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Krissy Cela Workout and Diet Routine

If you're looking to get stronger and tone your muscles, Krissy Cela is your girl. She's a fitness powerhouse that has taken the fitness-influencer world by storm. But what habits did she put in place to achieve her toned physique? Read on for Krissy Cela's diet and workout tips as we dive deep into the methods behind her success.




What Are Krissy Cela's Dieting Habits And Health Routine?

Krissy Cela is one of the most renowned fitness models in the world. She's gained worldwide recognition for her amazing physique and her dedication to fitness. But how exactly does she use nutrition to support her physical progress?

With such an active lifestyle, it's important that Krissy eats healthy, nutrient-rich meals. Her diet consists of lean meats, whole grains, fruits & veggies, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats. Krissy adds various supplements into her diet like multivitamins and fish oil capsules. These provide essential nutrients to her body when diet alone isn't enough. She also drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated.

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Krissy makes sure to stay active on a regular basis by lifting weights and engaging in plyometrics. She also incorporates HIIT workouts into her routine that help her torch calories and fat. Krissy loves hiking on the weekends or taking long walks with her dog on weekdays for some added movement.

Krissy follows a super effective sleep schedule that helps maintain her energy throughout the day. She makes sure to get 7-8 hours of quality sleep every single night. That means no late nights, no lying awake worrying; just getting quality rest. Krissy carves time out of each day to meditate or practice other mindfulness techniques. These practices promote peace of mind and a sense of relaxation amidst the chaos of Krissy's busy life.

It's clear to see why Krissy Cela is so successful in her field. She eats right, moves her body regularly, makes time to relax, and gets plenty of sleep. These are all crucial elements that make up the healthy, balanced lifestyle you're looking for!

Krissy Cela's Nutrition Tips

Krissy Cela offers a wealth of nutritional tips. As someone who understands the struggles and potential dangers of dieting, Krissy focuses on finding balance. Her approach to nutrition centers around moderation, rather than deprivation. Her ultimate goal is to help people make healthier choices that fit their ideal lifestyle. Her philosophy is this: small changes over time lead to big results. While extreme transformations don't happen overnight, small changes over time can have a huge impact on your fitness.

It's important here to understand what works for your body and to adjust your diet accordingly. Krissy recommends listening to your body and being aware of how different foods make you feel. For example, if eating certain foods makes you feel sluggish or bloated, then it's best to avoid them. She suggests utilizing portion control over restriction when it comes to meals. This allows some flexibility within your meal plan without going overboard!

Krissy also recommends avoiding processed and high-sugar foods. She opts in favor of whole foods like fruits & vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains. These give the body long-lasting energy and can even help regulate your mood. Eating whole foods is an easy way to keep your body feeling full and satisfied for longer. If that sounds extreme to you, worry not! Krissy is also a huge advocate for adding in cheat meals every once in a while, because life is all about balance! Leaving space for occasional treats helps keep you motivated while still being mindful of your nutrition plan.

Workout Plan

Krissy Cela’s Workout Routine

Krissy Cela's fitness routine mixes strength training, HIIT, and cardio exercises. She emphasizes the importance of switching up her routine to challenge her body. Here's her current weekly workout split:

  • Lower body 2x per week–example: squats, deadlifts, lunges, hip thrusts, and calf raises
  • Upper body 2x per week–example: chest press, lat pull-downs, shoulder press, bicep curls, tricep extensions, and bent-over rows
  • Total body 2x per week–example: bodyweight exercises and increased reps of full body moves like pushups and mountain climbers

She completes each exercise in her workouts for 3 sets of 12 reps each. She uses weights that are heavy enough to challenge her, but light enough to do so safely.

Alongside her weightlifting sessions, Krissy also integrates HIIT into her weekly routine. She adds HIIT circuits after one of both her upper body and lower body workouts each week. Some of her favorite HIIT moves include jumping jacks, burpees, and mountain climbers. Krissy also makes sure to add in fun cardio activities like jogging outside or playing tennis with friends.

Using Krissy Cela's variety of training styles is a smart way to get in shape without overtraining or becoming bored!

If you're looking to get in shape like Krissy Cela, following her workout and diet routine is a great place to start. By working out consistently and eating whole foods, you too can achieve amazing results. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down now to get started on your journey to the perfect body with help from the pros!

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