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Kelsey Wells Workout Routine and Diet Plan

With a number of fitness videos and routine available all over the internet, Kelsey Wells' PWR workout definitely is a unique one. She is one of the most followed fitness influencers on Instagram too. She is a personal trainer on SWEAT by Kayla Itsines and I best known for her focus on a flawless form, motivational nuggets throughout the series and the influence she has, therefore, on women. She encourages women all over the world to pick up the weight without feeling worried about the "bulk". And her toned arms and the chiseled frame is definitely proof enough to make a convincing case of its own.

In a recent interview, she was asked about her fitness journey; where it all began and where is she standing today. She said,

"My fitness journey started a few months after giving birth to my son. Pregnancy was tough on me – mentally and physically – and I didn’t have a positive relationship with my body in terms of how I viewed and cared for myself. I also struggled with postpartum anxiety. Desperate to try and ease my anxiety, my doctor suggested that I incorporate fitness into my weekly routine. As I started to incorporate being active into my day, I started to see a positive shift in my mental wellbeing. This is really where my transformation and fitness journey began. Fitness helped me to cope with postnatal anxiety and develop that positive relationship towards my body that I had always longed for. This led me to fall in love with fitness and women empowerment – now I honestly cannot imagine doing anything else. Now, being a Sweat trainer is the ultimate job and allows me to help women around the world empower themselves through fitness like I did."

And this is where most of her target audience is--women trying to tone up post-pregnancy. And this is how she does it for herself, she loved ones and her millions of followers.

Kelsey Wells Workout Routine


This is how her PWR workout is structured.

The PWR workout is not just a routine circuit program. IT is structured in a specific way and is composed of at least 4 parts.

  • Activation

Before any workout, two activation circuits are followed to get the muscles warmed up for the fiery workout. This is almost like a warm-up session. Each circuit includes two exercises that require as many repetitions as possible within a specific amount of time set.

  • Pyramid

After the activation circuit is completed, it is time for the pyramid circuit which is also the main part of the workout. It includes three exercises using basic equipment. The sets range from 3 to 4. The repetitions, however, decrease as the number of sets increases. So the first set has the highest repetition as compared to the last one. For example, one can start with doing 15 reps in the first set, then 12 reps in second, followed by 10 reps in both third and the fourth set.Also, with the increasing weight during the exercise, the number of repetitions decreases.

  • Time-based Circuits (Supersets or Tri-Sets)

After the pyramid circuit, it is time for a time-based circuit. It is distributed into super-sets or tri-sets and it depends on the week of the program that you are in. The difference is that during a super-set, two exercises are done for as many times as possible within a specific amount of time. The time is fixed for a total number of 6 minutes. And during a tri-set, three exercises are done within a specific amount of time that is set at 8 to 10 minutes.

  • Burnout (Optional)

As you advance further into your training schedule, during week 5, you will be introduced to a burnout circuit that involves two more exercises which you have to complete within 60 seconds. The goal is to do as many repetitions as possible. This is an option workout but if you want to have a greater impact, make sure you do not miss it.These circuits explained above summarizes what the PWR workout is all about. The workout program lasts for 12- weeks.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFZsqYbViuYHere is a detailed workout plan:


As mentioned above, this part of the program requires you to complete as many laps of two exercises as possible within 4 minutes. The regular PWR workout with Kelsey Wells requires you to do two activations with 30 seconds of rest in between the two circuits.What you need: Resistance bandExercise 1: Clam (20 repetitions)

  1. With a resistance band coiled around your lower thighs, lay down on your right side with your arm extended on the mat and your head rested on the extended arm. Bend both knees and push them a bit forward to make your feet in line with your hips. Make sure that your glutes are in place and that you have a small gap between your waist and the floor. This is the position where the exercise begins.
  2. Take a deep breath in.
  3. Let the breath out and then securing your feet together, move your right glute to elevate your right knee towards the roof. Make sure you have some gap maintained between your waist and the floor.
  4. The next step is to inhale and lower your right knee to come back to the position from where we started.
  5. Complete 10 repetitions on one side and then hop on to the next side to complete the remaining 10 repetitions.

Exercise 2: Jump Squats (15 repetitions)

  1. Fix both your feet on the floor. Make sure they are shoulder-width apart. Looking straight ahead, bend at both the hips and knees, but make sure that your knees remain in line with your toes so that you could see your toes even when you are bent. Don't stop bending your knees until your upper legs are parallel to the floor. Make sure that your spine remains within a 45 to 90-degree angle to your hips. This is where we will start the workout.
  2. The next step is to take a deep inhale.
  3. As you exhale, push through your heels and move your body upwards into the air, extending both your knees and your hips.
  4. Take a second deep breath, and bend your hips and knees to come back and return to the starting position. Make sure you do not put too much pressure on your knees to avoid injury.
  5. Make at least 15 repetitions in each set.


In this part of the workout in PWR, there are three different kinds of gym exercises. However, you can make this part shorter by excluding one exercise from it.What you need: BarbellComplete 4 sets of this exercise. In the first set, complete 15 repetitions, in the second set, complete 12 repetitions, and in the third and fourth set, complete 10 repetitions.Exercise 1: Squat With Barbell (15/12/10/10 reps)

  1. Safely Put a barbell on your shoulders. If you do not know how to work with a barbell, make sure you read the instructions first.
  2. Place both your feet on the floor a little further than shoulder-width apart. This is the starting position of the exercise.
  3. Take a deep inhale and look straight ahead. Bend at both the hips and knees, making sure that your knees remain in line with your toes. Continue bending your knees until your upper legs are parallel with the floor but your toes are still visible. Also, make sure that your back remains within a 45 to 90 degrees angle at your hips.
  4. Try to exhale. Push through the heels of your feet and extend your legs to return to the starting position.
  5. Repeat each set with the specified amount of repetitions.

Superset - 6 mins

This is again a time-based circuit where each exercise has to be completed in a specified amount of time. This section has two exercises to be completed in 6 minutes.What you need: Barbell and DumbbellsExercise 1: Sumo Deadlift (12 repetitions)

  1. Hold a barbell with an overhand grip with your palms facing towards your body and in front of your legs. Position both feet on the floor a little more than hip-width apart. Point both your feet a little bit outward. This is your starting position.
  2. As you take a deep breath, bend from the hips and allow the barbell to run along the length of your thighs. Once the barbell touches your knees, bend your knees and allow it to run halfway down the length of your shins. Make sure that you are maintaining a stiff chest and that your head is an extension of your spine.
  3. As you reach halfway down your shins, release your breath. Push through your heels and using your glutes and hamstrings, extend your knees and hips to come back to the position from where you started. Make sure that the barbell is still in contact with your legs.
  4. Repeat for another 12 repetitions.

Exercise 2: Reverse Lunge And Knee-Up (20 repetitions)

  1. Hold a dumbells in both of your left and the right hand. Open your feet shoulder-width apart. This is the starting point for your workout.
  2. Taking a deep inhale, carefully take a big step backward first with your right foot. As you plant your foot on the floor, bend both knees to about 90 degrees, making sure that your weight is evenly distributed between both legs. To see if your posture is correct, notice that your front knee should be aligned with your ankle and your back knee should be just off the floor and not touching it.
  3. Take a deep exhale and extend both knees and put your weight onto your left foot. At the same time, elevate your right foot to bring your knee near to your chest.
  4. Take a deep breath in and lower your right leg to return to the starting position. Make sure you are doing this without resting your foot on the mat.
  5. Complete 10 repetitions on the right side first, before you repeat the remaining 10 repetitions on the left side.

Burnout - 60 Secs

This is the optional workout session which will be introduced almost at the midway of the whole session. While it is optional, it is necessary to test your limits and push yourself. It is quite a challenge to complete this part.What you need: Fitball, Yoga MatExercise 1: Hamstring Curl

  1. Start by lying flat on your back on a yoga mat with your feet put on a fit ball. Allow your arms to rest by your sides on the mat with your palms facing upward.
  2. Taking a deep inhale, use your glutes and hamstrings and gently raise your hips off the floor so that you are resting on your upper back and your body comes into one straight line from head to toe. This is the posture where you will begin your workout.
  3. Take a deep exhale. While keeping your feet together and hips above the ground, bend your knees to bring your feet in towards your glutes. This movement will make the fit ball to roll towards your direction.
  4. Inhale again and extend your knees to return to the starting position, ensuring that your hips remain off the floor. This movement will make the fit ball to roll further from you.
  5. Repeat this motion for 60 seconds.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7g0nIXiLA8oKelsey is very keen on including weights in her fitness routine. She wants to break the notion amongst women that lifting weight would make them look bulky. She says, "It’s also important to remember that working out and taking care of our health doesn’t have an end date – it should be something that is incorporated into our everyday life. How that looks each day might be different, and that’s perfectly ok, but it’s important that you are looking after yourself and being active in some way on a regular basis. When it comes to selecting a workout, it’s important to find a form of exercise that you enjoy doing as this will help you look forward to working out and make it more sustainable. If you’ve been following my fitness journey, you know that I am passionate about weight training."She also tells why she loves her PWR workout so much and enlists some of the benefits on her official site. She wrote, "It makes me feel strong, empowered and confident and is why I created my PWR weight training programs, which are available exclusively in the Sweat app. There are so many incredible benefits to weight training, it’s important to note that the non-physical benefits are just as important as the physical benefits you can expect to see.Some of the non-physical benefits of weight training include:

  • Better sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Increased confidence
  • Enhanced memory and mental focus

Some of the physical benefits of weight training include:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Prevention of muscle mass loss
  • Preservation of bone density
  • Increased bone density
  • Faster metabolism,"

wrote Kelsey Wells on her fitness blog.

"My PWR weight training programs allow you to train with me in the gym or at home. What I especially love, and why I’m so passionate about my PWR programs, is the way that they are designed. They blend proven, effective strength training exercises in a unique way that keeps it interesting and maximizes the results from your time and effort in the gym or working out at home. A typical PWR session in the gym or at home takes about 40 – 50 minutes to complete, including warm-up and cool down."

She wants to make an impact and she tries to achieve it through her series of workouts which she updates once in a while. She says, "More than anything I want women to walk away from a PWR workout feeling powerful, strong, empowered, and full of appreciation for what their body can do. Self-love is one of the most powerful motivators and if we channel our energy into what exercise can give to us both mentally and physically, we will be able to better appreciate our accomplishments."Her resistance and weight workout are not just for men, in fact, it is specifically designed for women. She clears the air about the fear of weight lifting and bulking and says, "Absolutely. Weight training is a fantastic training option for all women — whether you're a beginner, or more advanced in your training. For me, not only do I love the physical side of the training and the results achieved, I love how weightlifting empowers me from the inside out and helps me to develop strength and confidence in all areas of my life. Through my PWR program, I hope to make weightlifting accessible to every woman and breakdown the fears around weights and resistance training."Apparently, she had a specific audience in mind when she created her workout schedule. Her focus was on post-pregnancy weight it is something which she struggled with herself. She explains, "Having experienced post-natal anxiety, I understand how difficult it is for new mums to make time for themselves and put their health and wellness first; however, I also understand the first-hand benefits (both mentally and emotionally) of introducing exercise into your routine. I felt a huge sense of longing to help others who might be going through what I had faced so I created a holistic program with the support of SWEAT to help pave the way for new mums to ease into an exercise routine postpartum. One of the main concerns post-partum is abdominal separation; so the core focus for the program is low impact abdominal, pelvic floor, and full-body workouts that can be done from the comforts of one's home."https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrfBKJWhxWE

She explained about her own workout schedule--what she does, her exercise routine, and if she follows her own PWR routine r does it differently. She said, "I follow my own PWR program in the Sweat app! PWR (short for Power) is a hypertrophy based weight-training program that is designed to help women empower themselves through fitness by building strength and confidence from the inside out! When I was designing the program, I really wanted to make it an effective program that delivers maximum results in a short amount of time. So I have incorporated proven, effective weight training exercises and techniques and blended them in a unique way that delivers results. PWR sessions take about 40-50 minutes to complete and consist of 5-6 different phases." She further added, "I work-out about 5-6 days a week – I follow (and repeat) weeks 9-36 of PWR, which consist of 4-6 lifting sessions and two cardio sessions. The muscle group splits in PWR shift and build as the weeks progress, but these are the days I would typically do them on depending on my travel schedule! If I have time, I will also add in my two cardio sessions where I can."

This is what her weekly routine looks like:

Monday – LegsTuesday – Shoulders and AbsWednesday – Back and BicepsThursday – Glutes and HamstringsFriday – Chest, and TricepsSaturday – Abs workoutSunday – Rest day


She also trains her abs regularly. "My favorite core exercises are plank variations and leg raise variations – however, I want women to remember that their fitness journey shouldn’t be based upon aesthetic goals like getting abs." She does to always work with weights and sometimes excludes them too. She likes doing workouts that require no equipment because they are absolutely doable. She said, "I enjoy plyometric exercises which I incorporate intentionally throughout my PWR programs to raise your heart rate and help your overall fitness level, alongside the benefits of weight training."

Kelsey Wells' Advice for people who have just started working out and living a healthy lifestyle:

"My goals in the beginning of my fitness journey were very simple. I took it one day, one workout at a time and slowly started to incorporate working out into my weekly routine. It’s important to be realistic and set small goals that are achievable. When you start to feel discouraged or when life throws you off, simply stop, breathe, and remind yourself to believe in yourself. Of course life doesn’t always go as planned. Of course you will have “off” days and things will pop up which means you might not fit your workout in. But instead of getting down on yourself because of it, keep your head up and stay positive."

Kelsey Wells Diet Plan

She follows a clean eating schedule but she says that everyone has a different body and what might work for one might not work for another. It also depends on many other factors like fitness levels, activity levels, metabolic rate, etc. "What works for me might not work for YOU, and it’s important to remember that! I hope in sharing what I eat and the nutrition principles I follow, it might be helpful to you, but please know that this is not a one-size-fits-all approach."She also added, "Personally, I follow a high-protein diet which includes fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates (oats and quinoa are my go-to's!). I keep refined sugar and fried foods to a minimum, but I do indulge in an occasional treat."

She divides her meals into 5 to 6 parts and eats pretty much like a normal person. In fact, all her followers can tell that she loves snacks. "On a typical day, I eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner followed by one last snack for the day. Can you tell I LOVE snacks?"

Her diet also depends on the specific days when she is training versus when she is not.

"I don’t follow a specific plan and I never have — it’s too overwhelming for me. 
Instead, I started by making small changes that would eventually make a big difference, such as increasing my vegetable intake to 3-5 servings a day, or ordering vegetables as a side order instead of chips when eating out."

However, just like all of us, she tries to keep her hands off a few things. She speaks of her absolute no-nos saying, “I cut out all soda and alcohol, which was massive for me, and eat less refined sugar and processed foods, focussing instead on a whole, balanced diet that’s rich in nutrients. I’m allergic to some nuts, but otherwise, no food groups are off-limits.”

Kelsey Wells training day diet:

Pre-breakfast: Super greens powder mixed with water and a shot of apple cider vinegar.


Her breakfast includes Four scrambled egg whites with vegetables – pepper, spinach, onion, mushrooms, and vegetarian sausage.The time she eats it: 7:30 A.M.How she makes it or buys it: "I whip this up for myself once I’ve gotten my son Anderson’s breakfast sorted."


Post-Breakfast snack includes A tasty oatmeal cookie batter protein shake, made from vanilla protein, milk, oats, vanilla almond butter, frozen banana, and honey.The time she eats it: After her workout.How she makes it: Combine all ingredients in a blender at home.


What she eats for lunch: "I like to mix it up, but my go-to lunch would be any mix of veggies with some protein. Today I had roasted vegetables and chicken breast cooked in a little bit of olive oil with salt and pepper."The time she eats it: 1:30 P.M.How does she make it or where does she buy it from: "I made it from the ingredients I had in my fridge at home. I try to prepare my lunch the night before when I can."


What she eats for her evening snacks: Raw veggies (carrots, snap peas, celery) dipped in cottage cheese – "I also drink loads of water throughout the day to stay hydrated!"The time she eats it: 4 P.M.How does she make it or where does she buy it from Cut up some raw veggies from my fridge. "I like to purchase organic cottage cheese from my local supermarket."


What she eats for dinner: A spicy quinoa chili with lots of beans and vegetables.The time she eats it: 6:30 P.M.How does she make it or where does she buy it from: "One of my favorite slow cooker recipes! Toss everything into the slow cooker in the morning and let it simmer on low all day."


What she eats for her post-dinner snacks/dessert: Greek yogurt with granola, berries, and a dab of honey and a peppermint tea. "My favorite after-dinner treat and the tea helps with my digestion."The time she eats it:7:30 P.M.How does she make it or where does she buy it from: "I love to buy all my berries and other produce from local farmers markets when possible. I get yogurt and tea at the supermarket."

Kelsey does not believe in counting her calories or macros. She says: “I have experimented with counting macros before, and it taught me a lot about the different macronutrients and serving sizes, however, I prefer to keep it simple and eat a whole, balanced diet.”

Kelsey Wells' Diet On Rest Days:

Pre-breakfast: Super greens powder mixed with water and a shot of apple cider vinegar.

Breakfast: Four scrambled egg whites with leftover vegetables and vegetarian sausages.

Snack: Raw carrots with houmous.

Lunch: Grilled chicken salad with quinoa, lettuce, peach, avocado, and cheese.

Snack: A pink sprinkle frosted doughnut.

Dinner: Mexican taco soup.

Dessert: An apple with almond butter and a peppermint tea.

Her approach to diet on her rest days isn't about cutting back on calories. She says, “I don’t eat less if I’m not working out, I just eat whole, real foods that make me feel good. The one difference in my diet is that I eat a doughnut almost every Sunday, which is our family day. They’re my son’s favorite treat, so at the end of every week we take him to get a doughnut and I’ll get one to enjoy with him too.”

Her diet is all about flexibility and not restricting.

"I take a holistic approach to my diet and focus on balance, consistency and all things in moderation. Rather than putting unnecessary pressure on myself through a restrictive diet, I focus on a healthy, wholesome balanced diet with the occasional treat. For breakfast, scrambled egg whites with vegetables and vegetarian sausage. Pre-workout — an iced latte. Post-workout/mid-morning snack, I opt for a protein shake. For lunch, I'll have a chicken salad. Come dinnertime, I love anything in a crock pot, usually filled chili con carne or shredded chicken and vegetables. To end things on a sweet note, I choose to have fresh fruits with almond butter or greek yogurt."


She even shared a few of her tips:

"When it comes to healthy eating, my top three tips would be:● Balance● Consistency● Everything in moderation

I am not a believer in restrictive diets as this puts too much pressure on ourselves. Aim to have a healthy and balanced diet but know that it’s okay to slip up every now and then and not to be too hard yourself when you do."

She has a super busy life because of her working schedule and being a mom to her little son. She explained it in an interview about how she is able to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

"My days are always busy, usually my son Anderson will wake me up pretty early, then it’s time to get him ready for his day. If I have the time I will squeeze in some mindful meditation for about 5 minutes to get myself in the right mindset to achieve what I need to throughout the day. Then it’s breakfast time – I make sure I fuel my body with nutrient rich food that will give me the energy I need to power through my day. Usually my breakfast will consist of scrambled egg whites and vegetables on a piece of toast. Then it’s time to hit the gym where I will film my workout content and complete one of my PWR weight training sessions. My afternoons are spent writing social posts, responding to emails and having meetings with my team at Sweat. Then it’s time for dinner which is one of my favourite parts of my day as I get to spend quality time with my boys. In my household, we like to make quick and easy one pot meals or fry some sort of protein on the grill, always served with a side of vegetables!"

No matter how busy she is in her day she makes time to truly enjoy her meals. For her food is not just gorging on various stuff but a way to nourish herself. She explains, "I believe in caring for and nourishing my body and one of the best ways to do that is through the food that I consume. In every meal, I aim to eat whole, rich and nutritious foods to support my energy levels and active lifestyle. Foods like fruit, vegetables, whole grains and sources of protein. At the end of the day, I aim to have a healthy and balanced diet but know that it’s okay to slip up every now and then and not to be too hard on myself when I do. Everything in moderation."

She shares her favorite meals:

"I share a lot of my daily meals on my Instagram account (look for the food diary posts), but here is a taste of some of the meals I love! My go-to breakfasts usually include some eggs and vegetables — fried egg whites with spinach or fried egg whites with avocado, are both favorites! Simple, tasty and nutritious! It’s no secret that I don’t love spending a lot of time in the kitchen, so I try to keep my lunch meals pretty simple and straightforward! More often than not, my lunch is leftovers from dinner the night before! Think: grilled skewers with vegetables, roasted vegetables with quinoa or rice, grilled chicken with salad, or a turkey wrap with salad."

https://www.instagram.com/p/B-yO-8FAte7/All her followers know about her obsession with trying various snacks. She loves her snacks, it is probably the best part of her meals.

"OK, so we’ve established I love snacks! Before I head to the gym, or as an after-dinner snack, I LOVE an Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Protein Bite or a Chocolate Coconut Protein Bite. They are both so easy to make and satisfy my sweet tooth! Another option I love is some fruit pieces with almond butter. I also LOVE a thick and creamy protein shake (my sweet tooth really needs satisfying!), so my Chocolate Milkshake Protein Smoothie, Almond Oatmeal Cookie Batter Protein Shake and Strawberry Banana Protein Shake recipes make an appearance every week, too."

She shares her favorite recipes, saying, "If I am short on time one of my favorites go-to snacks are protein shakes. One of the absolute favorites that I make all the time is an almond oatmeal cookie batter protein shake – so delicious! All you need is milk, vanilla protein, instant oatmeal, vanilla almond butter, and ice! I share how to make this on a blog post I wrote a little while ago."

Kelsey Wells Daily Routine

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnoqGd3lvAEKelsey focuses a lot on her having her day getting started right. She follows a basic routine throughout her day that makes her feel focused and disciplined. She has explained her whole what she does in a day in an interview before, saying,

"I started today with five minutes of mindful meditation first thing when I woke up – this helps set a positive tone for the day ahead and starts me off on a productive note.Then it’s mom time – I make sure my son is loved, fed, and all prepared for his day. Next, it’s time for me to hit the gym. Having a breakfast that is nutrient and protein-rich and contains minimally-processed foods helps give me the right energy I need to not only get through a solid weight-lifting session but also to help power me through my day.Working out is my “me” time – I absolutely love it. It helps to clear my head and helps me feel like my best self. I always make sure I have some protein right after my workout – a shake like my oatmeal cookie batter protein shake is a quick, easy and delicious way to way to refuel my muscles.Then it’s lunch time – cooking isn’t my strong suit so I keep it pretty basic, a lot of grilled chicken or fish with grilled veggies or salads. I’m usually pretty busy so I like to have this prepared the night before so I have the option to take it with me on the go if need be (as I did today!).I really look forward to dinner with my husband Ryan and our son – this is our family time so we usually like to have a nice warm and hearty meal but today’s spicy quinoa is pretty common in the Wells’ household. Ryan and I both love Mexican food so we always try to eat Mexican-inspired dishes when we can.I have the biggest sweet tooth so I’ll usually have desert almost every night after dinner – whether it be what I had today (greek yogurt, granola and berries) or some fruit with almond butter. If you are craving something sweet I don’t believe in depriving yourself and having nothing, instead just make a healthier choice. Having everything in moderation is key!I try to eat before 8pm to allow my body time to digest my food before I head to bed – getting enough sleep is very important but it can be hard when you’re a mom. I aim for 8 hours every night but if i can get 6-7 then I’m happy!"

Kelsey Wells' Tips on Fitness

Find food you love

"Out of all the advice out there, my number-one tip for a balanced diet is finding healthy options that TASTE GOOD that you actually ENJOY eating. Better yet, find options that you LOVE eating!Try new meals, explore different foods and play with different ingredients! You should be excited to eat your meals — healthy food does not have to be bland or boring. As clichéd as this may sound, food should nourish not punish."

Don’t eliminate entire food groups from your diet

"Don’t eliminate entire food groups from your diet. It’s NOT healthy or sustainable! Drastic and extreme measures surrounding eliminating food groups are almost always unhealthy and often lead to bingeing at a later date. If you have a food allergy or intolerance, by all means eliminate that food from your diet, but in every other instance, the trick is MODERATION! There are more nutritious foods and less nutritious foods, but all food is FUEL (in context and moderation). Shift your thinking from DEPRIVATION to MODERATION."

Don’t feel guilty if you have a treat

"It’s so important to enjoy your life and food, and if that means indulging in a treat, so be it! Again, it comes down to moderation and being realistic. NEVER feel guilty for enjoying a treat! An indulgence doesn’t need to send you into a negative spiral. Simply ENJOY then make your next choice a healthy one."

Don’t fear food

"A healthy mentality is so important for your overall health, but particularly in relation to your relationship with food! DON’T fear food. I know that’s easier said than done for some, but fearing food is NOT healthy. Instead, learn and educate yourself. You will become so EMPOWERED and that is something that is invaluable."

Hydration is key

"There are so many benefits to being hydrated, and it’s something that’s SO easy to achieve. The biggest differences I notice when I reach my daily water intake, are better digestion, clearer skin, less bloating and fewer cravings! These days, I personally aim for 3 liters of water each day, but two liters as a minimum is a good place to start. If you don’t like the taste of water, try adding berries, cucumber, citrus fruits or fresh mint! These flavours are SO refreshing and can make drinking water far more appealing for some"

How to beat the bloat

"The feeling of being bloated can be really uncomfortable. To try and beat that bloated feeling, my top tip would be to keep hydrated. When you’re dehydrated your body retains water, so sipping on water consistently can actually reduce water retention and the feeling of being bloated. Secondly, be aware of food any intolerances you may have. Be mindful of your body and your digestion, if there are certain foods that upset your stomach and make you feel bloated try and find alternatives."

Kelsey Wells' Travel Fitness Tips

There is no doubt that being a famous fitness influencer means traveling a lot to promote her brand. We all know that traveling makes everyone off their schedule but Kelsey likes to have a balance even then and this is how she does it "As a Sweat trainer I am constantly traveling all over the world, so it’s important for me to look after myself and my health during and especially while I am actually traveling. When I am on a plane the most important thing I do is stay hydrated. It sounds simple, but it really is so important for your body and will help you feel a million times better when you step off the plane. When I land, I almost always will try and fit in a light cardio session, whether that’s at my hotel gym or walk or jog around the area I am staying in. This helps me adjust my body."

Four of her tips that she follows and gives advice for when she is traveling:1. Reach for less processed options – Make healthy choices where you can and consume nutrient-rich foods. Avoid sugary drinks or food, you can find healthier options or alternatives almost anywhere you go these days.2. Make sure that you don’t go hungry – Bring snacks with you when you’re on the go, such as fresh fruit or veggie sticks and hummus. It’s really important to remember to eat regularly and not let yourself starve.3. Keep hydrated – When you travel, your body needs even more water than it normally does. Staying hydrated will also help with overeating and help keep you energized.4. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself – If you’re traveling for vacation, have the foods that you want in moderation, and don’t feel guilty!

Kelsey Wells' Relaxation Techniques


"Making time to care for your own health and happiness in life is vital. Focus on your priorities and make sure self-care is one of them, along with family, friends, and your career or passions. My family and my health are my number one priorities and they are always at the top of my list. No matter how crazy busy my schedule is, I make time to get a workout in – even if it’s just 15 minutes or a quick walk, every effort counts. And ladies – ditch the guilt. Try not to look at exercise as an added pressure, instead, think of it as self-care. Taking the time out of your day for much-deserved “me” time helps you to reset, care for your body, and in turn helps you to be the best version of yourself in all your other roles."

That's all about Kelsey Wells' fitness routine and her drive to motivate everyone around her to feel great in their own bodies.




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Why Optimum Nutrition?

Before a single machine is turned on in our manufacturing facilities, Optimum Nutrition procurement professionals carefully select the most premium raw materials.

ON is about three things:

Uncompromising Quality

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Get results fast with workout & nutrition plans from the pros

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