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Katherine Langford Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Katherine Langford is an Australian actress who rose to fame after her role in the thriller Netflix show, 13 Reason Why which debuted in 2017. Ever since she has played the role of Hannah Baker, her career has never seen a downfall. She recently acted in the hit Hollywood movie, Knives out which got a lot of appreciation. Although she has made it big in Hollywood, she has spoken up about the pressures of looking perfect in the community.

katherine langford

She took to social media to speak about the issue of body image and the pressure to look picture perfect. She posted a picture of Instagram with a reference to a newspaper article that gave a detailed description of the dangers of body image and it leading to an increasing number of suicides among teens in the UK. Although according to her, social media is a blessing because it lets her connect with her fans all around the world, and how it has eased the communication. But it has some downfalls too. It can create unnecessary pressure and toxic feelings in society.

'For what it's worth; people's lives don't look like what they post (I know we all know that subconsciously anyway, but I'm saying it for emphasis). If it means anything; I have, and will continue to always try and be as real as possible with you all on here (even if that doesn't make me the grooviest or most followed kid on Instagram I don't really give a f***),' she said.

'You are important and that's what I care about, and if someone hasn't already told you today - you are FIERCE just the way you are,' the actress told millions of her followers on Instagram.

Katherine says the even she has been a victim of unnecessary pressure but she has managed to deal with it over time and now focuses on looking fit instead of skinny. Because of her positive attitude, many of her fans follow her on her fitness journey. In her new Netflix series, called, Cursed, she indeed looks pretty fit and even lean. She says that after 13 Reasons Why, she has paid a lot of attention to her fitness and well being.
katherine langford
Here's how she does it all with her workout routine, diet plan, and a busy schedule to look her best. But let's look at the statistics first:

Katherine Langford Body Statistics

  • Katherine Langford Height: 5 Ft 6 Inch
  • Katherine Langford Weight: 61 Kgs
  • Age: 24 Years
  • Breast: 34 Inch
  • Waist: 26 Inch
  • Hips: 35 Inch

Katherine has been in an amazing shape not just in her body but in her mind too. However, she has been very particular about her workout routine and diet plan so that she can feel energized and motivated for all the efforts she puts in. Here is what her workout looks like:

Katherine Langford Workout Routine

Katherine Langford's workout routine was not too much of a big deal before, but since she started to work in the new Netflix series called Cursed, she has leveled up her workout routine to look and feel better than before.https://www.instagram.com/p/Bt_eEp2FPIZ/Katherine Langford's workout routine includes a lot of different movements like cardio and weight training. She also practices a lot of sword fighting for her latest Netflix series. She made sword fighting a part of her everyday training. She has always been pretty athletic and even was in the school team swimming where she participated in many national level competitions. This lets her be fit and healthy. She continued her practices even after pursuing her acting career.

Katherine Langford Cardio Routine

For her cardio routine, Katherine likes to do a variety of workouts. She prefers doing a 20 minute or a 30-minute workout on the treadmill or other gym equipment. Other times she likes to do some HIIT workout which is a mix of different high-intensity workouts with minimum rest in between each set.She also did not leave swimming and likes to take a plunge into the pool when she does not want to do her regular gym routine workout. Besides this, she feels that swimming is a great way to burn those extra calories and helps Katherine maintain her toned physique.

katherine langford

Katherine Langford Weight Training

Katherine began with weigh training just a while ago. She never used to go to the gym but she had to do it to maintain a slim and tone physique. It was a more out of choice thing for her. But now, she has a hang of it.For her weight training routine, Katherine does not follow a fixed workout routine. She focuses on everybody's part but it is rather a question of what she feels like doing. She loves a lot of full body workout routines with her trainer and follows his advice. She uses a mix of dumbells, kettlebells, and resistance band exercises to get a great workout out of it.

Katherine Langford Sword Fighting Practice

If you have seen the series, Cursed, you would see Katherine Langford doing a lot of sword fighting in it. She has a huge role in the series and her character is seen with a sword most of the time. For this series, she has perfected her fitness routine which also includes doing a lot of sword fighting. It has helped her to be fit and active during her busy daily schedules.

Katherine Langford Diet Plan

The key that Katherine Langford finds for good health is a balanced diet. She likes to include everything in her diet. However, she does focus on eating a lot of healthy and unprocessed foods to balance the number of calories that she is taking in. She believes in quality over quantity and keeps a check on her total calorie intake.She also tries to have a lot of greens in her diet. Adding ample fruits to her plate is very important too because it helps her achieve her daily vitamin and mineral goal. Her typical mean would consist of some veggies, some carb source, and chicken or fish to go along with it.https://www.instagram.com/p/BThQWJoj14n/Katherine says she likes to stay away from a lot of liquid calories because it really adds to her calories. She likes to keep hydrated by drinking a lot of water though. She does not share much about her dietary change but she can be seen posting a lot on her social media handles. Cold coffee is one of her favorite drinks and she can't resist a good cold coffee.But besides coffee, water is her best friend to keep her skin and body hydrated and energetic.https://www.instagram.com/p/BQeB1y5jBav/That's all about Katherine Langford's diet plans and workouts. It seems like she does not do much because of her super busy schedule but keeps herself toned by paying attention to the quality of food and workout that she adds to her lifestyle.

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