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Maggie Q Diet and Workout

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Maggie has been following a specific eating plan for the past twenty years. The Maggie Q diet is a vegan eating plan. Because of his love for animal welfare, she always opts for a plant-based diet. She was quite particular about sticking to her diet. She never consumes items that are high in sugar or processed.

About Maggie Q

Margaret Denise Quigley is also known as Maggie Q is an actress, environmental activist, model and entrepreneur. She was born and reared on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. She is a huge fan of animals and wildlife. She wanted to be a veterinarian after high school. But because she was short on cash at the time, he tried modeling in Japan.She has appeared in a number of films, including Mission: Impossible III, Live Free or Die Hard, and Divergent. Even in her movie shoot, he is quite imaginative. She does all of her own stunts.

  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Actress, Model and Entrepreneur
  • Date-Of-Birth: 22 May, 1979

Maggie has discussed her nutrition and training program in a number of interviews, Instagram chats, and other social media sites such as Youtube. She was previously cast in House of the Dragon, a prominent television drama series.She then went on to star in films such as Gen-Y Cops and Rush Hour 2. She rose to fame as an action star after appearing in films such as Mission Impossible and others. She also works for animal welfare and is an outspoken supporter of animal rights. She was named PETA's Sexiest Vegan in 2017.[incontent_ads]

Maggie Q Stats

[su_table responsive="yes" fixed="yes"]Height5’7 (170 cm)Weight103 lbs (47 kg)Breast 38 inchesWaist 24 inchesHips 35 inches[/su_table]Also Read : Mike O’Hearn Diet and Workout RoutineWe must concentrate on our food and training if we want to have a decent physical body. She sticks to her diet and fitness routines religiously. We must eliminate processed foods from our diet and focus solely on fresh, healthy foods.If you want to maintain a healthy physique, you must exercise control over the foods you consume. That means you must eat nutritious foods that provide your body with essential micronutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, and fats. You must strike a balance between the two.

Maggie Q Diet

Maggie Q Diet

If we see the facts about diet, Our health depends on two things. The first one is, What type of diet we take every day. The second thing is that what type of exercise we do in our daily routine.You need to take care of calories in your diet plan and many factors like macros protein, carbs and fiber. You must need to know that eating and sleeping is the most important activity in fitness and healthy life.Maggie knows how consuming meat is not only impacted the food market, but also the fashion and entertainment industries. After she joined animal welfare since then she always sticks with her plant-based diet. It's all over 20 years of it. here is the Maggie Q diet.

  • Meal 1: Acai bowl with coconut meat, aloe, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, goji berries, coconut oil, ginger, turmeric, fennel, and almond milk
  • Meal 2: Smoothie with banana, peaches, pea protein powder, almond butter, maca powder, cashew milk, fresh mint leaves, and ice
  • Meal 3: Kitchari with basmati rice, mung beans, vegetable stock, mustard seeds, cumin, ginger, sea salt, coriander powder, turmeric, and cilantro

Food To Avoid

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Animal byproducts
  • Processed Foods
  • Chemical Additives
  • Artificial Ingredients
  • Junk Food

Heavy Grains

Some critics questioned how we could keep eating these types of meals and not get full. That was one of our common misunderstandings. Meat-based protein is the only sort of food that can keep you full or keep you energetic throughout the day. You don't have to do anything other than eat similar items to satisfy your need; all you have to do is avoid eating meat.[incontent_ads]

Made New Recepies

Because of her Vietnamese heritage, Maggie found it challenging to transition to a plant-based diet when she first started these types of diets. However, as we can see, all classic dishes include meat. When we move to a plant-based diet, this is a typical issue.Maggie says that it's very interesting to create new recipes in a plant-based diet plan. Maggie worked with her mother to create Vietnamese options that were vegan-friendly. She and her family enjoy together the new plant-based diet recipes.

As we see, in the diet plan there is low protein, medium fats and high carbs. She likes to eat complex carbohydrates such as brown rice. Unprocessed grains digest more slowly and contain fiber. She also likes to make fresh juice by blending celery, apples, kale, cucumber, parsley, ginger and Swiss chard.

Maggie Q Workout

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFm5omeQ4ykMake sure you stay hydrated throughout workouts by consuming water or energy drinks before you begin your workout or training program. Also, remember to warm up before exercising and cool down by stretching your muscles out, as this can assist you to avoid injury throughout your workout or exercise. The following is a sample of Maggie Q's workout.

Workout Split

  • Day 1: Yoga
  • Day 2: Spin class
  • Day 3: Yoga
  • Day 4: Swimming
  • Day 5: Yoga
  • Day 6: Spin, swim, or run
  • Day 7: Boxing, MMA, a sport such as a soccer or tennis


Yoga is the most crucial aspect of Maggie's routine. She hasn't done yoga in over two decades. Yoga is the finest workout for building strength, improving respiration, and preventing injuries.Maggie has to practice yoga because it makes her more flexible than other activities, which allows her to perform her stunts with ease. Her favorite Yogasans are the crow pose, shin cradle, and forearm stand.


Maggie has a close connection to the ocean due to her birthplace of Oahu, Hawaii. She swims for the aim of body workout, and swimming is the best activity for building strength in the body.It helps to increase physical endurance, muscle tone, and cardiovascular fitness. She has even had the chance to swim with a whale shark!


She also does boxing as part of her workout. When it comes to boxing, it's not only the best aerobic workout, but it can also tone your muscles and strengthen your upper body.It strengthens your arm. After an hour of treadmill walking, you may become bored. It's something you can incorporate into your workout program.


Weight loss is aided with Pilates. It can also help with flexibility, spine stabilization, and posture. Pilates is a low-impact activity that she enjoys include in her fitness program.However, this does not imply that it is simple to accomplish. It's difficult, similar to yoga, and you have to put in a lot of effort with small motions.


It's not easy that you can become like her overnight. But it took her lots of years of struggle to get the physiques that she has today. We can evaluate that after taking a look at Maggie Q diet and Maggie Q workout that If we want to be like her then we need to work hard for it and her daily routine inspire us and motivate us to get a healthy body.Maggie Q Instagram : @maggiq

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