Nick Best Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Born on born November 6, 1968, Nick Best is an American expert and trained strongman contestant and world victor powerlifter. Nick Best won the USAPL National Powerlifting Championships in the 125 kg category in 1996 and 1997, and also the WDFPF World Powerlifting Championships in 1996 before competing for the strongman championship. Nick Best belongs to Las Vegas, Nevada, and for the last ten years, he has been fighting as a Strongman. He is acknowledged as the “grandfather” of Strongman. He is the most grown-up sport’s contestant, but he covers everything from his understanding and practice of what the youngsters are lacking. Being the mature representative of society, Nick Best has a very definite enthusiasm for memoirs. Nick was the Powerlifting titleholder of the realm in late 1990. He earned the world’s account by winning the Shield Carry.

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Thus, because of all his achievements and the levels and platform that Nick Best has reached today, we have compiled this article which talks of all his workout routine and diet plan. But besides this, what all makes him reach this far is also important. Thus this is a full-fledged article that talks of everything that Nick Best does in his day. Take a look!

Nick Best Statistics

  • Age: 50 years
  • Height: 6’2″
  • Weight: 315 lbs
  • Shoe size: 12

Nick Best Awards and Achievements

World's Strongest Man6th2010 World's Strongest ManQualified2011 World's Strongest ManQualified2012 World's Strongest ManQualified2013 World's Strongest ManQualified2014 World's Strongest ManQualified2015 World's Strongest ManQualified2016 World's Strongest Man10th2017 World's Strongest ManQualified2018 World's Strongest ManQualified2020 World's Strongest ManNick Best holds the International Federation of Strength Athletes world record for the 125 kg, 75 m Farmer's Walk, with a time of 47.3 seconds. He won the All-American Strongman Challenge in 2010, which became his career-best win. This success made him move forward for the 2010 Arnold Strongman Classic, he completed ninth overall in that competition.He played in the 2010 World's Strongest Man, his first time in the tournament, and qualified for the finals and achieved sixth place overall. Best ended second at the Strongman Super Series Swedish Grand Prix on December 17, 2010, after Brian Shaw. He was put second at the 2011 All-American Strongman Challenge on January 30, which secured him an entry to the 2011 Arnold Strongman Classic, where he got seventh place.

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He played in the 2011 World's Strongest Man contest but was not able to pass for the finals. Nick Best also fought in the 2012 All-American Strongman Challenge and completed in third place overall. Best was put second at the Giants Live performance in Melbourne, Australia on March 17, 2012, after Mike Jenkins.He put up a joint world record in the hip lift experience with Mike Jenkins with a weight of 1,150 kg. (2,535.3 pounds). This setting restrained Nick Best for the 2012 World's Strongest Man contest, he completed and scored the third position in his heat and failed to restrict for the finals. In the television series, The Strongest Man in History, on the History channel, Best beat his previous record up to 1,266 kg (2,791 pounds). He also took a share in the ceremony of SCL North American Championships in Warwick, Ontario, Canada, on July 5–8, 2012, winning third overall. Nick Best concluded his second in the 2013 Giants Live Australia Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australia after winner Derek Poundstone. This placing made him be approved for the 2013 World's Strongest Man contest.

Nick Best Workout Routine

Nick Best has quite a strict workout routine which he follows very consistently and passionately to beat his opponents and achieve the kind of level he is at the present now. He needs to keep in shape and form even when he is off-season. Thus he has different kinds of workouts for each event. However, he makes sure to repeat some kinds of moves for his body type that is designed for him by professional experts. While his training routine changes time by time, here is a sample workout of what Nick Best follows:

Strongman Training Day 1: Push Day

A: Overhead PressB: Incline PressC: Push Press with the Squat Machine to simulate a Viking PressD: One-hand Dumbbell PressE: Leg Press 15- 20 mins of cardio before and after the session

strongman Training Day 2: Pull Day

A: DeadliftB: Rack PullC: ShrugsD: Leg ExtensionsE: Back Squat & Zercher Squat 15- 20 mins of cardio before and after the session

Strongman Training Day 3: Event Practice Day

For Nick Best, the event day is one of the most important days for him especially if he is getting ready for the competition. In his words,

"Event day is the most intense session depending on whether I’m getting ready for a Strongman Competition or Celtic Highland Game event. It could include the Strongman Axle Press, Log Press, Circus Dumbbell Press, Yoke or Truck/Weighted Tire Pull, or a medley of a Carry & Drag; a great deal depends on what’s coming up. I always include stones no matter what, either in a series or reps over a bar or to a platform. There are so many choices. When I train for the Highland Games, we throw and throw and throw some more; from the Caber Toss to Light/Heavy Hammer, and Braemar Stone, heavyweight and lightweight for distance."
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This is pretty much what Nick Best does in his whole week. His workouts might be a bit different in the week and he might combine many different moves to be more flexible with his routine. But besides his workouts, he also adds a few more tips and tricks so that he could be a bit better than before. Here's a look at some of his workout tips and tricks. Read ahead.

Nick Best Workout Tips and Tricks

In doing your regular workouts, you should concentrate on the following three elements. The more you can do all three, the more counterweight you will move, the quicker you will progress, and your overall health and fitness will be sound and sturdy. Here are some tips and tricks that Nick Best shares with his fan and followers for achieving a great physique. Take a look:

Lifting tempo

As you make both eccentric and traditional movements on an exercise, the speed shows how quickly you move. Different kinds of results can be obtained by following different kinds of pace. Reducing energy waste in your workouts is one of the outcomes you are looking for. Making sure that you don't drive too slowly will assist you to avoid any of this. Slow-motion improves and ameliorates the time under stress and puts a load on your muscles, thus draining out your energy.Besides this, you will move remarkably fast and stimulate more than sufficient to improve and better your limitations. It is possible to get the best of both worlds if you find the roaring goldilocks middle ground.

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Despite what you may think, neglecting to exhale properly can deplete your energy and hinder your productivity. The breathing guides prescribed will improve your cardiovascular health, increase your productivity, and also increase the protection of your lungs.

You will inhale intensely during each rep, and you will exhale once you are finished. Your abdominal muscles will grow stronger when you do this. When you work out and compete, an outward pressure towards your back will improve your concentration. The back support may be helpful when lifting heavy objects and doing squats and deadlifts.

When you are comfortable with it, you can do two to three reps at a time without gasping for air. Your body will be kept strong during the workout and your cardiovascular health will be further improved.

Proper form

Providing people or anything with proper form should never be compromised by a weightlifter. As you perform an activity, you should pay attention to the form you use. It helps to repeat the action to make it feel more convenient and confident as you execute it.

You can keep track of your lifting to keep this process moving quickly. When squatting, for example, you can adjust your phone so that parallel documentation can be done. Look at articles and videos that demonstrate how these movements should be performed to understand what you need to improve.

With the right resources and your video, you should be able to identify where the problem lies pretty easily, especially if you are a new lifter. By searching Google net, you will be able to find the solutions to these problems.

nick best

Progression and plateaus

The purpose of this exercise, the lifts you need to do, the weights you need to use, and some of the significant complications of this program are by now clear to you. Is it possible to proceed and grow from workout to workout? What determines how your weight increases as you progress? Is it feasible to keep knocking all of your reps and increasing the weight when you hit a wall?

Here's what we can learn.

Progression from workout to workout

Whether you can complete 5 repetitions of your last set of practice, will determine how this program advances. When you do, you will inflate the weight of the object you use on the exercise for the next workout.

In other words, if you can achieve a total of 5 repetitions through workout B, then you will do the next B workout with a substance that is 10 pounds heavier. Each exercise can be increased by a different volume.

  • Squat:The weight will be increased by 5 lbs that are 2 x 2.5 lb plates
  • Bench Press / Rows / Overhead Press:To increase weight, add 2 to 5 pounds which means 2 12 lbs plates or 2.5 lbs plates. It is highly suggested to increase by 2.5 lb as it will give you more chance to advance and less chance of hitting a hill.
  • Deadlift:Weights are increased by 10lb which means 2x5lb plates. With the deadlift, you can enhance weight at a faster speed because several large muscles are exercised. The weight can be contracted to 5lbs which is 2x 2.5lb plates if you find that you are not advancing as well.
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Following are some general reasons for failure :

  • Too little rest between sets:
  • Your body won't be able to heal properly if you move quickly from one set to the next. By merely adding 1-3 minutes to rest periods during a set, this issue can sometimes be overcome easily.
  • Being too active on your “off-days”:Your lifestyle may include being highly energetic, participating in contests, and doing cardio regularly. Moving on your off days is generally a good idea to help you recover, but overdoing it can cause overload. To prevent injuries, you should reduce your activity level when you are not working.
  • Doing too much additional work in your workouts:
  • During the program, only these exercises were taught. Adding one or two additional assistance exercises may be okay for you to fix your deficiencies. By adding exercise to your workout routine, you are only going to overload your body. Having to recover from this could interfere with your ability to regain sufficient strength for your next exercise session.
  • Not providing your body what it needs to recover or build muscle and strength:
  • The consequences of not replenishing your body with what it requires can be significant, whether it's not getting enough sleep, not drinking enough water, eating too much junk food, or drinking too much alcohol. Sleeping 8 hours a night can make a noticeable difference in your development and achievement.
  • Increasing the weight too fast:There might not be enough gyms that have weights of 1.25lb or 2.5lb for some people. There are times, therefore, when there is no other choice than to add even more weight. Thank you for an easy solution, it is now much easier to fix. Buy yourself a copy. A total of three plates, each weighing 1.25 pounds, can be purchased for under fifteen dollars. Select the appropriate weights and carry them to your gym workouts rather than letting yourself fail continuously by increasing the weight too rapidly. A simple solution to the problem has been found.
  • Not warming up properly:The warm-up before exercising is important for mobilizing your muscles, getting your blood flowing, and becoming comfortable with the movement. You should warm up appropriately before your workout to get the most out of it. It is, however, important to ensure everything is in balance. You can actually turn your warm-up into a workout if you do it too much. The exhaustion of your body's muscles and nervous system will render you depleted of energy. Prepare yourself by performing 2-3 warm-up sets before you attempt a weight to succeed.

Problems are often not easily identifiable. Even if you weren't physically able to work out that day or if you were stressed, you can still ensure the health of your backbone by working on this list so you are prepared for when you return to the gym.

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The moment you make the essential variations and fail 3 times, you will be precisely upheld. To overcome this, you will be required to adopt an unusual approach.

What to do when you plateau

Three methods can be used to help you get over a plateau when you are exercising and hitting a plateau. Listed below are the methods in order of their approved use. Moreover, you should also take into consideration the other valid reasons for the failures described above.

  1. Deloading:In the case of three consecutive failures, de-loading is essential. You may then reduce the weight by 10% if you are using the same amount of weight. You would decrease the weight by approximately 18 lbs if you failed to bench 185 lbs over 3 consecutive workouts, which could be rounded up to 20 lbs. Do five repetitions of five pounds at your next workout if that's the case. Following that, progress will continue as usual.
  2. Take a break: You might want to take a short leave if you have failed three times on one exercise, and are even striving on another exercise. Recovery can be sped up dramatically by simply resting for a week. Taking a week off from competitions will help you achieve better results. Participating in powerlifting tournaments calls for this type of practice. They will do extremely light exercises before a match to help develop their bodies and become more powerful.
  3. Change the rep scheme:Once the weight starts to become heavier, it is much more difficult to do five sets of five repetitions while increasing the weight. Of course, you can always deload, but eventually, you may hit the plateau. You can reduce the load without compromising weight rather than overloading the muscles. You can begin by doing three sets of five repetitions (3x5) in this case. As soon as this plateaus, do three sets of three repetitions (3x3). Alternatively, you can prepare for a workout by performing one set of five repetitions (1x5) or one set of three repetitions (1x3). As you progress on your fight path, you will increase your strength through this method every week.
nick best

That was all about the workout routine and his tips on how to have a more efficient workout for Nick Best. Moving on to what is mandatory for his physique and achievements, we need to look at his diet plan. He does not have a strict one but he surely makes conscious decisions when it comes to putting things in his body. Read ahead to know all about Nick Best's diet plan.

Nick Best Diet Plan

Nick Best does not have a stringent diet plan but he attempts to eat as simply as feasible. He keeps on putting about his meals and whatever he consumes in a day on his social media handles. But besides, everything that he eats is colorful, healthy, and straight from nature. He does not eat anything which is processed or treated with loads of additives, under packaging, or has chemicals in it. He is very conscious of what goes inside his body.His meal plans keep on building up and he does not stick to a special diet plan. This is because it all depends on where he is and what he is doing. He makes certain, nevertheless, that whatever he is consuming in a season, organic and natural and nothing is artificial. Therefore he would eat fresh vegetables and fruits and whole meals which incorporate whole wheat bread, fruits, milk, and milk products, different lean meats, eggs, and seasonal vegetables.He also makes sure that his meals are rather stable in all the macros particularly proteins which is necessary for him to maintain his muscles and build his body. His meal plan is nothing over the top but includes some of the most basic foods that he can get effortlessly. For him being local and organic is the most essential element throughout his diet plan. Take a look at his sample meal plan:

Sample menu #1 from Nick Best's diet plan:

  • Nick Best Breakfast:

6 egg whites, oatmeal with almonds, and strawberries

  • Nick Best Lunch:

Grilled chicken breasts with roasted sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli with olive oil.

  • Nick Best Snack:

Pork chops with salad

nick best
  • Nick Best Dinner:

Grilled salmon with brown rice and steamed asparagus.

  • Nick BestBefore Sleep Meal:

Casein protein drink

Sample menu #2 from Nick Best's diet plan:

  • Nick Best Breakfast:

Protein pancake or oatmeal cooked overnight with chocolate peanut butter.

  • Nick Best Snack 1:

Avocado or tuna snack

  • Nick Best Lunch:

Chicken Salad and Cashew or Noodle Salad with Sauce and Avocados

  • Nick Best 2:

Marinated fish and seafood or a cup of protein yogurt

  • Nick Best Dinner:

Chicken with coconut and curry

Nick Best What to Eat

Here is a list of some foods that Nick Best makes certain to add to his daily diet routine no matter what.

  • Vegetables
  • Salads
  • Fruit
  • Pressed fruit juice
  • Whole grains
  • Fish
  • Seafood
  • Everything in moderation

Nick Best What to Avoid

Here is a listing of some foods that Jay Alvarrez makes sure he avoids because he is very concerned about what goes inside the body and because he requires having the most desirable physique and best performance in the gym or anywhere else he is training for the day.

  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Refined sugar
  • Processed foods
  • Junk food
  • Artificial ingredients
  • Chemical additives
  • Nuts

Besides just having a fairly healthy and clean diet, there are also other parts of his health that Nick Best concentrates on. He gives out a few healthy and diet tips and tricks which he feels have made a lot of improvement in his physique and how he feels as a person. Thus he gives it out to his fans and friends who might acknowledge it. So read on to know more about what he has to say!

Nick Best Diet Tips

Nick Best gives out a few health tips which can be added to your already clean diet plan that you follow. Nevertheless, no matter how to clean Nick Best's diet is and how consistent he is with his workout routine, he makes sure that he also follows some supplementary tips to boost his already perfect routine. So here is a list of his health tips that you can follow:

1. Calculate Your Macros

Nick Best suggests that we calculate our macros constantly as our first tip. Since individuals have different calorie needs based on their activity levels and body weight, this will vary from person to person. Online BMR calculators can be used to determine your calorie needs. Using the 2:2:1 ratio, Nick Best shows how to stay lean. 2 grams of protein corresponds to 2 grams of carbohydrates, and 1 gram to fat.

2. Macro Manipulation

As Nick Best notes in his second trip, you should handle your macros once you have determined how much you need each one. Fats and carbohydrates should be your focus when planning your diet. Your workout levels influence how you manipulate your carbs and fats. People who are doing steady cardio training and high volumes of fat meals are the most likely to benefit from a high-fat diet. For those who are doing high-intensity exercises like HIIT, diets rich in carbs and low in fat are the most ideal.

3. Intermittent Fasting

Besides intermittent fasting, Nick Best's third secret is staying lean and toned. During a period of intermittent fasting, you can eat and cast. This helps you restrict your calorie intake and manipulate it. When Nick Best is most active and thus meets all of his daily nutritional requirements, he prefers a 12-to-6-hour feeding window.

nick best

To retain his body fat rate around 5 or 6% year-round, Nick Best usually eats one or two big meals a day, between noon and 6 p.m.

4. Do Mobility Work

Every morning, Nick Best stretches on the beach, does yoga, foam-rolls, or warms up with bands. Seldom he’ll even have a session of tai chi with a 20-pound sledgehammer.

5. Hit the Big Muscles

Nick Best lifts heavy weights three to four times a week in the gym, which targets his bigger muscle groups. His favorite exercises are squats, deadlifts, bench presses, dips, pullups, and seated rows.

6. Get Shredded, Not Huge

Even in his mid-20s, Nick Best doesn’t try to grow or get puffy. Instead, he trains to burn calories and hit a bunch of muscles quickly—think time under tension, not heavyweight.

7. Don’t Forget Cardio

Nick Best likes to include cardio in his workouts so three nights a week, Nick Best rides a bike, jumps rope, or performs burpees. But he keeps it short—approximately around 15 minutes. “Very short, very fast, get the heart rate up, and I’m done.”

8. Live in the Sauna

Nick Best's days that sauna has supported him be a bit slimmed down and even boost the recovery period for him. He says he has had many benefits since he began having a sauna. He says, “Your testosterone gets higher when you use the sauna.”

9. Pound the Water

Right before any event, Nick Best might do a 24-hour or 36-hour water fast, drinking gallons of water and nothing else. But he also said not to do it in day-to-day life because it can be critical and follow eating in balance preferably.But that is not all about Nick Best yet. he also suspects his diet with some great supplements to not lack any of the macros or the micros. Read on to know more about his choice of supplement in this case.

Nick Best Nutrition and Supplements

nick best

Like all of the other members of the team, Nick Best starts his day with a protein shake, which is not much more than protein wonder and water. Every day, he consumes at least two and a half to three protein drinks, both before and after his workout. Furthermore, he also ensures that his body is renourished with nutrients. The following supplements are consumed by Nick Best during meals:

  • Multivitamins: Taking multivitamins is necessary, regardless of whether you work out a lot or not, for any person who exercises extensively. He drinks a pill of it throughout the day since he is quite active.
  • Fish Oil: Fish oil is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle, and it helps you to keep up with your diet and exercise routine. Nick Best must take fish oil every day because it is great for the body and is also good for the brain.
  • Pre Workout: A pre-workout is one of the most important elements to every sportsperson. To improve his performance during training sessions, Nick Best also adds a pre-workout to this diet.
  • BCAA: A BCAA is vital to any athlete who wishes to stay on top of their energy levels for the longest time possible. He, therefore, uses BCAA throughout his body to avoid any kind of tiredness or fatigue. His energy levels are also elevated by it.
  • Whey Protein: Nick Best enjoys adding whey protein shakes to his diet to build up his muscles. To be a better competitor, it makes sense that muscles are built up and become stronger.

This has been all about Nick Best's workout routine and diet plan, for he stays fit by maintaining an extremely rigid and very diligent schedule day in and day out. According to our observations, it is the sole reason he has attained the level of success he has today. Therefore, if you would like to walk in Nick's footsteps, one must remain dedicated as one goes through their adventures and gets closer and closer to their goal.

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