raises


It’s not easy to become like him in a day or two. But he had to work hard for years to achieve his shredded and muscular physiques. After looking at Sergi Constance diet and Sergi Constance workout, we can conclude that if we want to be like him, we must work hard for it, and his daily routine inspires and motivates us to achieve a healthy body.

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