Nile Wilson Workout Routine and Diet Plan

In 2019, men generally prefer physical activities such as figure skating, diving, or gymnastics to make themselves fit and perfect. In Olympics, Nile Wilson is one of the contestants who encourages all men and women to participate in some kind of acrobatics. He never differentiates between man and woman.

Nile Wilson

At the Olympics in 2016, Nile Wilson got the bronze for the horizontal bar. Actually, he was urged by his mother who took him to the gymnastics classes to make him socialize. She “wanted [him] to learn about social awareness”, he discloses to GQ. Presently he is fond of gymnastics: “Training or preparing for gymnastics is now part of every single day of my life.”Raising The Bar, a book composed by Wilson to make aware all the people of his sport that helps to improve the quality of life. Moreover, his purpose is to proffer people “a guide as to how I believe they can change their habits to mentally and physically improve their lives. I am really really proud of the book.”It's important and desirable to know the routine of an Olympian, and gymnast of keeping themselves sound and strong throughout. “Gymnastics is brutal physically and if you are not fit enough to train and compete, then you simply can’t do it,” he precisely said. “Likewise, if I don’t feed my body correctly with the right nutrition, then my body suffers and I can’t do the sport.”

Nile Wilson Statistics

  • Birth Year: 1996 (age 25)
  • Birth Date: 17 January
  • Height: 166 cm (5 ft 5 in)
  • Weight: 62kg (9 st 8)

Nile Wilson Awards and Achievements

Nile Wilson

2018 Commonwealth Games

Gold medal – first place

Team all-round73.200

Gold medal – first place

Individual all-around84.950

Gold medal – first place

Horizontal bar14.533

Silver medal – second place


Silver medal – second place

Parallel Bars14.533

Nile Wilson Daily Routine

Nile Wilson has quite the life because he's super passionate about his workout and strict routine. He has a determined routine and things that he likes to follow. Here's is what he does in one week.


Nile Wilson has quite the day. It is the first day of the week and it is rather tiresome for him because he has a lot to do. He has a whole day planned which he would repeat almost every other working day of the week. Thus this is what he does:“I wake up about 9 am and have a Herbalife Formula 1 shake for my breakfast, and check my emails, do some editing for my YouTube Channel (which I love!) and then head to the physio about 11 am. We do some work on my body and then I head to training about midday. I generally train from 12-3 pm if I do a single session in the day. After training, I will eat, recover and relax with my girlfriend or family. If I am doing another training session that day, then I will go back into the gym in the evening.”


His Tuesdays are almost very same as Monday. In his words, “It’s very similar to Mondays, to be honest. Being a gymnast means dedicated training. You can’t skip a day, so Tuesdays are much like Mondays.”


Wednesday is when he would take a little bit more break than Mondays and Tuesdays. In his words, “Wednesdays are often a slightly easy day for me. But I will train from 12-3 pm, but what I do in that session will often be lighter.”


Thursday is again when he gets back to the work and works hard. He says, “Back to the grind, so a normal training day, but I also might do a normal weights session on this day as well.”


Friday is often quite hard for him because he worked really hard the whole week and waiting for the weekend can get actually pretty tough. He explains, “My body will be hanging by this point in the week but Fridays are always a hard day because Saturday is a full day off for me. I might go out on a Friday night because I love dancing, but it really depends on how much I need to rest. Sadly, more often than not, I have to get to bed early.”

Nile Wilson


Saturday is rather a recovery day which he would spend by spending time with his family and friends. He would do a lot of other stuff which he tells by saying, “Day off. I’ll spend it recovering, seeing my girlfriend, family and friends. I'll make sure I'm eating well and getting lots of sleep.”


Sunday for him is actually the start of the week where he gets back to the training session. He says, “Back into training. In my training schedule, Sunday is the start of the week. I’ll very often talk to my coach on Sunday and chat through the week’s training that is coming up.”

Nile Wilson

That was all bout his daily routine. Moving on to the workout routine that he does to keep himself fit for the sports and gymnastics throughout the week. He follows a variety of exercises as he requires both strength and flexibility for his kind of sports. Take a look at what he does.

Nile Wilson Workout Routine

Nile Wilson has always thought that being into gymnastics has changed his life in many ways- not just physical but mental and spiritually too. In his words, "Well, I got into gymnastics when I was four years old, so it hasn’t changed my life, rather it has been my whole life!I genuinely believe gymnastics can change someone’s life at whatever age they start. The physical and mental benefits of the sport are huge. I talk about them a lot in my book and I think there is so much positive that comes from the sport. I wish everyone would just have a go and try it!"He got into this sport when he was just a child and he has never looked back ever since. He recalls the experience saying, "I was clumsy as a child, so my parents took me to the gym at four years old to learn some special awareness where everything was soft and bouncy! And that was it, I was in love with the sport and have never looked back."

Nile Wilson

The training to be one is quite hard as you have to practice a lot and maintain a balance between strength and flexibility. Thus it offers you to become agile and flexible at the same time. In his own words, Nile Wilson explains, "We train six days a week and anywhere between 3-6 hours per day. The training is tough, so you need to look after your body away from training as well. Get enough rest and recovery and eat and drink well. You can’t switch off from being a gymnast because the physical demands are so hard. If I have a night or day off, then I quickly must get back into my regime."To get to the best for some skills you have to practice it constantly. Nile Wilson says that it could be pretty boring sometimes but it is still very demanding. He continues to explain by saying, "To master a new skill, you simply must do it again and again. It is all repetition, so it can be a little boring and physically very demanding. But if you don’t do it enough times then you won’t master it."

Nile Wilson

Nile Wilson says that it might not be really difficult to keep that flexibility in because it gets used to it. In his words," Not really because we stretch every day and our bodies are used to being both flexible and strong at the same time."

While Nile Wilson might not have a set daily routine, he tries to sleep a lot so that his body recovers and he tarins a lot. H is pretty consistent and passionate about his work and that is what he does. In his words, 'I don't have a set routine but I value the amount of sleep I get, I aim for nine hours. In the morning I try to do self-development, whether it's reading or meditation from an app to try and prime me for my training days."

His breakfast too is quite easy which gives him a lot of energy to be. He says, 'Breakfast eggs on wholemeal toast or porridge. I usually have a Herbalife Formula 1 shake ahead of training, they are a great source of protein which helps maintain muscle mass and there are tonnes of flavors to choose from."

During the off-season, Nile Wilson would train a bit lesser than he would on the competition season. He would want to make his fitness level higher. He says, 'I train six days a week with typically a Sunday off. When I have competitions approaching I start amping up my training eight weeks before, working hard to get my fitness up." Besides, he is a huge fan of her life drink which he keeps in his bag all the time. In his words, 'It's not so much about how much I'm training but what I'm focusing on during my sessions. I also make sure that I have Herbalife H24 Rebuild Strength in my bag as a recovery drink after my exercise.'

Nile Wilson

Nile Wilson decided to start his training when he was in the gym every day and so he decided to set himself the goal of mastering the strength and muscles. Nile Wilson also tells that his mindset has also changed a lot through the years and months that he has been in this sport. He has started to prioritize his needs before other things. He says, "It's an amazing sport, it's amazing for your body at any age," he says. "The changes you can see on a personal level, in terms of achieving goals and things you were aspiring to do... There was a lot of pride, passion, and determination."

He recently developed a knack for specificity. "It was all to do with the specific skill," he says. "I had no goals about the body, weight loss, diet. Over a period of time, my body started to change. Part of the whole change is training every day, even if it's a small amount. I do my exercises every day, some stretching every single day... It's completely different from resistance training with weights, and people's desires about muscles and bulking up, this has changed me in ways no training in a weights gym could. It's unbelievable."

Nile Wilson is also big about the Herbalife challenge which he says is for everyone who wants to change their lives. In his words 'The Herbalife Nutrition 21-Day Challenge is for everybody! My goal is to get people active, whether it's taking up an exercise class or mastering a handstand in their living room.

Nile Wilson

Why YOU should take up Nile's challenge!

* No equipment required

* Train in the comfort of your home

* Sessions last less than 30 minutes

* Upbeat HIIT classes with rests, suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced

* Great for all ages and fitness levels

* It's FREE!

In fact, Nile Wilson has other points to focus on, for example, he says, ''What I would encourage in any fitness journey is to do something that you love. In this society, people think they just have to go to the gym, do cardio and lose weight. This works for some but the 21-day challenge allows people to do something they may never have done before."He does not want people to feel bored with their same workout routine. 'I want to get people away from that because it's boring and that's what people think they need to do to be healthy,' he says. Each day there are some functional workouts which else to move the heartbeat up. In his words, 'Each day differs so we've used all functional exercises; one day will be cardio, another is a full-body, one focuses on the core while one is specifically teaching you how to master a handstand!The routines can be tailored as per individual needs and activity levels. He explains, 'It's between 20 and 30 minutes per day and can be tailored to beginners or those who require low impact as well as people who have high fitness levels. You can do it from home so it's very convenient and you don't have to trek off to the gym. You just need to get up in the morning, smash it out and get on with your day.'

Nile Wilson

The expected results with the Herbalife challenge are that one can expect to feel more energetic and an overall improvement in health. He explains, "The main thing the workouts do is focus on movement and I expect the Herbalife Nutrition 21 Day Challenge to provide participants with a positive result whether that is fitness or otherwise. I hope it will also change the way you feel and the way you move day-to-day."

The only goal about this is that Nile Wilson wants to make a healthier community. He says, 'I want people to feel more in control as well as healthier - that's the goal. It is certainly going o change their life as it did his. He continues, 'When you have a healthy body and healthy mind, it will translate into the rest of your life.'

Nine-Minute Full-Body Workout

After warming up (you can warm on with the basic exercises or stretching. You can even go for a short run) try this EMOM workout. Do the reps for each exercise as immediately as you can (without negotiating form, of course), then rest for the remaining time in the second. Start the next activity when the next minute comes about. There are nine workouts in whole, with more straightforward modifications possible for most of them if you’re seeing the full variant too hard.

Skater jump

Reps 20Jump to one side and land on the side with one of your legs while you keep the foot off the ground. Pause for a moment and then go back to the other side. You must stay in control and keep your reps to the maximum effort.


Reps 20Your hands should be extended behind your head and your legs straight. As you crunch up, one arm and one leg must be joined together. Then return to your starting position. You can bend your knees while bringing your legs in if you're finding it difficult.

Wide-arm press-up

Reps 20Put your hands wider than your shoulders apart in a press-up position. Stroking your elbows, lower your body, then push yourself back up. Maintain a kneeling position to make it easier.

Nile Wilson


Reps 20While standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees and lower your hips until you are at a 90° angle with your knees bent. Keep your back straight during the exercise and keep your chest up. Afterward, push through your heels to stand back up. If you find this exercise difficult, move your feet wider apart.


Reps 30 totalLean forward with your center back flat and your arms straight out in front of you, facing your legs. When you can raise both your legs together, lower them both and raise the opposite limb. When you move your legs and arms, keep them straight.

Nile Wilson

Shoulder tap

Reps 30 totalPut your feet about shoulder-width apart and perform a press-up. Put the left hand on your right shoulder and then the right hand on your left shoulder. Two reps have been completed. You should alternate sides, ensuring your core remains supported to prevent sagging. You can make the exercise easier by resting your knees on the ground.

Rebound jump

Reps 60Jump on the ball of your feet immediately after landing and jump straight into the next jump. Don't put too much pressure on yourself.

Glute bridge

Reps 20Your feet should be flat on the floor, and your knees should be bent. The harder version of the exercise involves raising your arms above your chest. The easier version involves keeping them by your sides. As you form a straight line between your knees and shoulders, push your heels through and raise your hips, then lower back to the beginning.

Nile Wilson

Diamond press-up

Reps 20Put your hands under your chest in the position of a press-up, forming a diamond with your thumbs and index fingers. Push back up with force after lowering your chest without letting your arms sail to the sides too much. This variation of press-ups can be more easily performed with flattened knees.Nile Wilson thinks that gymnastics is a great sport that needs the person to be strong both mentally and physically. He says, "It’s difficult to judgementally but I think it must be physically. We put our bodies through a lot of pain from an early age and it never stops." He continues to add, "There are plenty of other sportspeople that are as strong as us, but I think the amazing part of gymnastics is that our bodies are trained to move our own bodies through the air."The strength and stamina of a gymnast are also pretty different from other kinds of sports. He comments, "So, gymnasts’ bodies are beautifully balanced and flexible. I think that sets us apart from some other sportspeople."Being at the level where Nile Wilson is right now is not too easy as he had to leave a lot behind to achieve where he is now. He says, "You train almost the whole time and outside of it you need to rest, so you miss a lot of things that your friends are doing – nights out, parties, etc. It is all worth it though."That was all about the workout routine of Nile Wilson and what he does in an entire day to maintain his health for the sport. He also shares out some tricks and tips with his fans that might help them improve their techniques. Tale a look ahead.

Nile Wilson Workout Tips and Tricks

Nile Wilson is a great promoter of Herbalife and he wants to give out some tips to the people who think of him as an inspiration. When he talks of Herbalife too, he has some basic inspiration and goals in his mind. He expresses it by saying,

If you've made a decision to take part in the Herbalife Nutrition 21-Day Challenge, I recommend sticking with it rather than seeing how it's going after the first three days. It doesn't matter if it is easy or the most difficult thing you've ever done. Just focus on how you will feel at the end. I suggest you set your own pace. This challenge is open to everyone, from people with high levels of fitness like myself to those who are completely new to it.

Nile Wilson

He also provides some tips to the people who follow his workout routine and diet regimen, in addition to his workout routine. Here are some interesting facts:Mindset. Neil Wilson must first put his mind at ease before starting a new exercise regimen or diet plan. You can cope with the expectations and failures if any, as well as guide him towards the best kind of training. The discipline and dedication that Neil Wilson demonstrates in his workout routine are impressive. To become a better sportsman, he urges others also to follow these steps. To accomplish his visions and goals, he prefers to keep his head down and thus is better than most others. As he knows what needs to be accomplished, he works hard to accomplish them.Several methods will be used to set goals and make sure that they are important to you and that they are easy to achieve. You must set your priorities straight. Make sure that your goals are realistic and attainable. If necessary, you might want to write them down. In the case of deadlines that make achieving your goals difficult, it will become a problem for you.Pay attention to your core and glutes. Stay motivated to keep your foundation as strong as possible, according to Neil Wilson. Long and tall with well-defined biceps does not necessarily make one strong or unbreakable. It's great to have solidity, because then when a stable place is created it will not come from a place of brittleness.Warm-up your glutes before you train! While stepping side to side, get a small resistance band and place it around your knees. To achieve the goals, you need to warm up your glutes.Work your core by resting your forearms on a gym ball and have someone move it around You must find a balance between the two. Exercise is great for those who do not mind a little fall now and then.That was all about the workout tips that Nile Wilson passes away to his followers who want to join him on the mission of being on this is a platform that gives him immense happiness. Moving on to the second of his routine, which is his diet plan, he has a lot more to share. Read ahead.

Nile Wilson Diet Plan

Nile Wilson is really trying about having a great quality of food and he feels that it should be a priority besides working out. In his words, Alongside the exercises, ensure that you are properly fuelling your body. Always focus on real food; avoiding processed food as much as possible will make a huge difference in the way your body works.Alongside his diet, he also recommends hs fans to take carbs in his diet as they will help perform better by providing energy, In his words, 'Don't be scared of carbohydrates, as part of this challenge you should include something like brown rice or sweet potatoes - you need that energy."Besides just foods, Nile Wilson also gives a bit of emphasis on the kind of supplement too. For him, food should be 90 percent of what you consume and the supplements the rest 10 percent. In his words, 'Food should be 90 percent of your nutrient intake, with the other 10 percent being made up of good quality supplements. To keep you going during your workouts, try something like a carbo-electrolyte drink, such as Herbalife's CR7 Drive or the calorie-free H24 Hydrate, which contains 100 percent RDA of Vitamin C and can help to reduce tiredness.'

Nile Wilson

Nile's diet plan for the 21-day Challenge

Although the diet plan of Nile Wilson always keeps on changing but here are some of the staples that Nile Wilson likes to include in his daily routine. Here is a sample diet of Nile Wilson:

Breakfast: Scrambled or poached eggs on wholemeal toast with smoked salmon or avocado

Mid-morning snack: Herbalife Formula 1 Vanilla shake

Lunch: Lean chicken or beef with green vegetables

Afternoon snack: Nuts and seeds

Dinner: Fish with brown rice or sweet potato and a colorful salad

For him, the beginning of the day is also super important as he thin it creates a flow for him. In his words, " I normally start the day with a Formula 1 Herbalife shake, and after that my diet would be one dominated by enough protein (fish, chicken, eggs, etc) to allow my muscles to recover from training. Enough carbohydrates at lunchtime to keep my energy levels; and of course, some good old-fashioned fruit and veg! There’s no great mystery to it, it is just very good health and a balanced diet. I also make sure I am hydrated throughout the day."For his supplements, he has always relied on the very best. He adds, "I have been using Herbalife products for several years and they are incredible. They blend in with my daily diet and have been amazing for me."That was all about the diet plan of the gymnast, Nile Wilson, who has achieved so many milestones in his career. He also shares some more diet tips with his fans and followers to perform a better diet plan that is super-efficient.

Nile Wilson Diet Tips

Nile Wilson

Nile Wilson takes great care with what goes into his body and puts a lot of focus on exercising. His fan base can give him many health tips, but here are some that are extremely crucial. Take a look at these health tips from Nile Wilson:

"I live the life. I don’t think many people can say that. I don’t drink, smoke, or stay up late. I don’t think other people are on it like me. They talk a good game but they don’t do it. Put a camera on us for 24 hours and you’d see who the real man is."

Rest is the KeyDue to his intense training schedule, Nile Wilson knows he requires full-on rest in addition to his situation. The more he rests, the better his performance will be. Ten hours of sleep and five liters of water per day are what he says he needs. He aims to sleep for at least 10 hours every night so his muscles will recover properly and he will be ready to exercise the next day. Additionally, he receives therapies and massages so that his muscles can relax. In general, his muscles are the main focus of the image. According to him, “You push yourself to the limits every day and you recover best in your sleep, I try to get as much sleep as possible.”Hydration is importantNile Wilson's life revolves around hydration, as he drinks as much water as he can throughout the day. His daily dosage of water keeps him from becoming fatigued or sore. The rest he gets from it is also very important. Full development of muscles, tissues, etc. is facilitated by it.Eating in moderation

In addition to eating in moderation, Nile Wilson does not leave any food group untouched. Although he believes that all foods are important, he does not like to overdo it with any single food group, even proteins. He knows if he overconsumes it, his kidneys will be damaged.

Nile Wilson offered a few tips. Lastly, let's move on to his nutrition and supplements, which he supplements his diet plan to ensure extra support.

Nile Wilson Nutrition and Supplements

Nile Wilson

As Nile Wilson exercises quite intensely, he often struggles to get all the vitamins and minerals he needs from his diet, since his daily macros are typically completed by food. To build better muscles and prevent fatigue before it happens, he takes some supplements. As a result, here are a few supplements that Nile Wilson takes:

  • Whey Protein Powder: Besides building muscle, it provides a sufficient amount of protein to his body. A supplement such as this is the first choice of any sportsman.
  • Post-Workout Protein Formula: The extra protein intake is taken as a punch.
  • Multivitamin: In addition to getting multivitamins from foods one eats, physical activity also has a big impact. In addition to sweating out his vitamins and minerals, Nile Wilson also loses them as a result of his high activity level.
  • Caffeine: Also, he drinks coffee before the workout so that his senses are awakened and he produces better during the practice concourse.




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