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Sara Ali Khan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Sarah Ali Khan is an Indian heroine. She specializes in Hindi films. Her birth date is 12 August 1995. She is the daughter of actors Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan and comes from the Pataudi family. She is the maternal granddaughter of Shivinder Singh Virk and Rukhsana Sultana, as well as a paternal granddaughter of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and Sharmila Tagore.

Sara Ali Khan

Khan first joined the acting world after graduating from Columbia University by appearing as a leading lady in the 2018 films Kedarnath and Simmba. She won the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut in the former of the two films, which were commercial successes. In 2019, Forbes India named her one of the country's top 100 celebrities.In this article, we will talk about Sarah Ali Khan and her fitness routine that helps her stay desirable and gorgeous as she is. She also feels that her fitness routine has worked well for her overall beauty and body. She has a great diet plan and makes sure to live a little while taking charge of her body too.

Sara Ali Khan Body Statistics

  • Birth Year: 1993
  • Birth Date: August 12
  • Height: Feet – 5 feet 4 inchesMeters – 1.62 m
  • Centimeters – 162 cm
  • Weight: 50 Kg
  • Breasts: 32 inches
  • Waist: 26 inches
  • Hips: 34 inches
  • Body Measurement: 32-26-34
  • Shoe Size: 7 US
Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan Workout Routine

In Bollywood, Sara Ali Khan has been one of the most inspirational actors. Despite having only a handful of films to her name, she has made a permanent impression on the industry. Not just for her acting skills, but also for the dedication she has towards everything she does, this actor is inspiring to many. Several people have also expressed concerns about her fitness. According to her, she follows a strict diet regimen to maintain a healthy weight.The key to Sara's fitness has always been a mix of exercises rather than relying completely on one workout style. Sara has tried her hand at everything from Pilates to strength training to boot camp workouts to cardio.

Sara Ali Khan

Additionally, she described some of the exercises she did before entering Bollywood:“There were so many different types of classes in that city, from functional training to boxing to cycling. But because I was so overweight at the start, it was more about cardio-heavy workouts like walking, cycling, and hitting the treadmill—so that I could lose the weight before entering the intermediate forms of exercise.”When she reached her goal weight and launched her career, that didn't mean she was going to give up her strict workout routine. The following are a few exercises that helped Sara improve her fitness:

Pilates with Namrata Purohit

Sara also trains with celebrity trainer Namrata Purohit for pilates, like other celebrities such as Kareena Kapoor Khan, Malaika Arora, Varun Dhawan, and Sonakshi Sinha. Exercises like this low-impact flexibility workout are much harder than they appear, and they are also very effective. By using endurance movements at a much slower pace than normal exercises, Pilates helps you develop muscular strength, improve your posture, and boost your overall fitness.

Sara Ali Khan

Celebrities around the world are currently gathering to the Pilates method! Sara practices low-impact exercises under the guidance of celebrity trainer Namrata Purohit, and we are treated to regular Instagram updates showing the results of their workouts. Not only does it aid in weight loss, but it also improves muscle flexibility, core strength, and helps align the posture of the body.It's a fabulous exercise simply because it focuses on lengthening the body and balancing it rather than bulking or shortening it like gymming. Sara says Pilates is fun and you never feel fatigued while doing it. After a workout session, your body feels rejuvenated and you have no alternative but to enjoy the workout. Her other favorite activity is Yoga and dancing to Bollywood music with insane energy.The industry is indeed evolving and we see more and more women of all shapes and sizes in the movies but Sara wanted to remain fit for her own sake. She commented, “Yes, in many ways we as an industry are progressing and accepting. But having said that, it is not just about being accepted, it is also a personal choice. It’s not like I aspire to have a size zero figure, it’s not going to happen and I’m okay with that. But you don’t have to be 96 kgs either. Apart from just acting, it is not a healthier way to live. I was huge and for no reason. It messes up your hormones, your health. It is just a bad place to be mentally, physically, and emotionally.”

Sara Ali Khan


The fact that Sara has not picked up dancing in recent years may surprise you somewhat. Sara's trained in a traditional dance form called Odissi, which is, believe it or not, also helpful for exercising. Regular practice of traditional dance forms such as Odissi provides a lot of endurance, coordination, and promotes balance, as well as reduces stress.

Functional training with Cindy Jourdain

The celebrity trainer Cindy Jourdain incorporates the best practices from CrossFit, martial arts, yoga, and dance into a unique boot camp program. Sara frequently attends these group classes because they enable her to develop her strength, flexibility, agility, and focus. One of Cindy's classes is shown in this video where Sara takes part in an intensive body conditioning session. The session incorporates 10 TRX scapula push-ups, 10 scapula pull-ups, 10 kettlebells back lunges with each leg, advanced hollow man hold for 30 seconds, 10 TRX atomic push-ups, 5 eccentric pull-ups, 10 kettlebells split jerk with each leg, and an upright hollow hold for 15 seconds. It sounds like a lot to us, and we don't know about you.Those who thought functional training was just for athletes and fitness freaks must think again. It is important to note that Functional Training is one of the best ways to lose weight and that it was one of the methods Sara Ali Khan used to transform herself. She trains under Cindy Jourdain at a boot camp which is a full-body workout combining a more advanced strength training program with the fluidity of aerobic exercise and burns more calories in less time.In addition, she takes part in regular boot camp training under Cindy Jourdain's strong guidance. Moreover, he trains Mira Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor's wife, at his boot camp.During the boot camp sessions, there are two levels to choose from - beginners and advanced. During the beginners level, you'll do four controlled and slow rounds of:

  • 10 TRX scapula push-ups
  • 10 scapula pull-ups
  • 10 KB back lunges
  • Hollow man – 30-second hold

Advanced level comprises 4 rounds of slow and controlled –

  • 10 TRX atomic push-ups
  • 5 eccentric pull-ups long reset in between
  • 10 KB split jerk (each leg)
  • Rocking hollow 15-second hold

In boot camp, aerobics are combined with intense training. There are pull-ups, lunges, crunches, splits, push-ups, drills, and sprints included in aerobics. This is a good exercise for building muscle strength and endurance and works the entire body. Performing high-intensity aerobic interval training in a little amount of time allows Sara to burn a substantial amount of calories.

Power Yoga

Regular exercise is part of Sara's fitness regimen, and she also mixes up different types of exercise. By doing different exercises she stays fresh and will not get bored.Running on a treadmill while listening to Bollywood songs, doing pilates, boot camp training, and doing power yoga are among her workout routines. Sara Ali Khan also practices yoga. The recent Instagram post-Sara Ali Khan shared featured a picture of her with her friends after a power yoga session where she looked radiant and young.

Sara Ali Khan

Yoga power is a subset of Ashtanga yoga. The workout uses a Vinyasa practice (flowing, dynamic series of poses). Yoga is becoming increasingly popular among people who are trying to lose weight. Practicing power yoga provides the body with a great workout. It helps to improve flexibility, strength, posture, and mental focus.Compared to traditional yoga poses, power yoga burns more calories because it's a more vigorous form of exercise. Along with toning your body and strengthening your gluteal muscles, it helps improve your physique. Furthermore, power yoga also improves your posture in addition to enhancing your strength, stamina, and flexibility.Weight loss can be achieved by adding two-three power yoga sessions a week. When you practice power yoga, your muscles become stronger, which helps you lift weights. It is great to combine Power Yoga with cardio exercises to lose weight.Practicing power yoga makes you leaner and more flexible. This practice involves intense stretching to extend contracted muscles resulting from running or weight lifting for a long period.In an interview with a leading portal, she said, “I remember saying ‘you know what I am going to do it and I went to the gym and did 3 crunches with a weighted ball in my hand and I couldn’t do more because I was heavy and I was not fit. I left the gym and came home and said ‘you know what, I don’t know if I can do this. Maybe I can’t'. I woke up the next day and went back to the gym and did 4 crunches and then I did 5 and then I did 6 and I really don’t need to boast but I am down for a crunching challenge right now. I did a lot of abs this morning.”That was all about the workout routine that Sarah Ali Khan shares with her fans and friends. She is a fitness freak and it is quite apparent from her routine. She also makes sure to add various kinds of exercises to her plan so that she stays entertained and sticks to her routine. In the next section, we will also see some tips that she has to give.

Sara Ali Khan Workout Tips and Tricks

Sara Ali Khan's Instagram is an excellent resource for workouts and fitness inspiration. “I feel my most beautiful right after a workout. I think that I feel emotional, mentally, and physically healthiest. I just feel happy, positive, rejuvenated, energized, hence beautiful," she said in an interview. Would you like to feel the same way? Here's what you can do.

Add cardio workouts to your schedule

In order to become a successful actress, Sara Ali Khan knows the value of sweating it out. Cardio workouts were an important part of her exercise routine as she started her fitness journey. “I simply started eating healthy and began working out when in New York. There were so many different types of classes in that city, from functional training to boxing to cycling. But because I was so overweight at the start, my routine was more about cardio-heavy workouts like walking, cycling, and hitting the treadmill—so that I could lose the weight before entering the intermediate forms of exercise,” this is what she said. Doing cardiovascular exercise regularly can help lower many factors that add to heart disease. As well as lowering blood pressure and strengthening the heart, it allows more blood to flow to the muscles.

Sara Ali Khan

Include muscle-training workouts to sculpt your body

Cardio is not the only thing you should do. “Pilates is definitely the backbone of my fitness,” Ali Khan says, describing it as the way she builds her core strength. “It strengthens body balance and works on your core, which is the powerhouse of your entire body. Doing Pilates has enabled me to gain strength that's not only helpful in looking good but also in boosting physical stamina," Sara explained. Pilates promotes balanced muscle development, flexibility, and strength. Further, the movements require you to maintain correct alignment and challenge your balance, which energizes your body, especially your midsection.

Find what motivates you

Finding a way to motivate yourself to go to the gym every morning can be difficult if you don't feel like it, but finding something that makes it easier is crucial. For Ali Khan, music is the key to motivating herself. “I recently discovered that on YouTube you can change the playback speed of songs. So now I can actually work out to pretty much any song depending on the pace of it. I can always make it 1.25, 1.5, or two times faster than the original track, so that makes it a lot easier,” she explained. Research has shown that music can serve as a good distraction, and keep you focused on something else without getting distracted by all the exertion. If you synchronize your music with your workout, as Ali Khan does, then the rhythm of your workout music will encourage your motor area to stimulate you to move, which is perfect if you are running or skipping.

Exercise according to your mood

Do you feel tired after a long day? If so, you ought to try doing a relaxing workout. Are you looking for additional energy? Increase the intensity. “If I've had a hard week physically, then a Vinyasa yoga or Pilates class is a great workout. But if it's been a stressful and emotionally taxing week, there's nothing better than a 45-minute session of boxing to get the adrenaline pumping in my body,” she shared.

Sara Ali Khan

Make sure to schedule a rest day

The actor has a busy workout schedule but makes sure to take one day off. “I like to change things up, but ensure that I work out for an hour and a half every single day—except on Sunday because that's my day to chill,” she tells. Growing muscles involves recovery to keep them in great shape. The fibroblasts, which are responsible for repairing muscle tissue after a workout, are triggered by exercise to create tears. This allows the muscle tissue to heal and grow during rest days.That was all the workout tips that Sarah Ali Khan gives out to her fans and friends who follow her workouts. She is quite a charm and many people follow her in Bollywood for her figure and her physique. But besides this, she also follows a quiet balanced diet plan which helps her stay nourished.

Sara Ali Khan Diet Plan

Sarah Ali Khan weighed roughly 96 kgs at one point in her career. She became overweight as a result of a condition called PCOS. As a result, she had to lose a lot of weight before becoming the fit woman that she is now. A strict diet and workout routine are followed by the actor to maintain a certain appearance.A leading newspaper published an interview with her about her diet and fitness plan. Idlis, egg whites, and bread toast are some of the actor's favorite breakfast items, according to reports. Most of her lunches involve chapatti, dal, rice, vegetables, and salad. Her favorite meal in the evening is Upma, which she eats as a snack and for dinner since she prefers a light meal.

Sara Ali Khan

Additionally, Sara Ali Khan has a workout meal consisting of muesli, fruits, oats, and protein shakes. Mostly, Sara Ali Khan exercises with Pilates.With her PCOD, it became even more important for her to maintain a healthy diet. The main reason Sara put on weight suddenly was PCOD, and a second reason was pizza which Saif teased about. Sara used to be 96 kgs when she was studying at Columbia, and PCOD is what caused her to gain a lot of weight suddenly. To which Sara smilingly replied, “Of course I used to eat a lot. I had a good time. I was a regular kid. It made it very hard for me to lose weight and the hormone level was very high. So, as you can see, there is a level of delusion that was in me. I was confident yet I was delusional.”It seems Sara follows a simple, but healthy, eating plan that is beneficial to her brain and body. Eating home-cooked food and eating regularly is more desirable to her. Rather than starving herself, she makes sure she attains her fitness goals by eating regularly. To achieve her fitness goals, she includes plenty of fiber-rich foods in her diet. When she wakes up, she usually has a glass of warm water. Take a look at what she had for her meals.

  • Breakfast: She enjoys having idlis, egg whites, bread toast for breakfast.
  • Lunch: Her lunch consists of chapatis, dal, salad, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Snacks: For her evening snack, she has a bowl of Upma to keep her feeling full and energized.
  • Dinner: Reportedly, she consumes a simple, light dinner comprising of chapatis and green vegetables.

Prior to her workouts, Sara normally consumes a bowl of muesli accompanied by some fruits and oats. Tofu, salads, legumes, and protein shakes are among the snacks she enjoys post-workout.

Sara Ali Khan

Sara said in one of her recent TV interviews on Koffee with Karan that eating Tom's Delicious Pizza while studying at Columbia University was one of her favorite things in New York. Whenever I ask her, she says that you shouldn't starve yourself and should eat what's right for your body. It is indeed superb that Sara devotes so much energy to her health. Her workout friendships with Nimrat Kaur, Malaika Arora, and Kareena Kapoor Khan have undoubtedly helped her. Keeping up with her rigorous and thorough training has helped her discard those extra pounds.

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