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Mike O'Hearn Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Mike O'Hearn, an American bodybuilder, actor, and personal trainer who hails from California has also be named 'Titan' because he is a fitness legend. But what makes him one? Well, he is considered in the league of legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. He has won Mr. Universe 4 times and was voted as one of the greatest physiques of all time by the fitness industry.

Mike O'Hearn

Besides this, Mike also has broken grounds in his fields like martial arts, weightlifting, and bodybuilding. As a fitness icon, he made sure to convey his knowledge that he gained through his experience to as many people as he can. With the help of his Fitplan workout guide, he is instructing hundreds of people on how to achieve a titan body like himself. Mike's positive attitude makes him a favorite among the budding fitness enthusiasts. He clearly lives by the phrase, "Always live your dream."Moreover, O'Hearn has at least 500 magazine covers under his belt too as he was named the fitness model of the year at least 7 times. Mike's popularity over social media with his millions of followers on his other social media handles has taken him to the world of television too. He was featured in an American version reality show ‘Gladiator’.

Mike O'Hearn

Mike says he excels at so many sports and things all at once because he likes the school mentality. He wants to study all the subjects and excel at them and guess he just did too. In his words,

"I never lost that school mentality. You go from the first period to the second period—you’ve got English, then you’ve got math, then P.E. You’ve got six different things that you’re doing. And I never liked doing just one thing; I liked the variety that you get from doing everything."

Currently, he is the founder of his own fitness brand called Power Bodybuildingwhere the training sessions focus on enhancing strength and hypertrophy.

Mike O'Hearn

But before we begin talking about Mike O'Hearn's diet routine in the gym, here's a little about his physical statistics.

Mike O'Hearn Statistics

  • Height: 6’3″ (190.5 cm)
  • Weight: 245 – 255 lbs (111.1 – 115.7 kg)
  • Waist — 34 inches (86 cm)
  • Arms — 21 inch
  • Year of Birth: 1969
  • Birthday: 26th of January
  • Owner/ Founder: Power Bodybuilding
  • Birthplace: Kirkland, Washington
  • Accolades: 4-time powerlifting champion
  • Squat: 815 lbs/370 kg – about 3.3 times personal bodyweight;
  • Bench Press: 505 lbs /230kg – about 2 times personal bodyweight;
  • Deadlift: 760 lbs /345 kg – about 3 times personal bodyweight;

Mike O'Hearn Workout Routine

Mike O'Hearn

Mike O'Hearn's drive for doing his workouts comes right from his childhood situations. Being the youngest, he knew that he had to be strong and athletic to not get beaten up. He says,

"I’ve got nine brothers and sisters, and when I was growing up, I was getting my ass kicked by my brothers and my sisters. So I knew I had to be both strong and athletic. That drive was infused into me right then. It was like trying to be both like Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger."

Although he started working out, his drive for excelling at things came from societal pressures. He remembers that he was always let down by people around him, not his family, of course, but by his peers. According to him, no one really believed enough in him and he wanted to prove all of them wrong. He says,

"It was set in me early on. I was in special-ed classes most of my life. I was a kid who was told I could never really accomplish anything. Not by my family. Definitely not by my family. More by society and people at the gym. I couldn’t read, so that was a huge factor for me. And so I thought, “Okay, sports is where I’m going.” I made that commitment when I was young." little did anyone know that he was also bullied a lot in school and there was just one reason- his disability. Mike is dyslexic which means he has a problem with reading and writing and hence, laws often left behind in his class. He recalls,

"I was dyslexic. At that time they didn’t know really how to deal with it. Dyslexia is an imbalance of understanding and IQ. So I had to figure out everything through my own intelligence and ability to reason because I couldn’t read and write. It scarred. You know, every kid’s got their scars. I was the kid who always stuck up for the special-ed kids. So I was fighting the school bullies and all that stuff."

Despite such issues, he did not want to be the guy who backs down. He wanted to fight up. He says, "Yes. I learned at a young age that I worked off of negatives. The more they said, “You can’t,” the more the Irish in me said, “Yeah, just watch!” He continues to say, "There’s this Irish mentality that says, Don’t tell me what to do ’cause now I’m going to go and do it anyway. And that’s totally how it worked with the steroid factor. They said, “You can’t compete; you can’t do anything unless you take steroids.” My thoughts were, Okay, let me show you."

Mike O'Hearn

However, Mike says that he never really believed in taking steroids. Because of his German ascendancy, he was quite stubborn. He wanted to earn his place in the fitness world, and this has continued to this day. He comments,

"Growing up in an Irish-Scottish-German family, man, we were stubborn. I mean stubborn. I always liked underdogs. I’m glad I went through the school system in the special-ed class with the underdogs. I think it helped develop the heart I’ve needed to succeed. I like leading the charge, protecting the underdog, and I feel my life is about leading someone into battle. As an example, when my agent said, “Hey, do you want to try out and get on ‘American Gladiator’ again?” Someone said, “You don’t have to worry about doing the tryouts or anything—we can probably just get them to bypass that.” I’m like, “No, no, no. I don’t do that. If I get the spot, I have to earn it. I’ll go through the tryouts. If I deserve the spot, I do it like everybody else.” Don’t give me anything. That’s not me. Steroids give it to you. Not me. I want to earn it."

He continues by saying that the battle is with your own self and not with anyone else. "Everything I do is a battle within myself. That’s what I love. It’s me trying to prove it to myself, not trying to prove it to anybody else," he tells.

Workout Principles

In Mike O’ Hearn’s training routine, he usually combines each of his workouts with abs and cardio. This has constantly pushed his body to develop, particularly his abs and cardio drills. He outlines his practice around compound movements by including high reps which are usually 8-10 reps for each exercise.

Mike O'Hearn

He likes to do cardio almost every day that keeps his body slim and burns fat. This is the reason he staying in shape. He also eats a lot of carbs to have a boost of energy throughout the day. He strictly believes that carbs are very important during a workout.He makes sure he is working for at least 960 to 90 minutes in the gym every day. His workout consists of anywhere between 6 to 8 exercises for a particular body part.He makes sure he has balanced his weight training with an ample amount of cardio too. His schedule varies throughout the year as per his body requirement.

Power Lifting

Mike uses compound movements that help his muscles develop and grow. These exercises include Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift. In these exercises, the aim is to lift as heavy as feasible and by heavy we mean superhuman heavy, that is, exerting yourself to the absolute limit. After this, he tries to do some hypertrophy sets and here the repetitions vary. He tries to work out at least 5 times a week. Mike says that during his workout, the form is the most important thing. In his words, "I’m a powerlifter; we always use good form. I use no straps, no wraps, no suits, and no belts."He explains his workout, saying,

"Monday is leg day—quads in the morning and hamstrings in the afternoon. On Monday mornings squats are the key. I don’t count sets because 500 pounds and 600 pounds are not sets for me. I don’t start counting sets until I hit 700 pounds. Once I hit my heavy weight, I do five to seven sets of two to four reps. I never skip squats. Squatting is like breathing to me."
Mike O'Hearn

So the schedule looks like this:Monday morning: QuadsSquats 5-7 x 2-4 x 700+Leg presses 4 x 10-12 x 2,000Hack squats 4 x 10-12 x 800Leg extensions 4 x 10 -12 x stackMonday Afternoon: HamsLying leg curls 4 x 10-12 x stackSeated leg curls 4 x 10-12 x stackWalking lunges 4 x 10-12 x 225Monday night: CardioJudo class x 2 hoursTuesday morning: ChestHe explains, "I don’t count bench press sets until I get to around 500 pounds. When I hit my heavyweight, I do 5-7 sets of 2-4 reps."Bench presses 5-7 x 2-4 x 500+Incline barbell presses 4 x 8 x 455Decline barbell presses 4 x 8 x 405Flyes 4 x 8 x 140Tuesday afternoon: AbsFull decline situps with a 45-pound plate behind his head 3 x 10He says that doing weighted situps has a lot of misconception lurking around it as it is said to build a thick waist. However, he says, "I do weighted situps, and I’ll still go onstage with a 29-inch waist. It works."Wednesday morning: BackDeadlifts 7 x 2 x 700Bent-over rows 4 x 8 x 455-495Pullups 4 x 8 x 100-150 + bodyweightSeated rows 4 x 8 x stackHyperextensions 4 x 8Shrugs 4 x 8 x 800Wednesday afternoon: Calves and absCalf raises 5 x 20Full decline situps with a 45- pound plate behind my head 3 x 10Wednesday night: Vale Tudo ClassIt is a mixed martial art classtraining x 2 hoursThursday morning: Arms45 degree incline curls 4 x 10 x 90sStanding straight-bar curls 4 x 10 x 225Preachers curls with EZ-curl bar 4 x 10 x 225Close-grip bench presses 4 x 10 x 455Pushdowns 4 x 10 x 180Lying extensions 4 x 10 x 225Thursday afternoon: Calves and absCalf raises 5 x 20Full decline situps with a 45-pound plate behind his head 3 x 10Friday morning: ShouldersDumbbell clean and jerks 4 x 10 x 120sBehind-the-neck presses 4 x 8 x 315Narrow-grip upright rows 4 x 8 x 225Front raises 4 x 10 x 60sRear-delt-machine laterals 4 x 10 x stackFriday night: Judo x 2 hoursHere’s an elaborated breakdown of Mike O’ Hearn workout:Mike O’hearn Chest Workout Mike is doing his chest workout, he makes sure to train his upper part of the chest hard because he believes it is the most important part of the chest. He does not pick the bench press straight away and rather prefers doing an inclined version.

  • Exercise One: Incline bench press 5 x 3
  • Exercise Two: Alternating machine incline press 3 x 10
  • Exercise Three: Dumbbell incline fly 3 x 10
  • Exercise Four: Dumbbell pullover on bench 3 x 10

Mike O’hearn Shoulder Workout shoulders, Mike likes to train every single part of the delt although he does not neglect the rear part either. He believes that training shoulders hard with different raising exercises impacts the delts in a great way and helps develop muscles.

  • Exercise One: Machine lateral raise 4 x 6-10
  • Exercise Two: Front raise with plate 4 x 6-10
  • Exercise Three: Overhead plate raise 4 x 6-10
  • Exercise Four: Machine rear delt fly 4 x 6-10

Mike O’hearn Back Workout's back workout is nothing fancy and he likes to keep it old school and simple. He does only five exercises during his back day however he makes sure that he has a perfect posture while performing all five exercises. The back muscle is a big one and must be trained efficiently.

  • Exercise One: Machine lat pulldown 5 x 6-10
  • Exercise Two: Single arm machine row 5 x 6-10
  • Exercise Three: Kneeling close grip lat pulldown 5 x 6-10
  • Exercise Four: Seated row with rope 5 x 6-10
  • Exercise Five: Machine lat pulldown (leaning back) 5 x 6-10

Mike O’hearn Leg Workout enjoys a good leg workout day. He performs at least five exercises during his leg schedule. He likes to do heavy compound movements during the leg day and includes a lot of squats. He also performs certain isolation exercises to help him tone the muscles.

  • Exercise One: Front barbell squat 4 x 6-10
  • Exercise Two: Machine leg press with closed stance 4 x 6-12
  • Exercise Three: Machine leg press with wide stance 4 x 6-12
  • Exercise Four: Standing squat machine 4 x 6-12
  • Exercise Five: Standing squat machine with pause 4 x 6-10

Mike O’hearn Arm Workout you know Mike it is probably because of his legendary 21-inch arms. He even shares his legendary arm workout on his Youtube channel with his fans. He calls this famous workout 21 for 21’s which means 21 repetitions to achieve the 21-inch arms. here's what it looks like.

  • Exercise One: Single-arm triceps extension 3 x 21
  • Exercise Two: Bodyweight dip 3 x 21
  • Exercise Three: Cable triceps extension with rope 3 x 21
  • Exercise Four: Barbell curl with triceps bar 3 x 21
  • Exercise Five: Dumbbell reverse spider man curl 3 x 21
  • Exercise Six: Seated dumbbell concentration curl 3 x 21

Mike O’hearn Ab WorkoutSome shredded abs are truly unbeatable when it comes to having a muscular and toned physique like Mike's. Mike chooses to stay lean all year round in case he is needed to do a shoot for a magazine cover or have a fitness appearance. Here is what his abs workout typically looks like:

  • Exercise One: Decline bench ab crunch 4 x 25
  • Exercise Two: Incline bench leg raise 4 x 25
  • Exercise Three: Vertical knee raise 4 x 25
  • Exercise Four: Kneeling cable ab pulldown 4 x 25
  • Exercise Five: Bench ab crunch 4 x 25

Mike O'Hearn Cardio WorkoutMike believes in doing martial arts for his cardio workouts or just simply go for a walk with his dogs. He feels it is a great way to do a LIIT that also helps with active recovery. He explains, "My martial arts training is six hours of cardio a week. Also, walking my dogs a few times a day is cardio."He has a bunch of dogs and is not afraid to say that he has a special affinity towards them. "I have four. Elvis is my big boy, an Akita. Then there’s Bunny and Teddy, two girls that I rescued as pups—a Ridgeback and a Chow. Then there’s my girl, Stryker, a Siberian husky," he says. also reveals his special rescue project which he came across during one of his fitness cover shoot for a magazine. He tells, "Everyone should rescue a pet. We could empty the shelters. I was doing a cover shoot for a magazine, and they brought in two puppies. We finished the shoot, and they said, “Well, we’re done. Let’s take the pups back to the shelter.” I said, “No go. I’m taking them home.” They argued and said, “No, you have to fill out all this paperwork.” I said, “Look, guys, these two just got home. We did something good here.”Mike O'Hearn Rest ScheduleWeekends are reserved for full rests. Mike really believes that at least two days a week must be kept for recovery as it is as important as working out. He does not want to overwork his muscles because it would only lead to injuries. He refuels his body on the weekends with proper nutrition and diet too.Mike O'Hearn busts some bodybuilding misconceptions is strictly against the idea of misconceptions that are behind bodybuilding. He says that it is best to avoid them as much as possible and do what you do best. "The many myths of bodybuilding lurk in gyms like bugs at a picnic, scurrying out from under the rocks at the first sign of sandwich crumbs. They can come from anywhere, but if you fall victim to them, you could end up going nowhere with your training," he says.He gives an example of a ripped guy who everyone thinks is on steroids because otherwise getting ripped is impossible. However, itis not true according to him. He remarks, "For example, people see a cover shot of a guy with ripped abs, and someone says, “That guy circuit trains his abs.” Next thing you know, 15 guys in the gym are circuit training their abs. Someone else says, “That guy takes a truckload of drugs,” and then everyone thinks that’s what needs to be done—like it’s written in stone."

Mike O'Hearn

Mike O'Hearn makes sure that his belief in himself is not shattered by anyone else's comments and he relies on his own studies and findings. He gives another example about his 21-inch bicep, saying, "Big arms? Remember when that guy in “Pumping Iron” said, “I’m in heaven when I’m pumped”? Because of that, every guy in the gym believes the pump is what builds big arms. Your beliefs about training can make or break you. If you want big arms, choose your beliefs wisely."Build 21-Inch Arms Naturally ChallengeMike is famous for his 21-inch challenge but he says that many misunderstand his naturally built bicep to be built by steroids. Fo him, the idea was always to lift as much heavy as he can and not to inject himself.

"No way, brother. I train heavy—real heavy. If you focus on squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and chins—stick with basic heavy exercises—you’ll get big, your arms will grow, and you’ll be strong.I’ve found that that’s the only thing that works. My genetic shape doesn’t change due to the way I train. Myths say that you can’t do heavy benches, chins, deadlifts, and squats. I throw out the myths. I’ve proved it, and I continue to get stronger and improve."
Mike O'Hearn

It is quite interesting that he is so unconventional with his bicep training. The core of his arm is not a hindered thousand bicep curls but deadlifts, squats, and bench press! And he absolutely will not change his approach no matter what anyone says.

"My working weight on the bench is 500 pounds—that builds triceps. Deadlifts with no straps at 700 pounds—want forearms? Chins with 100 to 150 pounds tied to me—got biceps? Squats—name a muscle group that doesn’t get worked."

Mike O'Hearn Fitness Interview

Mike O'Hearn

Here are a few more things that will help you know Mike O'Hearn and his workout style a bit better. This interview was taken by a leading fitness magazine that tells all about his motivation and drives towards fitness.So is it more the battle than the outcome that nails it for Mike?It really comes down to the battle within myself. When I was 12 years old and I walked to Jeff Magruder’s gym in Washington, I saw all these guys moving all this incredible weight, and I thought, Now, there’s something I want to do. I also saw them over the years. At one point they would be so strong, and at other times they would be not so strong. Then I found out that some of those people were doing chemicals. And I thought, Well, what’s the point of getting up and, for example, benching this big, big number, and then six months later you can only do 60 percent of that. I said to myself, “I want to be strong year-round!” You know, at that age it’s all about being strong and tough and big arms and so forth. With martial arts, it’s: I want to go to battle every day. I don’t want to ever go backward. As I got older, I found out more about the drugs and that you can’t keep the strength and size, and I thought, That doesn’t make any sense. It’s all about longevity for me. You know I’m stronger now than I’ve ever been. People say, “Well, I saw so-and-so, and he did this kinda weight and that kinda weight.” I can do that weight every week, not just for a meet or a competition. I’m looking for strength and power every day and week, so drugs just don’t make sense to me. I’m not looking for that 16-week climb, where I’m going to be strong, and 16 weeks after that I’m going to be weak again. Or I’m going to big and sliced for a show, and I’ll wither away into nothing after that. That’s just not me.What else motivates you?I got to do interviews for at the Olympia this year. I covered the strength contest between Ben White and Johnnie Jackson. It was just so cool. It got me so-o-o jacked up. I was like, Man, I want to come down and train with you! At Gold’s, Venice, I’m one of the few guys who still train heavy. Everyone looks at me like, “Dude, you’re crazy.” In the mid-’90s everyone at Gold’s was lifting heavy.What else?I love challenges. No 275-pound man should set the record for pullups, but I did 35 in 30 seconds. The next closest guy was a 190-pound guy who did 26 in 30 seconds. Mind you, that’s on a seven-city tour where most cities had 3,000 contestants.That’s a lot of weight you toss around.I entered the West Coast Strong Man Competition and won in ’07 and ’08.Do you use any other intensity techniques?I don’t go into the gym to work out; I go into the gym to break down my workout partner. It’s kind of like a fun playground for me.I get it. You make a competition out of it.I go into battle on everything. That’s how I approach training. I think like a lot of champions. They don’t go in there to work out; they go in there to crush whoever’s training with them. Most guys are so much stronger than they think they are. Guys will say, Well, I’m worried about my knees or my back or whatever, and I say, You know what I’m worried about? I’m worried about the day that I don’t squat. I never want to go weeks without squatting. If you continue to squat, deadlift, and bench, your body holds together because it forms such a solid foundation that you’re a walking tank.Do you include any supersets or drop sets?I like that meditation of me fighting the weight, me battling the weight. I don’t go in looking for the pump or the burn. I don’t try, I do. I go in to fight the straight bar on curls, and I battle the preacher curl bar. I approach the entire workout like that.

Mike O'Hearn Diet Plan

Mike is pretty undetectable. He takes the challenges as it is thrown towards him and vanquished it all. t is the same approach when it comes to following a healthy diet too. He says,

"It’s a mind-set. When someone tells me I can’t do something, I’m like, “That’s your first mistake right there. You assumed one thing about me, and I’m already assuming I’m not going to lose the battle.” You have to have that mind-set in the gym. Anyone can walk in and do curls and pushdowns. The battle is what builds your arms." does not do anything special to his diet to enhance his growth. He explains the difference between all the components that lead to proper muscle development. For him, food is the most important component of all. "There is a huge difference between chemicals, steroids, and growth hormones and real food, supplements, and vitamins. First and foremost I focus on food intake —that’s the foundation—but I’m a huge proponent of supplements. I take HTP, calcium-magnesium-zinc, branched-chain amino acids. has me well supplied," he explains.Here is what his meal plan looks like throughout the day:Meal 112 ounces baked salmon1 cup white riceMultivitaminFat-burnersVitamin CVitamin EMeal 212 ounces baked chicken1 cup oatmealBranched-chain amino acidsMultivitaminVitamin CWorkoutMeal 38 ounces steak1 cup of rice1 cup broccoliL-glutamineMultivitaminVitamin CBranched-chain amino acidsMeal 4Chicken salad with 8 ounceschicken, no dressing—I uselemon.No supplementsMeal 58 ounces steak1 cup asparagusMultivitaminMeal 616 ounces salmonBranched-chain amino acidsL-glutamineHTTPCalcium-magnesium-zincHe is pretty strict with his diet and does not really go off the set diet. He says that his kind of profession means that he has to look his best all the time. He enjoys an ice cream once in a while, though.

"I’m pretty strict. I don’t go far off of it ever. I’m out there doing appearances and auditions, so I don’t get the luxury of going out and having pizza and all that stuff. I only cheat on rare occasions. My cheat meal is vanilla ice cream with Nutella and strawberries—but I don’t recommend that because once you have it, it’s all over."

The Mike O’hearn diet plan is all about consuming high protein foods that taste excellent too. Although Mike loves to cook every once in a while, he has his own personal health chef that does all the cooking. He loves to eat all the meals that fit in his macros well. He uses a lot of tricks to make his food flavorful. For example, he adds chicken broth to his plain boiled rice. says that carbs are very important for him as he has a busy schedule throughout the day and he is in constant need of energy. For him, carbs are a source of longevity. He is totally against the idea when people say that having carbs ruins progress.Pre-workout MealMike wakes up just an hour before his workout. But don't get him wrong, he wakes up at 3 am to begin his workout at 4 in the morning! As soon as he wakes up, he needs some pre-workout meal to fuel his body and break his fast. He has a balanced meal to kickstart his metabolism.His pre-workout meal contains:

  • Egg whites
  • Egg Yolks
  • Tomato
  • Oatmeal (Mike likes to eat his oatmeal dry so that it doesn’t agitate his stomach and he can eat a bit more.)

He also adds some supplements with his pre-workout meals like fish oil, vitamin D, collagen, branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), green tea, multivitamin, fat burners, and DHEA.Post-workout MealHis post-workout meal and breakfast are quite the same. He eats a lot of protein after his workout to help them recover. He eats just after 15 minutes of working out as it is the time when the body is recovering and needs food. His meal includes:

  • Chicken
  • Rice
  • Steamed vegetables

He makes sure that his post-workout meal is balanced with a lot of carbs because he needs those extra carbs for energy that he depleted during the workout. Although this meal might look pretty standard, however, he promises that it is flavorsome.Misconception About CarbohydratesLike we said before, Mike believes that carbs are important and it is the keep to longevity. He also says that there are so many misconceptions going around in the gym and amongst people who just got into fitness. Therefore, many people cut them out totally. says that the body needs to have carbs to function properly as opposed to people who believe that dropping carbs would lead them to lose weight. The problem with people like these who restrict their diets is that it is harder for them to maintain that weight loss.He also clarifies that it is important to add carbs to increase muscle mass. Without it, you won't be able to enhance your muscle growth at all. This is especially true for younger people. Therefore, he highly suggests that one must add carbs and a few cheat meals in their diet. “So you took a break from your fitness routine. You ate, you drank, you relaxed, and ate some more. It’s okay because life isn’t how we deal with the highs but how we deal with the lows," he remarks.

Mike O'Hearn Supplements

  • BCAA blends (They improve the health to preserve lean muscle, maintain muscle growth and raise muscle recovery)
  • Glutamine (Glutamine serves to implement assistance against muscle breakdown)
  • Amino acids (Amino Acids aid in lessening the breakdown of muscles and arousing protein synthesis)
  • Fish oils (Fish Oils develop a strong nervous system and promote vision, heart, brain, and joint health)
  • Vitamin C (Vitamin C encourages a robust immune system)
  • Multivitamins (They let your body concentrate on growth and restoration.)
  • B-complex (B-complex encourages healthy immune system function, boost energy, and maintain a fast metabolism)

Mike O'Hearn Fitness Tips Find Your FocusMike says that one must always remain in focus to achieve something. If you do not have enough focus, you won't be able to achieve anything. He says,

"Draw a line in the sand. You’re back now so the bad eating stops now. The past few weeks were the exception and not the rule. Don’t beat yourself up. Simply get back up, dust yourself off, and get focused."

2) Get HydratedHydration is the key to relax your muscles which also promotes strength and agility in the body.

"Often times when we fall off our routine we become dehydrated. Your first priority in getting back on track is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Start with a tall glass of water in the morning, and carry a water bottle with you to sip throughout the day."

3) Cleanse Your System a cheat day, it is important to cleanse your body inside out. Therefore, one must control the next few days of their diet to balance it.

"For your first few days getting back on track, I need you to be extra picky about what you eat. Stick with whole, real foods to restore balance and block out cravings."

4) Get Some RestGetting adequate sleep must be your priority because it will definitely hamper the growth of the muscles. For a greater impact during your workouts, you must sleep for at least 8 hours per day.He explains, "Make catching up on sleep a priority over the next few days. When your body is low on sleep, it becomes easier to make poor eating choices. If you don’t give your body a chance to rest, you’re less likely to get back into your workouts."5) Jump Back Into Your Exercise Routine soon as you are off from a cheat meal, it is important to get back to your previous eating patterns immediately to cleanse your system. In addition to this, a great workout would also help to neutralize the effect of the cheat meal on your gains. He explains, "It’s time to sweat out all those indulgences. So lace up your shoes and put on your favorite gym clothes. When you start your first workout, ease in slowly. Take the time to warm up and stretch your muscles before powering up to a solid workout”That's all about Mike O'Hearn's exercise routine and diet plan to keep himself healthy and fit and to reach the title that he has, 'Titan'.

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