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Madison Bailey (Kiara) Fitness & Diet Routine

Madison Bailey is an American actress, model and singer best known for her role as Kiara "Kie" Carrera on the Netflix mystery drama Outer Banks.




Madison Bailey's Diet Plan

You may be thinking of what Madison’s diet is. Well her diet consists mostly of lean proteins, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates. To get a better idea of what a meal might look for Madison, you should check out the example diet of hers down below. Madison tries to stick with whole foods as much as possible to avoid all of the chemicals and preservatives in a lot of packaged foods. Madison understands that whole foods will help fuel her body. Granted, she also indulges in her favorite foods occasionally but ensures that they are balanced with healthy options. Every once and a while doesn’t hurt to indulge in some tasty treats!

Example Diet Plan to Achieve Madison Bailey’s Physique

Lose Fat and Stay Lean

If you’re looking to achieve or maintain a physique like Madison Baileys you need to stay consistent and focused on nutrition and exercise. Here's an example diet plan that can help you reach your goals:


- 3 egg whites scrambled with spinach and mushrooms

- 1 slice of whole-grain toast

- 1 small avocado 

This breakfast is high in protein, healthy fats, and fiber to keep you full and energized throughout the morning. Don’t be afraid to more protein to your diet. Protein takes more energy for your body to digest. Plus, protein causes thermogenesis which helps you burn more stubborn body fat. Don’t be afraid of protein.

If you need help with increasing the amount of protein you eat every day, try out Optimum Nutrition’s whey protein!


- Grilled chicken breast 

- Large mixed green salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing

- 1 small sweet potato 

This lunch is packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals while also being low in calories.


- Baked salmon fillet

- Roasted brussels sprouts with garlic and olive oil 

- Quinoa or brown rice 

This dinner is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. It's also easy to prepare and delicious!

Remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Additionally, if you need snacks between meals, opt for fresh fruit or raw veggies with hummus or almond butter.

If you can follow this diet plan consistently while incorporating regular exercise into your routine (such as the workout plan provided later in this blog), you'll be well on your way to looking just like Madison Bailey.

Workout Plan

Madison Bailey's Workout Routine

When it comes to workouts she usually does weight training in the gym which helps her build muscle strength and endurance. Additionally, she also practices yoga regularly to keep her body flexible and relaxed. All these combined have helped Madison keep up with her busy lifestyle while maintaining a healthy physique. We can definitely learn from Madison's story and follow her example of creating a balance between work and health!

Get Madison’s Lean Physique With This 3-Day HIIT Style Workout to Stay Lean and Lose Fat

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an effective way to burn fat, build lean muscle, and improve cardiovascular health. Here's a 3-day HIIT workout plan for women that can help you achieve your fitness goals:

If you need the extra energy boost for these workouts give Optimum Nutrition’s pre-workout a try.

Day 1: Full-Body HIIT

- Warm up with five minutes of light cardio (e.g. jumping jacks or jogging in place)

- Complete 4 rounds of the following circuit:

    - Jump squats for 60 seconds

    - Push-ups for 60 seconds

    - Mountain climbers for 60 seconds

    - Rest for one minute between rounds 

- Three sets of burpees (10 reps each)

- Cool down with stretching 

Day 2: Cardio + Strength HIIT 

- Warm up with five minutes of light cardio

- Run on the treadmill at a moderate pace for 10 minutes 

- Three sets of dumbbell deadlifts (10 reps each)

- Three sets of bicep curls (10 reps for each arm)

- Complete three rounds of the following circuit:

   - Kettlebell swings for 30 seconds 

   - Step ups on a box or bench (alternating legs) for 30 seconds 

   - Plank hold with shoulder taps for 30 seconds 

   - Rest for one minute between rounds 

- Cool down with stretching 

Day 3: Total Body Blast HIIT + Yoga 

- Warm up with five minutes of light cardio

- Complete three rounds of the following circuit:

   - Jump lunges for 30 seconds 

   - Tricep dips on a bench or chair for 30 seconds  

   - High knees running in place or using a jump rope for 30 seconds 

   - Rest for one minute between rounds  

- Finish with a yoga flow sequence that includes sun salutations, warrior poses, and hip openers.

- Cool down with stretching 

If you want to recover and see results faster try adding a whey protein after each workout.

Remember to rest as needed and modify exercises as necessary based on your fitness level. High-intensity interval training type workouts are great for staying lean and burning fat. Doing workouts like the one above 4 to 5 times a week will get you the Kiara lean look from Outer Banks. Two things to ensure you actually achieve the look.

  1. Stay consistent for 6-months
  2. Follow a food plan that you can stick with for 6-months

If you are able to consistently workout 4 to 5 times a week and stick with a food plan that have you eating fewer calories than what you burn you will achieve the Kiara Outer Banks physique.

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