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Mike Mentzer Diet and Workout

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Who is Mike Mentzer?

Mike Mentzer was an American professional bodybuilder, author and fitness icon. He was born in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, USA. Mike famous for his fraces with Arnold Schwarzenegger at 1980 Mr. Olmpia. As an author, His stories are remembered not only story but his greatest physiques also miss today. Mike also famous with his high-intensity training styles. We will see Mike Mentzer Diet and Workout. Let’s see Mike Mentzer Stats.

  • Nationality : American
  • Profession : Bodybuilder, Author
  • Date-Of-Birth : November 15, 1951
  • Died : June 10, 2001

He told about his meal plan and workout routine via many interviews, instagram chats and other social media platform like youtube. Mike started building muscles since he was 12 years old, after inspired by men on muscles magazine. He won Mr. Universe in 1978.[incontent_ads]

Mike Mentzer Measurements

Mike Mentzer Measurements

Mike Mentzer Weight is 225 lbs (102 kg). Mike Mentzer Height in Feet is 5.8 feet.

  • Height – 5′ 8” (173 cm)
  • Weight – 225 lbs (102 kg)
  • Arms – 18,5′ (47 cm)
  • Chest – Will Update Soon
  • Waist – Will Update Soon

If we want to have a well physique body then we need to concentrate in our diet and workout plan. He followed his diet and workout very strictly. As an author he wrote some books and articles like Heavy Duty. He was very consolidated in his bodybuilding routine. Mike was eat much because, He said you have to eat much however you in this field or not. He was clever in nutrition and having well balanced diet.

Mike Mentzer Diet

Mike Mentzer Diet

If we talk about diet, all our body health is depend on what type of diet we prefer to our body, like you need to take care of calories in the diet and many factors like what should we eat? You must need to know that eating and sleeping is most important factor in musclebuilding. Let's have a look in Mike Mentzer diet.[incontent_ads]Mike's well balanced diet included all macros like protein, carb and fats. Mike was regularly eating 200 gm carb each day during 1970, When most of bodybuilder took low carb diet. While he was prepares for Mr Olmpia, He used to eating pancakes and icecream, still managed his massive physique.He ate high protein food like chicken and eggs. Mike was eating junk food occasionally but still don't cross his calories limit of 2000. On other sight, he was very active and train himself twice a day. He had his broad approach with nutrition in term of food sources. He was eating many groups of food that describe below :

  • Milk and Milk group products (Milk and cheese)
  • Cereal and Grain Foods
  • The high-protein group (Fish, meat, eggs)
  • Fruits and Vegetables

Above meal plan tells us that what he was eating within a single day to maintain his massive muscles and maintain his weight. Mike took some supplements. We all understand that exercise is important in bodybuilding but nutritions & diet also plays vital role that how your body look.

Mike Mentzer Workout

Mike Mentzer Workout

Before start the workout routine or exercise routine, make sure you stay hydrated during workouts by drinking water or energy drinks. and Important is to don’t forget to warm-up exercising and make sure to cool down by stretching your muscles out, because It’s helps you to do injury free workout or exercise.

Chest Workout

  • 5 sets & 8 reps — Incline dumbbell fly
  • 5 sets & 6-8 reps — Flat barbell bench press
  • 5 sets & 10 reps — Bodyweight dip
  • 5 sets & 8 reps — Flat dumbbell fly
  • 5 sets & 6-8 reps — Incline barbell bench press

Shoulder Workout

  • 5 sets & 8-10 reps — Dumbbell side lateral raise
  • 5 sets & 6-8 reps — Behind the neck overhead press
  • 5 sets & 8-10 reps — Bent over dumbbell raise
  • 5 sets & 8-10 reps — Front barbell raise
  • 5 sets & 6-8 reps — Seated machine press

Back Workout

  • 5 sets & 8-10 reps — Straight arm pulldown
  • 5 sets & 8-10 reps — Close grip supinated cable pulldown
  • 5 sets & 5 reps — Barbell row
  • 5 sets & 8-10 reps — Standing dumbbell shrug
  • 5 sets & 6-8 reps — Barbell upright row

Arm Workout

  • 5 sets & 8-10 reps — Cable triceps pushdown
  • 5 sets & 10 reps — Bodyweight dip
  • 5 sets & 8-10 reps — Overhead cable triceps extension
  • 5 sets & 8-10 reps — Standing dumbbell curl
  • 5 sets & 6-8 reps — Supinated chin-up
  • 5 sets & 8-10 reps — Barbell preacher curl
  • 5 sets & 10 reps — Barbell forearm curl on bench

Leg Workout

  • 5 sets & 8-10 reps — Single leg leg extension
  • 5 sets & 6-8 reps — Barbell squat
  • 5 sets & 8-10 reps — Single leg hamstring curl
  • 5 sets & 6-8 reps — Leg press
  • 5 sets & 8-10 reps — Walking dumbbell lunge
  • 5 sets & 10-15 reps — Standing calf raise

As we see, you need to work hard to achieve bodybuilding like Mike Mentzer. So his diet and his workout plan and daily routine inspire and motivate us.Also Read : Dorian Yates Diet and Workout Plan

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