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Kendall Jenner Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Being the daughter of Kris and Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner, Kendall Jenner became popular after her first presentations on the reality program about her step-family, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She is among the highest-paid models as per the list declared by Forbes magazine. Kendall Jenner began her career at the age of 14. Besides this, she has given her representations in TV shows such as Hawaii Five-O and unusual music videos. Both Kendall Jenner and her sister Kylie have started the clothing business under the name Kendall & Kylie. Along with this, Kendall has her own trademarks of make-up and related accessories. She is followed by millions of people on social media. Her height is 5 feet 10 inches and her weight is 120 lbs.

Kendall Jenner

In this article, we will discuss all bout what Kendall Jenner does in her day, including her daily routine, her diet plan, the kind of supplement and nutrients that she takes, etc besides other things. So read on to know all about her life.

Kendall Jenner Statistics

Kendall Jenner Height5 feet 10 inches (178 centimeters )Kendall Jenner Weight59 kg(130 lbs )Body Measurements34-24-34Hips34 inchesWaist24inchesBodytypeHourglassHair colorBlackEye ColorBrown

Kendall Jenner Workout Routine

Kendall is an early riser as she usually wakes up around 6:30 a.m., and the first thing in the morning is working out. She reaches her gym at 7:00 and gets over with all her exercises in an hour. She believes that one does not need to spend plenty of hours in the gym to achieve good results.


Gunnar Peterson, a celebrity trainer and Kendall's own personal trainer assists her with all her exercises. He has previously worked with a lot of other celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, and the Kardashians.He focuses mainly on ab workouts (stay tuned for more on that!) and full-body exercises. In addition to weights, Peterson says Kendall's training consists of strength, movement, and high-intensity workouts. Kendell is a kick-boxer as well.Peterson also makes sure that if need be for Kendall to do weight lifting, the weights are low enough to do 9 repetitions at least.To stay slim and toned, heavyweights are usually not suggested, even by me, as they add on to the bulk of the body. It is important to perform resistance training and drop those heavy weights if you see yourself becoming bulky. Exercises with body weight are sufficient in most cases.Renowned celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson leads all of Kendall Jenner's workouts. It includes a combination of strength training and cardio with a special focus on core workouts.Kendall Jenner's workouts are led by renowned Hollywood personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, who takes the model through workouts comprised of both strength training and cardio, with an emphasis on core workouts. "I prefer to work out in the morning," Jenner revealed in a 2016 interview with Harper's BAZAAR. "To stay toned, I do a lot of ab work with my trainer, Gunnar Peterson, and occasionally I'll take a kickboxing class." She added. When it comes to slaying back-to-back fashion shows, Kendall ups her workout game and works very hard to maintain her physique. Although her trainer, who has previously worked with Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lopez, and Sofia Vergara say that Jenner already has an athletically built body, thanks to her Olympian parent Caitlyn Jenner, she does not hold back on pushing it hard to maintain it."People will find it hard to believe, that girl squats, dead-lifts and does pull-ups," he told Us Weekly in 2016.The trainer also said the supermodel did "a lot of sled-pushing, a lot of lateral banded work, up and down the track, and a lot of very high-intensity cardio intervals" and that she would do some form of exercise "almost every day."In a career like modeling, it is important to look your best and work out regularly to maintain that level of excellence as Kendall does.

Kendall Jenner

These models do not live in extreme circumstances to prepare for these events, so the workouts leading up to them aren't necessary.Even though women benefit from strength training, it's not recommended for teenagers to combine intense weight lifting routines with their cardio.Stanford Children's Health report suggests, "Before a teen embarks on a weight-training program, he or she should get a physical exam"."Once the doctor has given the OK to begin, find a weight-training instructor who understands the special needs of adolescents. Because the skeleton isn't mature until the early '20s, too much weight can stress the joints and ligaments and may separate growth plates or damage joints in other ways."It may come as a surprise that although Kendall leaves no stone unturned when it comes to exercising, she is not a fan of heart-pumping intense workouts.

Kendall Jenner

"I hate cardio," she told The Thirty. "I'd rather just stand there and lift some weights than run in place. But I'll do it!"Fitness: At-home workouts to tone her absAccording to reports, Jenner usually switches to a home workout when she can't train with Peterson.She shared a circuit-style session of 11 minutes ab workout on her then functioning app in 2018. The session mainly included bodyweight moves. "Sometimes when I'm watching TV, I think to myself, 'I should be doing crunches and sit-ups right now’," Kendall wrote. "Then I get off the couch and do it."

Kendall Jenner

Although Kendall Jenner has a routine that keeps on changing with time, she also has some fixed set of exercises that she likes to do. Here is a sample pattern of her workout routine.

Abs exercise at-home

These abs exercises can be done at home to work your abs. Kendall Jenner does this circuit at least 3 to 4 times. It does not need any gym to get finished and can be done easily at home.

  • Cell board: 30 seconds
  • High pane: 30 seconds
  • Side tiles: 15 seconds
  • Side tiles with crunch: 5 reps on each side
  • Single arm/leg plank: 15 seconds
  • Rocking Plank: 15 seconds
  • Elbow-to-Elbow Plank: 5 reps on each side
  • Crunch: 20 reps
  • Wheel reduction: 30 seconds
  • Vertical Crunch: 20 seconds
  • Frog Crunch: 15 representatives
  • Twisted Crunch: 15 reps
  • Leg Lifts: 15 per foot

Kendall Jenner is an 11-minute workout

  • Cell Panel (Representative: 30 seconds)
  • Plank in hand (copy: 30 seconds)
  • Forum Side Plank (Representative: 15 seconds on each side)
  • Plank Crunch from Elbow to Knee (copy: 5 on each side)
  • Raises the World Leg with Hands and Hands (copy: 15 seconds)
  • Front side with forearm-elbow (Rep: 10)
  • Cycle Crunch (copy: 30 seconds)
  • Toe Raised Touch (Rep: 30 seconds)
  • Rocking Hand Tiles (copy: 15 seconds)
  • Jackknife sits with bent knees (Ref 15)
  • Russian Twist (Representative: 15)
  • Standard Crunch (Representative: 20)
  • Bicycle Crunch (Representative: 15 per side)


It's not uncommon for Kendall Jenner to sweat. As her trainer explained, she's a natural athlete and loves going the extra mile on her workout and the feeling of pushing herself hard. Heat-infused workouts are one way she accomplishes this.She claims to be obsessed with hot yoga recently. Kendall in an interview said," I think that yoga can be a great addition to a workout routine". Her carefully balanced routine comprising of Cardio, resistance training, and yoga is what sets an example for all. This strict routine is the reason that she looks no less than a diva.

Kendall Jenner

Here’s what Kendall’s weekly workout plan looks like:Every week, Kendall Jenner focuses both on strength training so that she looks toned as well as cardio so that she has less chance of accumulating fat in her body. Here's what her sample weekly routine looks like.


  • 45-minute run
  • 15-minute stretching


  • 30-minute core pilates
  • 8-minute buns
  • 10-minute combination of the forearm and straight arm planks


  • 45-minute run
  • 15-minute stretching


  • 30-minute swim
  • 8-minute abs
  • 10-minute variety of lunges with dumbbells


  • 30-minute core pilates
  • 8-minute buns
  • 10-minute tossing the medicine ball to work abs, back, and arms


  • 45-minute run
  • 15-minute stretching

Sunday — Rest Day

  • Optional: 30-minute swim

How often should you train for the best results?

She says that one must take out time for training but it really depends on the personal schedule as well. In her words, “Find a training schedule that fits into your life. I train every day, but I have clients who train two times a week, clients that train three times a week, and some that train four, five, or six times a week. It’s about what works for you. I’m a big fan of doing something for my mind and something for my body every day, that way I feel like I’m always getting better.”

What are the best things about training regularly?

Besides having a lean and toned figure, Kendall Jenner also believes that working out keeps her very healthy and helps her avoid getting injured very frequently. In her words, “The obvious answer is that you feel better, but you’re also more resistant to diseases, illnesses, and injuries if you train regularly. That’s not something you realize at the time, but when you look back over five, 10, 20-plus years you notice, ‘I’m never injured and I’m rarely sick’ or ‘I feel pretty good all the time".Plus it is not just physical training but keeping mentally and emotionally strong is equally important too. In her words, “Your quality of sleep is also improved when you exercise, and your mentality improves, which can benefit you at work because you make fewer errors and often you’re more patient as a person. Overall, exercise offers you a better lifestyle and better quality of life.”

Kendall Jenner

Are some people just more naturally predisposed to being toned?

She also asks her fans to not pay heed to other's body types but focus on what kind of body do they have in themselves. It helps to get a positive outlook. In her words, “It’s true that some people are more naturally defined. One person has great abs, one person has great legs, it all depends on the person. But you shouldn’t be worried about what other people have. Be happy for them but then find a way to get to your best. You’re way better off being the best version of you instead of the second-best version of them.

What are the biggest mistakes we might be making in a workout?

1/ Focusing only on the end goal

Kendall Jenner believes that people forget to enjoy the journey and focus only on what they will achieve. It is a positive reinforcement but it can do a lot of fo harm too. In her words,

People think too much about the end goal rather than focusing on the journey. It’s great to have an end goal but you need short-term goals too. These can come in many forms. For example, ‘I got to the gym this week,’ or ‘I added an extra 10 minutes to my cardio’. If you enjoy the journey, you’ll be at the destination before you know it.”

2/ Delaying when you start

Kendall Jenner also believes that one must start as soon as they et a chance and not wait for any specific opportunity for it. In her words, “Start getting healthier straight away, don’t think about starting after your birthday or after the holidays, just start as soon as you can.”

3/ Sticking with exercises you really hate

“Find something you like doing because if you don’t like doing the exercise eventually you’re going to stop exercising, and starting again becomes very tough to overcome.”

Kendall Jenner

4/ Working out alone

If you’re brand new to fitness, hire a trainer. You would never rent scuba tanks, strap yourself up and jump in the water. It wouldn’t be fun, and it wouldn’t be safe. It’s the same with fitness. Hire a trainer, even if it’s just for a couple of workouts.

“Work out with a friend if you can too, but don’t rely on them to exercise. If your friend bails, don’t bail or have a bad workout. Your fitness should depend on you.

5/ Pushing yourself to burn-out

Ensure you give yourself a break. If you don’t do everything you set out to do that week or day, give yourself credit for what you did do. Don’t beat yourself up and when you go back next time, hit it harder.

What are your go-to exercises for a more toned physique?

If you want to tone your body to see the separation between muscle groups (that’s what you actually mean when you say 'toned'), then that means burning excess subcutaneous body fat, the body fat that’s right below the surface of the skin that makes you look smooth."


The best way to see the separation in the muscle groups and reduce body fat in your legs is to do big compound movements, like squatting, lunging in different directions in the gym. You also need to do some cardiovascular exercises to help keep the body fat down. You’re way better off being the best version of you instead of the second-best version of them.”


Planking is often an overlooked exercise for your abs. Sometimes people who are new to the industry go straight into crunch exercises when they might be better planking. Plank by time; start with thirty seconds if you’re new to the exercise and work up to sixty seconds. Then work up to two minutes and play with your foot arm positions when you’re really getting the hang of it.”

What should you look for in a personal trainer?

“Find someone who is certified and sees personal training as a career, rather than somebody who’s been doing it for a short time and sees it just as a temporary job. Most importantly I would find somebody who is committed to you. Look for somebody who fires you up and motivates you. You want somebody who’s there and who has your best interest at heart.

That was all about the workout routine that Kendall Jenner likes to add to her sessions. She also follows some tips and tricks in her routine which keeps her on the top of the game. Read on to know more.

Kendall Jenner Workout Tips and Tricks

Kendall Jenner also follows some tips and tricks which she wants her fans and followers to know because it really helps her get on to the edge of the workout. Here are some of the tips that you can add if you are going the Kendall Jenner way:

Fresh Air Fun

Being a cheerleader in her high school days and always being ahead in athletics, she loves the feel of fresh air that no one indoors can match. she has always preferred going for a run outdoors than hitting the treadmill at the gym if choice be.

Celeb Circuit

Jenner works out with Gunnar Peterson just as her Kardashian half-sister does. He includes whole-body circuit training with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) included as well. This makes her whole cardio workout complete.

Kendall Jenner

Ab Approval

Jenner enjoys her abs exercises the most. She says that all her favorite workouts focus on her abs and butt, for instance, Planks and Squats.

Lunge It

She performs a variety of lunge exercises, some involving dumbbells, as part of her circuit training routine to tone her legs, hips, and abs.

Crunch It

Kendall does a lot of crunches as she believes that this exercise engages all abdominal muscles, but in particular, it strengthens the rectus abdominis and obliques. Building six-pack abs and getting a flat stomach are both possible with this workout.

Toss It

Jenner also trains with the medicine ball with her trainer as the type of exercises performed with them add a great deal of heat to any traditional strength training session. This helps to work her abs, back, and arms.


As for mountain climbers, Jenner does each type of exercise for 30 seconds at a time for a total time of 15 minutes, then she does another set.Following are some weight loss tips that worked for Kendall Jenner:

  • Consistency is the key and the most important one that can help you achieve the results you are looking for. No matter how many times you don't feel like it, just don't give up.
  • To improvise, start planning your next day's workout. The most ideal time for this is the night before, to have a more clear version of what you need to conquer the next day.
  • When you see other people's bodies, it's tempting to compare them to your own. It shouldn't be your goal to do so. Throughout everything we do, we should be striving to become the best version of ourselves. This should be our motivation, as well as our aim
  • In this process of working out and keeping a good diet while you work, it is of utmost importance to take an ample amount of rest. Our body needs 7-8 hours of sleep to function well. Believe it or not, Kendall's fine looks are all attributed to this secret
  • Eating in moderation is another factor of utmost importance. One should never restrict oneself to a proper diet and even treating oneself from time to time, the key is to have a balance.


Kendall Jenner's trainer also gives out some tips which she herself follows:

  • Stay consistent with your workouts! It's the most effective way to see results. On days when Kendall isn't traveling, she works out five days a week with Gunnar Peterson.
  • Plan out the sequence of workouts that you are going to do before and everything that comes with it (even if it is about deciding on your workout outfit). This will help you not be lazy about it later and will not look like a lot of work.
  • Make the most of who you are. Your motivation should come from there. Kendall is confident and comfortable in her body because she knows what she's doing to make it the best it can be!
  • Don't get frustrated too soon and switch exercises one week after another. It usually takes up to a month to start seeing results depending on body to body.

That was all about the workout routine of Kendall Jenner and how she tones her body. She also follows a very good diet plan which makes sure that she is on point with her routine. Read on to know all about what she eats.

Kendall Jenner Diet Plan

Jenner has a more intuitive approach. She claims to be following a paleo-ish diet which excludes the consumption of grains, such as wheat, oats, and barley, legumes, such as beans, lentils, peanuts and peas, dairy products, refined sugar, salt, potatoes, highly processed foods in general. Although she is not hard and fast about anything but tries to be as close as she can be to this diet by consuming natural, lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. She likes to start her day with fibers as it helps her feel fuller and a great start to the day. When it comes to fruits- she is a fan and loves strawberries the most. She does not mind the natural sugars present in her fruits. For her protein sources, Jenner often chooses fish such as salmon and chicken breasts along with yogurt. She also highly recommends FitTea Detox green tea that provides the right amount of anti-oxidants in her body and helps her lose weight.

Jenner's daily meals typically consist of lean proteins with plenty of fruit and vegetables. (and sometimes pasta)Jenner's standard daily plate is reported as follows:

  • Breakfast—avocados over eggs and a big bowl of oatmeal.
  • Lunch—Lean chicken with brown rice.
  • Snacks—Raw vegetables with dip and hummus.
  • Dinner—Sushi, vegan spaghetti Bolognese, or Margherita pizza.


To be on the top of her game for the fashion show, Kendall makes sure to work hard, eat healthily, and does not compromise on her sleep.Her room is stocked with these snacks so she can sustain herself during a show:

  • Veggies and hummus
  • Twix bars
  • Guacamole and chips
  • Almond butter packs

The Parisian bistro Ferdi Burger is one of her favorite places to go after the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. She loves burgers, portions of pasta, and drinks there. (Everybody can't eat 100% healthy all the time, not even VS models).It is necessary to recognize here that in the teenage years, our body needs more nutrients than an adult body does. So, it is completely alright to consume more carbs than Kendall if your body needs it. During teenage years, our body goes through more changes, and hence it is important to intake an ample amount of nutrients. According to SF Gate Healthy Eating, "Most teens need more calories than adults because they are still growing, have a higher metabolism, and are more active."Talking about Kendall's all-time favorite dish that she can eat any time of the day? Pasta for sure.

Kendall Jenner

"I don't cook that much besides my standard eggs, avocado and toast breakfast, but when I do, I have a few super simple recipes that I consider my 'specialties'," Jenner wrote in a post on her app titled The Dish I Cook for Dinner Better Than Anyone Else in 2017Listening to cravings Despite her healthy diet, Jenner allows herself to occasionally indulge in the food she craves and even shared some of her favorite dressing room treats with her fans in 2016."Here's what will forever and always make my list: Twix, Justin's Peanut Butter, chips and guac, and hummus and carrots. See, pretty simple—just feed me and I'm ready to go!" she wrote (quoted by The thirty).The supermodel also said in an interview with The Thirty that she loves "everything unhealthy. Pizza, fried chicken—everything."In her interview with Harper's BAZAAR U.S., Jenner spoke about her love for frozen yogurt. "I'm also obsessed with frozen yogurt," she said. "I could eat it every day, but I aim for twice a week. I usually get the classic tart flavor from Go Greek."Her elder sister Khloe Kardashian seconds her love for sweets by writing on her app: "People always find it funny that Kenny... loves burgers and pizza and goes to In-N-Out all the time."

Drink Up

Kendall confirms that she drank 12 cups of detox tea to lose 15 lbs. pounds for a runway project. According to her, detox drinks can offer exotic and refreshing energizing through different green tea and herbal combinations. She also drinks a lot of water as it naturally helps with cleansing and hydration.

Snack Attack

Jenner's favorite snack is raw vegetables with hummus especially carrots. Hummus has a high content of fiber and monosaturated fats which is a popular substitute for trans fats and polyunsaturated fats which cause weight gain and increases in belly fat.

Sweet Cheat

Jenner confesses she loves cupcakes, especially those with frosting. However, she really savors junk food and loves pizza, fried chicken, fries, and everything in between.

What to Eat

Here's a list of foods that Kendall Jenner adds to her diet:

  • Organic Kale
  • Organic Spinach
  • Organic Apples
  • Organic Strawberries
  • Organic Smoothies
  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Brown Rice
  • Organic Eggs
  • Organic Milk
  • Raw Veggies
  • Hummus
  • Green Tea
  • Green Juice
  • Yogurt

What to Avoid

Here's a list of foods that Kendall Jenner likes to avoid in her daily routine.

  • Processed Foods
  • Junk Food
  • Non-organic produce
  • Soft Drinks
  • Artificial Ingredients
  • Chemical Additives & Preservatives


Kendall is a non-believer of strict fashion diets and likes to give a kick-start to her day with a cup of her favorite detox tea. She admitted to having 12 cups in a day at one point. Her preference is a lemongrass and green tea leaf blend for detoxification. According to her, drinking tea can bring you energy all day long and help you stay full longer. You could even give up coffee if you want.Having said that, she also focuses on drinking plenty of water as recommended by not only Kendell's near ones but famous doctors and of course our moms. Drinking a good amount of water not only takes out toxins from your body but also gives your skin a hydrating glow. So for Kendall, a combination of tea and loads of water is her secret of staying fresh and glowing.

Kendall Jenner


Kendall is a big-time foodie but she makes sure her snacking doesn't interfere with her workout and profession as she does it in moderation or resorts to healthier snacking options. She loves nut butter like cashew, peanut, almond, etc., and keeps sipping on some fresh juice throughout her day. Twix, Justin's Peanut Butter, chips and guac, and hummus and carrots are some of her all-time favorites ( special emphasis on Twix bar). Jenner does plenty of abdominal exercises regularly to avoid rouge belly fat caused by snacking.


Grilled vegetables and grilled chicken with rice are a few of Jenner's favorite foods. With sides of raw vegetables, she enjoys a healthy diet consisting of lean chicken and brown rice. In addition to her veggies, Kendall enjoys eating dips and hummus.


Being human, just like the rest of us, Jenner enjoys unhealthy food as much as we all do. However, to maintain what she has achieved with so much handwork, she limits herself to only occasionally eating pizzas, frozen yogurts, and fried chicken. She is as fond of her yogurts as she is of her detox tea but she only reserves them 2 times a week as a reward for all her consistent work and exercise. Craig's restaurant in Hollywood is her go-to when asked about her favorite pizza place. From the same restaurant, she also enjoys vegan spaghetti, Bolognese.


A model's breakfast usually includes eggs, toast, and berries. The breakfast Kendall eats is avocados on top of eggs. In addition to avocados, she eats toast and oatmeal occasionally.That was all about the diet plan that Kendall Jenner eats in her routine life. It si nothing complicated. She likes to add everything healthy in her diet plan so that she can digest it easily and get essential vitamins and nutrients from it. Here are some diet tips that Kendall Jenner also shares with her fans. So read on.

Kendall Jenner Diet Tips

Diet or not, one thing we know from Kendall's trainer and one's near her is that she naturally does have an athletic body. She most definitely works out a lot and takes care of her diet, even resorting to tea and healthy snacks before fashion weeks. However, apart from this, she does indulge herself in eating out consuming pizzas, kinds of pasta, and fried chicken. This is because she has a fast metabolism that allows her to eat this type of food and not show immediately on her lean body.She surely deserves credit for what she goes through for keeping her game up professionally and all the hard work she puts in. But that does not mean for you to blame yourself if the information doesn't exactly match with your results. We are all different and have different metabolisms and body types-which is perfectly alright. So, what worked for one person may take more or less time to work for you. Being consistent and the patient is the key. We practice positive affirmations and ignore outdated tips that were once very popular. We even suggest to not weigh yourself too often and trust the process.So here it is: We rounded up a few sound bites and quotes of Kendall Jenner dishing on her favorite foods and how she stays satiated throughout the day.

1. Snacks call for Justin's Peanut Butter.

"I have low blood sugar, so I definitely need things to keep me going (aka lots of food!)," Jenner shared on her app. "Here's what will forever and always make my list: Twix, Justin's Peanut Butter, chips and guac, and hummus and carrots. See, pretty simple—just feed me and I'm ready to go!"

2. Grilled veggies and rice (but loves pizza too)

"I hate cardio," she says with a laugh. "I'd rather just stand there and lift some weights than run in place." pausing for a moment. "But I'll do it!" Jenner told in an interview about how much she loves her abs exercises like squats and planks, also working on her butt. When she is focused on eating healthy, she sorts to grilled chicken with brown rice. "But I love everything unhealthy," she said. "Pizza, fried chicken—everything."She tells Harper's Bazaar, "I typically eat lean chicken and brown rice, and am always snacking on raw veggies with dip and hummus. I wish I had more time to do grocery shopping because I like picking out my own vegetables."

Kendall Jenner

3. Detox tea, surely a part of everyday routine

Kendall Jenner is surely hooked on the teas and says, "I usually start my day off with a cup of [Kusmi] Detox Tea," Jenner told E-News. "I have like 12 cups a day."

4. Frozen yogurt counts amongst favorites

"I'm also obsessed with frozen yogurt," Kendell says. "I could eat it every day, but I aim for twice a week to treat myself. I usually get the classic tart flavor from Go Greek".

5. Avocado over eggs for breakfast

Jenner's trainer told that the model's breakfast "consists of avocado over eggs and a big bowl of oatmeal." most of the days. "Then she snacks on almonds and juice throughout the day".

6. There is no such thing as "too much pasta" for Jenner

"I don't cook that much besides my standard eggs, avocado, and toast breakfast, but when I do, I have a few super-simple recipes that I consider my 'specialties," Jenner updated on her app. She says," I could eat fettuccine with peas for every meal because she usually has all the ingredients on hand (they include garlic, peas, grated Parmesan, and pasta)".

Kendall Jenner

When it comes to eating out with friends, Jenner loves "Nobu for sushi or Craig's, where I order the vegan spaghetti Bolognese or Margherita pizza. I always make sure to have one or two nights a week out with friends, where I'll get dressed up for dinner and be social."

7. She's Khloe's go-to for a cheat day.

"People always find it funny that Kenny is on the anti-model diet," Khole wrote on Kendell's app. "She loves burgers and pizza and goes to In-N-Out all the time. Kendall is my go-to girl on cheat day!"

Kendall Jenner

That was all about the diet plan that Kendall Jenner follows in the whole week. She also gives some tips which are interesting to know and appends to her diet plan to make it more efficient. Moving on to the overall wellness tips that Kendall Jenner gives away.

Kendall Jenner Wellness

Wellness: transcendental meditation, sleep, and time spent with friendsIn addition to her overall wellness routine, self-care is an integral part of her routine. Jenner has previously discussed suffering from acute anxiety, which she has gotten better by doing transcendental meditation regularly. "I kept hearing about meditating and was skeptical about it, but decided [to] just do it," she told Allure when asked about self-care back in 2019."So I sat down for four days with a teacher and learned TM (Transcendental Meditation) and really dove into it, and I started to see such a difference in my mental health." Along with medication, she makes sure to not compromise on her sleep. Apart from her busy days, she always tries to make 7-8 hours of sleep. "I have to sleep at least seven to eight hours to be fully awake for the next day, so I try to get to bed as soon as I can. I've trained myself to fall asleep anywhere possible, in the car or on a flight," she told Harper's BAZAAR U.S. in 2016.She also highlighted the importance of having good and supportive friends who help her feel positive and inspired whenever she sees them. "I always make sure to have one or two nights a week out with friends, where I'll get dressed up for dinner and be social," she said.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is a huge believer in being in the right company. It really helps her to boost her spirits. In her words, "I think part of staying inspired and happy really comes from surrounding yourself with the right energy. Thankfully, I have friends who lift me and help push me. We're all going through these changes in our careers together."Moving on to the nutrients and supplements that Kendall Jenner takes in addition to her diet and workout routine. Read ahead to know all about it.

Kendall Jenner Nutrition and Supplements

For Kendall Jenner, it is important to complete the nutrients and supplements in her diet as she has quite a hectic day and with the amount of food she eats and hard she trains, sometimes it is not possible to get all the nutrients that the body requires. Here is a list of supplements that Kendall Jenner takes:


This tea, rich in anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties helps Kendall Jenner in losing weight as she prefers to start her day with a cup of this. FitTea is also infused with a lot of other healthy ingredients such as ginger, garcinia Cambogia, rooibos, and pomegranate.

Kendall Jenner


For runway-ready healthy hair and nails, Kendall takes vitamin supplements that help in boosting her health from within as they are rich in main biotin, black currant seed oil, and sunflower seed oil that are non-GMO based and free of artificial ingredients.

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