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Kriti Sanon Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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An Indian actress who performs mostly in Hindi films, Kriti Sanon was born on 27 July 1990. It was in 2014 that she made her acting debut with the Telugu psychological thriller 1: Nenokkadine. In her first venture into Hindi cinema, Sanon won the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut for the action-comedy Heropanti (2014) directed by Sabbir Khan.

Kriti Sanon

In the time since, Sanon has starred in several commercially successful romantic comedies, among them Bareilly Ki Barfi (2017), Luka Chuppi (2019), Mimi (2021), and Hum Do Hamare Do (2021). It was the comical action romance Dilwale (2015) and a comedy called Housefull 4 (2019) which brought her the highest box office sales. Among many other accomplishments, she recently launched her clothing line, endorses several brands, and appeared in Forbes India's Celebrity 100 list of 2019.As part of this article, we will discuss Kriti Sanon's fitness routine, which includes a lot of intense exercises and a super diet plan to keep her in shape. Her job helps her achieve a flawless body since it involves a lot of demanding physical activity. Stay tuned for more information on her fitness routine so you can be inspired!

Kriti Sanon Body Statistics

  • Birth Year: 1990
  • Birth Date: 27 July
  • Height: 5′ 8″/ 1.73 m
  • Weight: 123.5 pounds/ 56 kg
  • Breasts: 34 inches
  • Waist: 26 inches
  • Hips: 34 inches
  • Body Measurement: 34-26-34 in (86-66-86 centimeters)
  • Dress Size: 2 US
  • Shoe Size: 7 US

Kriti Sanon Workout Routine

The workout of Kriti Sanon consists of several different activities, including yoga, kickboxing, Pilates, and dancing. The actress enjoys diversifying her workout routine. Learn more about her workouts to pick your favorite.

  • Weight Training - To maintain her body's tone, Kriti lifts heavyweights about 4 to 5 times each week. Due to her tendency to lose weight quickly, she does not participate in cardio exercises.
  • Kickboxing - Kriti is passionate about kickboxing since it gives her the flexibility she needs and keeps her body in shape.
  • Yoga - In addition to yoga and pranayama, she practices meditation to relax her body and mind.
  • Pilates - When it comes to her workout routine, Kriti Sanon likes to mix it up since she needs muscle to grow. In addition to doing Pilates, Yasmin Karachiwala is her favorite Pilates trainer. Kriti engages in pilates for one hour at least 4-5 times per week. Pilates looks easy, but Pilates improves your balance, flexibility, and stamina and involves a lot of core work.
  • Dance - Dance is another activity that Kriti does two to three times a week. In addition to jazz, she also performs Bollywood, contemporary dance, and salsa.

Pilates:It focuses on overall body strength, including postural alignment, core strength, and muscular balance. Pilates, whose name is derived from Joseph Pilates, created the exercise. Even beginners can do most Pilates exercises at homes such as the hundred, the roll-up, the shoulder bridge, and the criss-cross since they are really fun to do no matter what kind of reformer is used.

Kriti Sanon

Along with developing muscle tone and building strength and flexibility, a Pilate Reformer can also lead to greater fat loss and the development of a more sculpted and lean appearance. The whirlwind year that we have just had in 2020 and the first half of 2021 may need some fine-tuning, but Pilates is the best physical therapy to help your brain and nervous system.By exercising with a kettlebell, one develops strength in their core muscles as well as their upper body and lower body. During the exercise, the hamstrings and quadriceps muscles are targeted.By using kettlebells, one can not only eliminate muscle stiffness and joint pain but can also find and correct misalignments, compensations, imbalances, and weaknesses within the body. By contrast, the resistance band targets all upper-body muscles and burns them evenly, which means it works the biceps, shoulders, and triceps concurrently.The cable glute kickback and cable butt blaster exercise works the gluteus muscles, shapes, and strengthens them. In addition to adding fullness and roundness to the buttocks, it targets the area where the hamstrings meet the buttocks.Strengthening our lower body, including our butts and legs, is important because our lower body keeps us on the move throughout the day. The squats prevent injuries by balancing the body by activating smaller muscles. Moreover, it increases stability by correcting imbalances, builds strength of the lower body, and tones the legs and glutes as well as strengthens the core.Medicine ball squats have been shown to better boost throwing and rotating performance than conventional strength training when it comes to athletes developing explosive strength. It also helps to achieve a stronger back and improves core stability.

Kriti Sanon

Additionally to restoring muscle balance, leg exercises can be beneficial in promoting injury recovery and even managing chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis. Additionally, your body will tone, you'll lose belly fat and your core will become stronger and more stable.Although she is busy with work and family, Kriti makes it a point to keep fit by participating in any physical activity she can manage. When the gym isn't readily available, she prefers to go on a run or do yoga.That was all about Kriti Sanon's daily workout routine. She also eats a healthy diet to ensure that she is sufficiently energized for her workouts. As a result, we will discuss some of the foods she consumes to stay healthy and energetic in the next section. Her food rituals will also be examined on this page.

Kriti Sanon Workout Tips and Tricks

Despite her busy schedule, Kriti Sanon has a relatable fitness routine-she prefers to dabble in every type of exercise, no matter if it's HIIT, pilates, yoga, or dancing. “Being fit is being healthy and happy—it’s all correlated. Being fit means having a good immune system, a good balance in your body, and good stamina and strength,” Vogue India interviewed her about the project. We found out that she has a few fitness tips to share.

Take the time to work out, even when you are traveling

Although she might not have access to a gym while on the set or vacation, she always tries to find alternate forms of exercise that are convenient and effective. “Depending on where I’m staying, I try to find a gym nearby. I mainly go for weight training with exercises I can do on my own,” she discussed in an interview. “When there is no gym available, like when I was shooting for Heropanti in Patiala, I used to go for running and used a yoga mat in my room to do mat exercises.”

Do what makes you happy

While Sanon is trying to tone her abs and build muscle, dancing is one of her favorite workouts. She has been practicing it during her lockdown. “I also love dancing and add it to my workouts 2-3 times a week. Dancing is a great form of workout because you use your whole body, it’s not monotonous at all. I’ve learned kathak as a child but I’m not so much into classical dancing. I like mixing forms—sometimes jazz, sometimes Bollywood and contemporary,” she told in 2018.

Kriti Sanon

Add meditation to your routine

Sanon understands the importance of maintaining a healthy mental state as well as a physically fit body. With a photo of herself meditating on Instagram, she recently marked World Health Day. “Take care of your body and it will take care of you,” she shared. “Get out of your lazy beds and do some exercise- walk around, yoga, mat workout, dance (my fav), cardio, anything.. just wake up every inch of your body, and you’ll have a great day.” Stress can be relieved, anxiety can be reduced, and self-awareness can be improved through meditation.

An energizing diet is key

Keeping discipline requires eating a balanced diet and following a healthy lifestyle. “It’s important to watch what you eat when you eat, and the gap between your meals. Have smaller portions every two hours,” she explained in an interview. “I sometimes like having dates too, it gives you instant energy,” Sanon maintains a supply of healthy snacks at hand, which she enjoys. She feels rested and ready to exercise after eating such snacks.

Challenge yourself even when indoors

Celebrities might not have ventured out to their elaborate workout sessions with personal trainers this year due to closed gyms, but Sanon has not let this stop her from staying fit. In a short video she shared, she shares how she has taken on a new fitness challenge: spot running. “Keeping yourself fit in current times is important and spot-running is an easy way to do that at home,” On one of her Instagram posts, she shared.

Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon is a big believer in doing her workouts right and so these were the tips that she follows every single day to ensure proper fitness and getting 100 percent out of her workout. In the next section, we will see the diet plan that keeps her energized throughout her workouts and hectic schedule.

Kriti Sanon Diet Plan

The benefits of a healthy diet are displayed on both your skin and body, as Kriti Sanon believes. She swears by consuming balanced meals and healthy foods. Which foods does Kriti Sanon consume in order to maintain smooth, glowing skin?The most important thing one should pay attention to during workouts is the diet. Diets are not the only element that matters, but also the gaps one maintains between meals. Kartik Sanon is extremely particular about following her diet plan. To keep her weight down, she eats small meals every two to 2.5 hours. Kriti Sanon tends to prefer dal, roti, and rice as part of her normal routine. Her favorite dishes sometimes include boiled rice with chicken curry or a simple dal dish with vegetables. The actress prefers salads, sandwiches, and soups on days when her stomach feels heavy or overstuffed.

Kriti Sanon

Additionally, Kriti Sanon always keeps nuts in her car. While she is at work or in meetings, she prefers to munch on them whenever she feels hungry. Her favorite foods to consume to make herself more energetic are dates and bananas since they offer instant energy. When it comes to her protein intake, she typically drinks a protein shake following a workout. In her diet, she occasionally eats spinach, green apples, amla, lime, mint cucumber, and bottle gourd.As we reveal the details below, you will find them below.In addition to this, Kriti Sanon's diet includes a variety of the following:

  • Eggs and brown bread
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Dal/ Pulses
  • Vegetables
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Protein shakes
  • Brown rice

There is nothing more important than eating healthy in Kriti Sanon's diet plan. Kriti Sanon consumes foods that are right for her body type.The following is the complete diet plan for Kriti Sanon:

  • Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 brown slices of bread, a glass of fresh juice, or a protein shake
  • Lunch: 2 chapattis with brown rice and any vegetable or fish
  • Evening snack: A cup of corn or protein shake
  • Dinner: Chicken curry with steamed rice Or Dal and vegetables with rice

Kirti Sanon follows an extremely strict diet plan. You can see that she does not take supplements to tone up her diet and tries to stay as natural as possible. She believes in getting and completing all her macros through her diet, which is more natural. We'll also discuss her diet shortly!

Kirti Sanon Diet Tips

Kriti's diet plan includes many tips for maintaining her weight, such as following a healthy diet and avoiding junk food altogether. Thus in this section, we will see what kind of tips she likes to incorporate in her diet so that she could stick to it.1) Salad Is Your Best FriendEvery meal is accompanied by a fresh salad for Kriti. In addition to fiber, roughage, vitamins, and minerals, salads are also high in vitamins and minerals.2) Eat At Regular IntervalsHer eating schedule is every two hours. Keeping her eating schedule helps her prevent bingeing when she's hungry.3) Light DinnerBecause dinner is the last meal of the day, Kriti always eats something lighter than what she had for lunch.

Kriti Sanon

4) Green TeaHer daily diet also includes two cups of green tea. Besides being packed with antioxidants, green tea also provides nutrients. There are many health benefits associated with it. Brew yourself a cup of green tea today!5) Eat Light When You Feel HeavyA soup with a salad or a sandwich is what she prefers to have when she feels full. Listening to your body is another good way for her to listen to you. Make sure you pay attention to your body's needs and act accordingly.6) Snack WiselyA healthy snack is something that Kriti believes in. Every time she goes out, she keeps a box of dried fruits and nuts with her. When she's home, she loves to eat oatmeal chia pudding with berries. When possible, she tries to limit her consumption of junk food. As soon as she is unable to eat a proper meal for a few hours, she gorges herself on chocolates and bananas.7) Have A Date With DatesHer go-to snack when she needs instant energy is the date. These fruits are filled with fiber, antioxidants, and other nutrients. They are not only beneficial for the skin, but they also provide many other health benefits as well.8) Green Juice To The RescueHer green juice is consumed on days when Kriti feels she has eaten too much meat. By drinking green juice, she gets detoxified and her energy levels increase.Those were all the diet tips that Kirti Sanon follows.

Kirti Sanon Weight Gain

Is your jaw-dropping at Kriti Sanon's stunning figure? Then you are in the club! As with many others, Kriti is highly focused on working out and following a healthy lifestyle which has enabled her to flaunt her toned body with confidence!

Kriti's fitness secrets!

Considering that the 29-year-old box office star will soon be playing a role as a surrogate mother, she is taking all the measures to fit the bill-including piling on the pounds! Oh yeah, you heard right. As opposed to the usual talk about how actors gained weight for roles, Kriti is planning to gain 15 pounds!

Kriti Sanon

The role will make the actress weigh up to 70 kilograms and be physically and mentally demanding. It looks like Kriti will be up to the challenge. She expressed, "I'm excited to see the transformation. It's a role very close to my heart and I want to give it everything I can, even if that means not taking up any other work in the process."

We can't wait to see Kriti on the big screen!

The transformation will undoubtedly be impressive, yet for some, gaining weight is not the easiest of tasks. Knowing that she has always had the same lean figure, Kriti knows that her endurance levels will be challenged by the transformation. She previously commented about the transformation in an interview:"For me, putting on so many kilos is actually a challenge as it's very new for my body. I have to in a way fight my metabolism and increase my calorie intake to gain that much weight in a short time."

Is gaining weight easier?

Even though people think it's the opposite of losing weight and gaining weight, gaining weight is not exactly the opposite of what people do to lose weight! The same as a good weight loss plan, if you want to bulk up and get athletic built you need to eat well and follow a good regime. You should do it right if you are looking to gain weight because simply eating junk and drinking fizzy drinks and expecting to gain healthy weight is not the solution. Here are a few simple hacks you can utilize to put on healthful weight:

Concentrate on creating a calorie surplus

If you want to lose weight, your number one priority should be to challenge your metabolism by eating more calories than your body burns, contrary to what you want to accomplish. Whenever you consume more calories than your body requires, you create a surplus. Using a calorie calculator can help you calculate the amount you need to consume. It is recommended that you aim for roughly 300-500 extra calories daily. Eating every three hours is a good rule of thumb. Snack more often and eat every three hours. You should avoid binging, though. Choose healthy foods whenever you can.

Kriti Sanon

Make protein your best friend

Getting a healthy weight and building muscle mass requires adequate protein. It is believed that a diet high in protein can make many of the surplus calories into muscle and fat. There are several things you can eat that are healthy, including eggs, protein supplements, meat, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Keep in mind, however, that protein can also fill you up and curtail your appetite.

Workout the proper way

Taking up more calories will result in more muscle mass, so you should focus on exercises that strengthen your muscles, not just those that target your fat cells. A good weightlifting regimen can help you increase your muscle mass and improve your overall fitness level. Stay away from cardio exercises, which will aid fat loss and not add kilos.

Watch your water intake

The importance of drinking adequate amounts of water throughout the day is not diminished by the need to drink it correctly. It is first important to stop drinking water before meals, as it tends to fill you up and inhibit your ability to consume the proper amount of calories.

Focus on your pre-workout and post-workout drinks and meals

It is important to provide your body with the right amount of energy so that it can put on weight. Exercise sessions that leave you fatigued or hungry will do nothing to help you gain muscle. In the same manner, it is important to refuel after exercising. Whenever possible, eat something filled with carbs and proteins, since that will ensure you see desired results in a timely manner.Kriti Sanon keeps her fans hooked with a variety of stunning BTS pictures and sartorial looks while promoting her film Mimi, and this Sunday was no different as she showed off her workout regimen to get in shape after playing a surrogate on camera. Since Kriti did not work out for 3 months so that she could gain weight for the song, she posted a fitness video on how she lost 15 kgs with exercises at home and at the gym to be able to perform Param Sundari.

Kriti Sanon

A few weeks ago, Kriti shared a video on social media where she is seen performing varied exercises such as Pilates, kettlebell workouts, resistance band exercises, exercises with medicine balls, squats, cable glute kickbacks, and other leg exercises to burn off excess fat. She shared in her caption,“While putting on 15kgs for Mimi was a challenge, losing those kilos wasn’t easy for Chubby Sanon either! and... I had kept Param Sundari for later so I have the motivation to get back in shape! (sic).”Kriti continued, “Having put on so much weight for the first time ever and not working out for 3months(not even yoga!), my stamina, strength, and flexibility had gone down to Zero! In fact, I had to slowly get back to mobility with my joints clicking constantly (sic).”

Kriti Sanon Beauty Tips

Here are some of the beauty tips that Kirti Sanson follows and which links to her fitness routine too!1) Follow CTMIt is one of the most important Kriti Sanon beauty secrets to Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize (CTM). Skincare according to this rule is absolutely necessary, and Kriti affirms it. Following in Kriti's footsteps and pampering yourself with a good CTM should be the first step.2) Sunscreen Is A MustKriti Sanon's second beauty tip is to use sunscreen regularly. UV rays, which are harmful to the skin, have a detrimental effect. Kirit understands the importance of sun protection and always applies sunscreen before being outside. Pay attention to her advice and apply SPF whenever you go outside.3) Moisturize At All CostsMany factors, including air conditioners, soaps, and personal care products, dehydrate your skin. In order to maintain her beautiful skin, Kriti applies moisturizer nearly every day, especially on her face and hands.4) Regular Hair Spa Is Needed For Healthy HairTaking care of her hair on a regular basis involves Kriti going to a hair spa on a regular basis to protect it against pollution. To nourish and replenish her hair and scalp, she also massages them often with oil. This is yet another good reason for oiling your hair today, thanks to Kriti and her gorgeous tresses.5) Keep Your Body HydratedA glowing complexion comes from Kriti Sanon's constant hydration. It is essential that Kriti stays hydrated throughout the day and drinks plenty of water. Her body is also detoxified when she stays hydrated. Kirti consumes a lot of vegetable juices. Would you like to know which blend is her favorite? The ingredients consist of spinach, cucumber, bottle gourd, amla, lime, mint, and green apple.6) Home-Made Face PacksYou can also borrow beauty secrets from your kitchen cabinet if you are Kriti Sanon. The actress makes a homemade face pack with natural ingredients. Her skin gets an extra boost of nourishment from a paste consisting of besan, turmeric, almonds, and cream. Also known as anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients, these ingredients have numerous benefits.Coconut oil and coffee can also be mixed together and left on for 15 minutes much like Kritis. On her skin, she also loves applying coconut oil and aloe vera pure.7) Remove Makeup Before You Go To BedAs part of her nighttime routine, Kriti removes her makeup before bedtime. The night before she goes to bed, she removes her makeup and thoroughly cleanses her face.8) Eat ConsciouslyKriti strongly believes in eating healthy and watching what she eats. Her diet consists of healthy food and she tries to limit junk food intake. It is no surprise that Kriti Sanon's glowing skin is attributed to her eating lots of fresh fruit and salads.9) Workout DailyWorkouts improve fitness and keep your body in shape, so Kriti believes in working out on a regular basis. The wonderful thing about this product is that it also cleans your pores to leave you with a glowing and healthy complexion.

Kriti Sanon

10) Be YouThe most important thing to remember is to love yourself for who you are at the end of the day. When you are comfortable in your own skin and body, that reflects in the way you conduct yourself.

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