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Rudy Pankow (JJ) Workout & Diet Routines

Rudy Pankow is an American actor best known for his role as JJ Maybank on the Netflix teen drama series Outer Banks.




Diet Routine:

Rudy (JJ) has said that he follows a mostly plant-based diet with occasional fish or chicken added in. When it comes to snacks, he likes trail mix or nuts such as almonds or cashews. He's also partial to smoothies made from banana, almond milk, peanut butter, and dates for sweetness.

Try this JJ banana-peanut butter smoothie recipe that's packed with protein and nutrients.


- 1 ripe banana

- 1 cup unsweetened almond milk

- 2 tablespoons natural peanut butter

- 3 pitted dates


1. Add all ingredients to a blender.

2. Blend on high speed for about one minute, or until the mixture is smooth and creamy.

3. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

This smoothie could be your morning breakfast or post workout recovery meal. The combination of banana, peanut butter, and dates provides a natural source of sugar to give you an energy boost while also keeping you full and satisfied. The almond milk even adds extra creaminess without any added sugars or preservatives. Highly recommend trying out this natural smoothie recipe. 

If you want to spice this recipe up, try adding things chia seeds, spinach, or Optimum Nutrition’s Plant Based Protein powder. to make it your own. Cheers to a healthy and delicious start to your day!

Additionally, Rudy strives to drink plenty of water throughout the day – usually around two liters per day – which helps him stay hydrated and energized during workouts. 

Plant-Based Diet Example for Achieving a Lean Physique Like Rudy Pankow

Following a plant-based diet can be an effective way to achieve a lean physique while also promoting overall health and well-being. It’s still super important to make sure you get enough protein in your diet as some can struggle on a plant based diet. If that sounds like you try out Optimum Nutrition’s Plant Based Protein.

Here's an example of what your breakfast, lunch, and dinner could look like:


- Smoothie bowl made with frozen berries, banana, spinach, and almond milk

- Topped with sliced almonds and chia seeds


- Chickpea or lentil salad with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and avocado

- Dressed with lemon juice and olive oil


- Grilled tofu or tempeh

- Roasted vegetables such as sweet potato, zucchini, and bell peppers

- Quinoa or brown rice

For healthy snacks throughout the day, try fresh fruits such as apples or oranges paired with almond butter or hummus with carrot sticks.

It's important to ensure that you're getting enough protein on a plant-based diet. Incorporate sources such as legumes (beans and lentils), nuts, seeds, tofu, tempeh or quinoa in each meal. Additionally, staying hydrated is essential for maintaining energy levels and promoting weight loss. Aim to drink at least eight glasses of water per day.

Remember to plan your meals ahead of time and experiment with new recipes to keep things interesting. With dedication and commitment to your plant-based diet, you can achieve your fitness goals while fueling your body with the right nutrients.

Workout Plan

Workout Routine:

Rudy has mentioned that he likes working out at least three times a week if possible; however busy his schedule may be! His favorite exercises include running outdoors (which is great cardio), weight lifting sessions focusing on compound movements like squats and deadlifts (for strength and toning), and yoga (for stretching and flexibility). He also practices martial arts, although not as frequently.

Here’s an example 3-Day Fitness Routine to achieve a lean physique like JJ has In Outer Banks.

To achieve a lean physique you must consistently workout at the minimum 3 times a week. Ideally 5 times a week to increase results. Consistency is key here! 

Here's an example of a 3-day fitness workout routine that can help you reach your goals:

Day 1: Full-Body Strength Training

- Warm up with five minutes of light cardio (e.g. jogging in place or jumping jacks)

- 3 sets of squats (10 reps each)

- 3 sets of lunges (10 reps each leg)

- 3 sets of push-ups (10 reps each)

- 3 sets of dumbbell rows (10 reps each arm)

- 3 sets of bicep curls (10 reps each arm)

- Cool down with stretching

Day 2: Cardio and Core

- Warm up with five minutes of light cardio

- Run for 20 minutes at a moderate pace

- Complete three rounds of the following circuit:

    - Plank hold for 30 seconds

    - Bicycle crunches for 30 seconds

    - Russian twists for 30 seconds

    - Rest for one minute between rounds

- Cool down with stretching

Day 3: HIIT and Yoga 

- Warm up with five minutes of light cardio

- Complete three rounds of the following HIIT circuit:

    - Squats for 60 seconds 

    - Burpees for 60 seconds 

    - Pushups for 60 seconds 

    - Rest for one minute between rounds 

- Finish with a yoga flow sequence that includes sun salutations, warrior poses, and hip openers. Try out Yoga with Adriene to find a great yoga flow.

Our bodies feel different each and every day so make sure you are listening to your body and modify exercises as needed. Additionally, it's important to fuel your body properly before and after workouts to optimize performance and recovery. Incorporate plenty of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats into your diet.

If you are able to stick to a similar diet and fitness routine laid out above you should be on your way in achieving a physique similar to Rudy Pankow. 

Overall, Rudy Pankow puts in the effort to stay fit and healthy. Not only does he follow a balanced diet full of nutrient-rich foods, but he also incorporates different types of workouts into his routine. Now that you know Rudy’s tips on staying active, why not give them a try? You may just find yourself feeling refreshed and energized!

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