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Mandy Rose Workout Routine And Diet

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A television personality, a fitness and figure competitor as well as a professional wrestler, this American beauty has taken all in her stride. We are talking about none other than Amanda Rose Soccomanno, popularly known as Mandy Rose.In this article, We will read about Mandy Rose diet and Mandy Rose workout routine.Starting her career in 2013 as a bodybuilding competitor, Rose placed herself in 2nd position in the WWE competition in 2015. Mandy not only won the Loser Leaves WWE match but also took the title of the NXT Women Championship.She proudly states that “Having an open mind means opening yourself up to the potentiality and possibility that anything and everything is possible”She regularly interacts with her fans and followers through social media platforms where she discusses her simple, balanced and easy Workout and Diet Plans. Her program is appealing to all fitness freaks out there who are not very much adaptable when it comes to following a rigid fitness plan to achieve their fitness goals.

Who is Mandy Rose?

Rose is an American professional wrestler signed with WWE and is the current NXT Women’s Champion. Born on July 18th,1991 in Westchester County, New York, United States, Mandy pursued her graduation from Lona College in speech pathology.This fitness diva has a height of 5 ft 4 inches (1.63m) weighing 115-125lbs (52.2-56.7 kg) with blonde hair and hazel eyes to compliment her beauty.

  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Professional Wrestler, Bodybuilder & Model
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Weight: 115lbs (52.2kg)

[incontent_ads]Rose is not only a professional wrestler but also a fitness freak and has appeared in multiple fitness publications including Fitness Gurls, Fit and Firm and Fit Femme.She took the first position in the world Bodybuilding Fit & Fashion Boston Show and was even crowned as the 2014 World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Bikini Championship.

Mandy Rose Diet

[incontent_ads]About her diet plan, Rose confirms her food habit saying that she needs a whole lot of food to fuel progress and recovery. She says that she takes clean and healthy food as much as possible following her high protein and low carb regime.She is not hesitant to accept the fact due to her busy traveling schedule. She admits that sometimes you have to do what is available and further mocks saying “That dietary flexibility includes an affinity for doughnuts”.

  • Clean foods
  • Enough proteins
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Rice, Vegetables, Fruits, Almond milk and Nuts

Mandy does not deprive herself of food she loves, rather she consumes grass-fed beef and other sources of protein like chicken, for carbohydrates and fats she consumes rice, vegetables, fruits, almond milk and nuts to keep her diet balanced.She believes in knowing her body and giving it what is required. She is very consistent when it comes to hydrating her body. She takes plenty of water and consumes energy drinks and juices to keep herself hydrated all day. She adds on supplement drinks like protein shakes to revive her strength.If you liked our content then read more like this: Jared Leto Diet And Workout Routine, Qimmah Russo Diet And Workout Plan and Erin Stern Diet and Workout Program.

Mandy Rose Workout Routine

[incontent_ads]Many are the owner of the fitness app “Fit with Mandy”. She offers a 12-week home program designed for both men and women of all ages and skill levels. This program includes a lot of HIIT exercises with little to no equipment.She bangs that with this app there are no excuses and anyone can make time anywhere for a workout routine.Rose trains herself 5-6 days a week for an hour and a half at the gym. She takes her cardio and strength training simultaneously.

Mandy Rose HIIT Workout

  • Heavy Squat: 4 sets and 8-10 reps
  • Battle Ropes: 4 sets and 30-second reps
  • Burpee to Pullup: 4 sets and 10-12 reps
  • Boxing: 4 sets and 30-second reps
  • Med Ball Pushup: 4 sets and 12-15 reps
  • Rowing Machine: 4 sets and 30-second reps

Leg Workout

  • Squat Jump: 4 sets and 15 reps
  • Single-Leg Hip Raise: 4 sets and 12 reps
  • Quick Toes: 4 sets and 30 sec.
  • Low Split Switch: 4 sets and 30 sec.
  • Duck Lunge with Band: 4 sets and 30 sec.

Core Workout

  • V-Up: 4 sets and 25 reps
  • Flutter Kick: 4 sets and 25 reps
  • Russian Twist: 4 sets and 25 reps
  • Plank Hold: 4 sets and 1 min.

Ab Workout

  • Switch Foot Jump and Side Lunge: 3 sets and 20 reps
  • High-Knee March: 3 sets and 30 sec.
  • Split Jump Burpee: 3 sets and 12 reps
  • Body-Weight Squat: 3 sets and 20 reps
  • Diamond Pushup: 3 sets and 15 reps

It is very important for you to warm up your muscles before a workout to get your heart rate going and post-workout cooling down by stretching and working on mobility is equally important to help you prevent injuries.Mandy mentions her workout plans whether it's upper or lower body day, she does four sets of each exercise with high reps.

FAQs About Mandy Rose

How long has Mandy Rose been champion?Mandy Rose has been champion in NXT Woman Championship since October 26, 2021. Currently, she hold the championship for the past 265 days.Did Asuka beat Mandy Rose?Yes, Asuka beat Mandy Rose at WWE Fastlane and won the SmackDown Women's Title 2019.When did Mandy Rose start training for wrestling?Mandy Rose started training for wrestling for a long time. She was trained by Booker T Billy Gunn Lita WWE Performance Center. Mandy made her debut on August 25, 2015.

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Mandy proudly encourages the occasional cheat meals. Her love for sweet treats took her to a level where she started a Youtube series on her channel called Damandyz Donutz.She insists to her followers on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, etc about keeping patience when it comes to your fitness journey. She tips her fans with her mantra to train hard and give it time further stretching it saying nothing happens overnight.Let us know what you liked in the Mandy Rose diet plan and Mandy Rose workout routine. So guys have belief over your fitness goals and do not stress yourself out about it. Keep going with time and dedication and you will almost be there.!!!

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