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Luke Sandoe Diet & Workout Routine

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The British bodybuilder Luke Sandoe was inspired to become a weight lifter from his own thought. He made his debut at the age of 23.Since childhood, Luke was very active in sports activities and physical training. He was habituated to reading magazines like Flex Magazine which is given by his mother.If you want to become like him then you need to see Luke Sandoe's diet and Luke Sandoe's workout routine. You will see every detail below.

Who is Luke Sandoe?

Luke Sandoe is a professional bodybuilder, who born and raise in Bournemouth, United Kingdom. Since his childhood, he has a muscular and fit body.He was very active in sports activity held by his school and college. He used to read superheroise comics and magazines related muscles.

  • Nationality: British
  • Profession: Physique Coach, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder & Entrepreneur
  • Date-of-Birth: August 3, 1989

Since his childhood, he used to schedule his sports activity and gyming. Luke's fitness schedule helps him to stay fit everytime.When he entered in his teen, he took interest in music. He was also a great drum player, his passion toward music last till his 22. After that he knows about muscle building.Now with the new spirit, Luke entered the gym and start building his career as a bodybuilder. He made his debut in South Coast Juniors 2012.

Luke Sandoe Body Stats

[incontent_ads]We must concentrate on our food and training if we want to have a decent physical body. He sticks to his diet and fitness routines religiously. We must eliminate processed foods from our diet and focus solely on fresh, healthy foods.If you want to maintain a healthy physique, you must exercise control over the foods you consume. That means you must eat nutritious foods that provide your body with essential micronutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, and fats. You must strike a balance between the three.[su_box title="Also Read" box_color="#00bfff"]Gracyanne Barbosa Diet & Workout Routine[/su_box][su_table responsive="yes" fixed="yes"]Height5'7" (170cm)Weight245 - 255lbs (111.1 - 115.7kg)BicepsWill Get SoonChestWill Get SoonWaistWill Get SoonThighsWill Get Soon[/su_table]

Luke Sandoe Diet

[incontent_ads]The main thing is diet when it comes to maintaining fitness. Diet is the most important thing to follow properly with instruction.You have to follow the perfect suitable diet plan for your body that can actually make difference. Luke Sandoe diet is very perfect for him.He has an 'off-season' diet for the time when he bulked up. When there is any upcoming show for him then he cut down body fat.Most of the time he used to eat rice and chicken to get a proper and healthy protein from it. His eating time is 20-30 minutes after gym.Luke also takes some supplements in his routine. He takes pre-workouts, thermogenic supplements, and muscle recovery supplements. Moreover, he consumes Glutamine, Glycofuse, Aminolast, Qualitine and PeptoPro.

Luke Sandoe Workout Routine

Luke Sandoe Workout

Make sure you stay hydrated throughout workouts by consuming water or energy drinks before you begin your workout or training program.Also, remember to warm up by exercising and cool down by stretching your muscles out, as this can assist you to avoid injury during your workout or exercise.Luke doesn't like to make his workout more intensive. He made his simple as like his diet. You can also perform his workout according to your weight & stamina.Luke always performs at high volume reps and sets like intense training. His favorite exercise is deadlifts, this exercise is last since his old fitness routine.When it is competition near date then he always focus on his chest and delt. Moreover he also perform exercise on his shoulders and arms.

Chest & Delts Workout

  • Machine Flys: 3-4 sets & 10-12 reps (20 second hold on last rep)
  • Incline Barbell: 3-4 sets & 8-10 reps
  • Flat Hammer Strength Press: 2-3 sets & 8-10 reps
  • Incline Dumbbell Flys: 3 sets & 12-15 reps
  • Machine Rear Delt Flys: 3 sets & 20 reps
  • Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises: 4 sets & 10-12 reps
  • Smith Machine Military Press

The strong muscle of Luke is his Back because he always trains his back with an intense level of training. He spends more time on his back training than other body parts.


It’s not easy to become like him in a day or two. But he had to work hard for years to achieve his shredded and muscular physiques. After looking at Luke Sandoe diet and Luke Sandoe workout, we can conclude that if we want to be like him, we must work hard for it, and his daily routine inspires and motivates us to achieve a healthy body.Happy Gyming

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