Josh Taylor Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Born on 2nd January 1991, Josh Taylor is a light-welterweight champion. He is a Scottish-trained professional boxer, who has secured the WBA (Super), IBF, and Ring magazine titles following 2019. He also carried the Commonwealth light-welterweight title in the years 2016 and 2017 at the zonal level. Apart from these titles, he also got a silver medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and gold at the 2014 edition as an apprentice.

Josh Taylor

BoxRec and the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board rated Josh Taylor as the world's greatest active light-welterweight in April 2021. The Ring has also declared him the ninth-most immeasurable aggressive boxer. He has a 76% knockout in his name to win the percentage. He won 13 matches out of 17 in a row by way of stoppage.Josh Taylor has clearly accomplished a specific height in his field but all the credit goes to his immense training schedule and strict diet that makes him have all this in his kitty. In this article, we would discuss more Josh Taylor workout routine, his diet plan, and his routine in general which will help us know and determine what exactly does Josh Taylor does in his whole day differently that makes him one of the best players that we have in the boxing arena.

Josh Taylor Statistics

  • Josh Taylor Awards and AchievementsBirth Year:
  • Birth Date:
  • Height: 5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
  • Weight: Light-welterweight
  • Reach: 69 12 in (177 cm)

Josh Taylor Workout Routine

Josh Taylor has always had a winner's mentality which has made him achieve such great heights in whatever he does. He likes o compete but he does not like to get defeated. In fact, he loves winning. “I have to win,” he says. Winning for Taylor, 28, seems to be a bit like being– a requirement. “I’ve always had to win, at everything, right from being a laddie with the board games. If I was playing Snakes and Ladders with my mum and dad and I didn’t win the board would go right up in the air. I’ve always been a terrible loser. I’ve always been super, super competitive. And right now I’m dedicating my life to boxing and this title.”

“Boys will be boys and I was aye fighting in the street. I mean, I wasn’t a bad kid but I was always getting into these wee punch-ups and I must admit I liked them.” Originally, Taylor gained an exit for this hostility in taekwondo. Competitions would be a blast of rounds and he estimates that all told he encountered “hundreds and hundreds”. But he proceeded to fight against people in the street. The rugged way.

Josh Taylor

But this has some psychological things behind this. He always felt that he was little because of his physique yet he did not let anyone touch him and he wanted to be stronger than everyone. In his own words, "The thing was I was tiny – little man syndrome! – but I never let anyone pick on me. I was the smallest in my year at school, all the other boys were huge. They started to get hairy chests but if they tried to bully me I would defend myself. That continued until I was 17, 18."In the fear of getting bullied he wanted to learn some self-defense and things like that so he could evade anyone who would try to trouble him. He explains in an interview, “But then I started boxing. I got good at evading punches and hitting folk properly. That was a good time to stop fighting in the street because I was developing useful weapons. I grew up a bit and learned how to walk away.”

Before then Taylor had a dalliance with football, gaining alliances and cups with the youth team at Musselburgh Windsor as a midfielder and getting a try with Hearts. “Even though I’m a Hibs fan I wouldn’t have minded that working out. Football’s a much easier life than boxing!”

His mum, Diane, serving as a receptionist at Meadowbank Stadium, recounted him: “Alex Arthur trains here – why don’t you come down and watch?” He turned up to his five mates from Preston Lodge High School for these trips on the No 26 bus although one by one the friends dropped interest, leaving Taylor to finally get up the nerve and ask if he could participate in the gatherings.

Josh Taylor

Down in the country hall below the central stand, the Meadowbank coaches were fascinated– the kid had good luck. They thought that little Josh Taylor must-have boxed before but he had only a bit of practice of martial arts and that was it. Josh Taylor recalls, “So they asked if I wanted to spar. There were a couple of Scottish champions in the hall – I was crapping myself. At first, when guys came at me in the ring, I’d lapse back into taekwondo. The 
trainers would be like: ‘No, no you can’t kick them!’ ”This is where his journey truly began as has he tried many tournaments since then and has achieved great heights. His training includes a lot of workout routines which might vary on what he is doing but he follows a standard boxing procedure which would make him better at the sport. He has several workouts that he does that focuses on every aspect of his fitness: strength stamina, endurance, flexibility, and speed. Thus this is a sample workout routine of Josh Taylor that he does in his day to achieve the kind of success that he has:Monday Josh Taylor WorkoutCARDIO

  • A series of 440, 220, and 110-yard sprints
  • 30 minutes on a stationary bike
  • 300 abdominal crunches


  • Incline Bench Press– 5 sets, Reps: 21, 14,7, 7, 7
  • Cable Crossover- 3 sets, Reps 21
  • Dumbbell Bench Press– 5 Sets, Reps: 21, 14, 7, 7, 7


  • Barbell Bicep Curl– 2 sets of 15
  • Reverse EZ-Bar Curl- 2 sets of 21
  • Alternating Dumbbell Curl– 2 sets of 15 for each arm
  • Cable Curl- 1 set of 15
  • Hammer Curl- 1 set of 15


  • Hammer-Strength Grip Machine- 3 sets of 21
  • Dumbbell Wrist Curl- 3 sets of 21


  • Core Strength Machine- 2 sets of 50
  • Gymnastics Ring Hang- 1 set of 21
  • Slings- 1 set of 21
  • Decline Crunch (w/25-pound plate)- 2 sets of 21
Josh Taylor

Tuesday Josh Taylor Workout


  • Sandpit workout
  • Stair Sprints
  • 30 minutes on a stationary bike
  • 300 abdominal crunches

DRILLS Baseball skills, drills, batting, fielding, running

Wednesday Josh Taylor Gonzalez Workout


  • 18 straight 110-yard dashes.
  • 30 minutes on a stationary bike
  • 300 abdominal crunches


  • Barbell Squat– 10 sets, Reps: 50, 30, 21, 14, 7, 7, 14, 21, 30, 50
  • Leg Extension- 3 sets of 15
  • One-Legged Deadlift- 3 sets of 15
  • Leg Press Machine: 3 sets of 21
  • Lying Curl- 3 sets of 15

Thursday Josh Taylor Workout


  • Uphill runs
  • 30 minutes on a stationary bike
  • 300 abdominal crunches

DRILLS Baseball skills, drills, batting, fielding, running

Friday Josh Taylor Workout

Josh Taylor


  • High-speed plyometric movements
  • 30 minutes on a stationary bike
  • 300 abdominal crunches


  • Back Extension (w/25-pound plate)- 3 sets of 21
  • Reverse Back Extension- 1 set of 77
  • Wide-Grip Pulldown to Front- 3 sets of 10
  • One-Arm Dumbbell Row- 3 sets of 15
  • Dumbbell Pullover- 2 sets of 21


  • Power Clean (lightweight) – 1 set of 50
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raise- 2 sets of 21
  • Upright Row- 2 sets of 15
  • Dumbbell Shrug- 2 sets of 15
  • Bent-Over Cable Lateral Raise- 2 sets of 21


  • Close-Grip Bench Press- 2 sets of 15
  • Triceps Pressdown– 2 sets of 15
  • Dumbell Kickback- 2 sets of 15

Saturday: Josh Taylor Optional Rest Day

On the day the rest is quite a choice. Josh Taylor likes to keep it quiet light and his activity levels low but he is still active throughout the day. He likes to do his chores which keeps him busy. However if one plans to follow his workout routine, they can also rework a muscle group that they wish to. He recommends picking a muscle group that you feel is the weakest.

Josh Taylor

Sunday: Josh Taylor Rest Day

On the last day of the week, Josh Taylor takes a final rest day where he gives his body complete rest. It is for his muscles that will be healthy after the whole day of relaxing. It helps to build the muscles and seeing positive changes in oneself. Josh Taylor makes sure that he is applying progressive overload in his workout routine for the next weeks which means that he tries to lift heavyweight for the next week.That was all about Josh Taylor's intensive workout routine that gives him the strength and power to be at the very top of his game. However, there are some workout tips that Josh Taylor frequently shares with his fans and people who look up to him for inspiration. Here are a few workout tips and tricks that Josh Taylor himself follows, so take a look!

Josh Taylor Lifestyle Tips

Besides following a grueling and tiresome workout routine which might become more intense according to his situation but there are other times and tricks that Josh Taylor follows to take his workout a notch up in his routine. Here are some fitness and lifestyle tips that Josh Taylor shares on his social media channels to be more effective in the field. Take a look:

  • Change is necessary: Do not focus on a particular muscle for too long because then your muscles will get used to it. You can start with the kind of weights that are easily manageable.
  • Warm-ups are essential: Make sure to warm up properly before you begin your workout. Aim for a full-body warm-up as well as the particular part of the body that you are working on that day.
  • Attainable Goals: Your goals must be attainable and not something impossible to attain. Focus on eating cleans and lifting heavy.
  • Combination of workouts: Josh Taylor says that many people think that there are two kinds of workouts: strength training and cardio. However, they need to understand that these workout types must be combined for a better result. It will not only make the routine more effective for you but it will also break the monotony. You can try and jump rope for 15 to 20 minutes after your weight training or can go out for a run.
  • Do not rely too much on machines: Machines are great when you are working out, however, relying too much on them can result in negative impacts. You can thus try to skip them and start lifting weights instead which will help you make a better workout for yourself. This is because using the support of the machine would not be better than lifting weights on your own. It will help you achieve the goals better.
  • Perfect breaks are important: Breaks between a set or exercise must be perfect, which means, it shouldn't either be too little or too much. So all you need to do is watch the watch. Taking breaks and the kind of breaks depending on what workout you are doing. The right kind of break would be anywhere between 1 to 5 minutes.
  • Effortless switch: If you want to switch from one workout to another, make sure you do not take a break and shift effortlessly. It is a great way to have a time-efficient workout and add cardio to your routine. Make sure you are doing different exercises that will focus on different muscle groups each time. This will help you with feeling too fatigued too.
Josh Taylor
  • All failures are not bad: You might be a little shocked to hear this one but it is not what you think. You might not want to fail but it might just help you achieve something better. Although you probably think that you don't want to fail, research suggests that aiming to fail can help you more than it can hurt you. The reason for this is because it can make your muscles bigger since failing means your muscles are too tired to do another workout while keeping the proper form.
  • Keeping track is important: Keeping track of whatever you are doing is a great way to improve. So you can download an app or can simply keep a journal where you can write your daily progress. It will help you want to do better next time you work out and achieve your goals.
  • Include someone in your routine: Having a friend or a family member to work out with is a great way to not only have fun and spend quality time but also hold you responsible when working out. Having fun is directly proportional to wanting to work out even more.

That was all about the Josh Taylor workout routine and some of his favorite workout tips that he shares with his friends, family, and fans. But here's more! It is his diet plan that makes him reach the top of his game. He follows a strict plan so that he can be in optimal shape and in the next section, we will read exactly that! So take a look.

Josh Taylor Diet Plan

Josh Taylor has a fairly healthy diet plan and although he works out quite intensely, he makes sure his diet is sufficient enough to replenish all his lost nutrients and give me energy through and through. His diet consists of mainly carbs and proteins which are important for him. Although he makes sure to add healthy fats too in his diet which makes it easier for him to maintain his weight.However, his diet changes according to the days. For example, when he is fighting, he might need some extra carbs for himself to feel more active and produce energy. But he makes sure to eat all the healthy stuff in his diet which is wholesome and fresh and tries to avoid anything which is packaged or has been chemically induced. In his words,

“There’s a lot of carbs in my diet – sweet potato, rice, avocado, good fats – because I need energy for the gym. It’s two sessions a day, five days a week, then a run on Saturdays. There are days when you can’t be bothered and yesterday was one of them. You might be tired or sore and you can’t be arsed training again but they are the times, as soon as you get into the gym when you must give 110 percent. Crappy days like that can be the most satisfying and they’re also really useful. On the day of a fight, you might feel not quite at it. You might be nervous. Your body might not have woken up. Your hands and feet are maybe not working right. You need to know what that feels like.”
Josh Taylor

Come game night Taylor would not seem to have had over several flashes of sluggishness or uncertainty. Or if he has, they’ve suddenly been destroyed, normally along with the antagonist. Fourteen fights, 14 wins. That’s his record since becoming professional in 2015, the year after seizing light-welterweight gold at Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games.Entering the ring with Ryan describes the first real test of the 25-year-old’s vocation but Taylor, who won Gold at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, is fixed he has made tremendous paces both in and outside the ring after admitting that he was not feeding his body correctly in the past. however, this clearly has changed ever since and he has been more focused on his diet and nutrition ever since.

Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor is clearly inspired by Muhammad Ali's quote who said, "suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion" and he takes this principle into his account when talking about his diet. He says "And I think I know what he was talking about - especially when it comes to diet!"He says that he likes to take a cheat meal over the weekend where he likes to have a pizza or Chinese takeout which are his favorite. Ther are his other favorites too. However,r it is not every time and just once in a while which makes him super conscious about what goes in his body. He eats right most of the time and does not overdo anything. Eating right always keeps his mind in place.In his words, he explains this situation by saying,

I always look forward to the weekend when I allow myself one cheat meal for the week, and sometimes I can go a bit mental. It could be a massive Chinese takeaway or pepperoni pizza... but more often than not I indulge in a burger with sweet potato fries. It's nothing too outrageous because I know everything I put in my body affects how intense my training is, the quality of my workouts, and, ultimately, how I perform in the ring when it really matters. Eating well keeps my mind right.
Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor, focuses on a protein that accompanies every meal that he has. In his words, "Protein is a must so my meals are packed with lean chicken, steak and turkey. Rice, mashed potato, broccoli, and lentils are some of the other food groups that make up the sides."Although Josh Taylor believes that he could cook for himself but after so routine has ended he is too tired to think about cooking. He just wants to relax and eat whatever is there on the table. In his words, he explains, "I think I could be pretty handy in the kitchen but the truth is I'm just too knackered after training to have the energy to cook. All my meals are made for me which means I can just put them in the microwave and tuck them in. The last thing I want to do after two training sessions every day stands over a hob, thinking about what I'm cooking."The only thing he thinks of is refueling his body and how he can take a rest. He continues, "I just need to refuel and relax because rest is so important." For him, most of his diet is a pretty staple and it might even get a bit boring to eat the same meal every time. However, he knows that it is the right food so he does not mind it. He says, "Eating basically the same thing day after day can be a bit of a drag and the diet is repetitive but I know it's the right food so it doesn't really bother me too much." For him, it is not about the variety of the food but adding his bland foods with spices is enough to enjoy them. In his words, "Variety is the spice of life but in my case spice is the variety of life."Even though his meal might differ from his in-season meals, here is a sample diet plan of what he eats in a day. Take a look:8.30 am - Wake up. Porridge with water and a tiny bit of milk for breakfast. Blueberries, raspberries, and maple syrup to taste. Strawberry or vanilla protein shake.10.30am - 12.30pm - Training.1 pm - Lunch. Chicken with rice or steak and mash.3pm - 6pm - Training.7.30 pm - Evening meal. This will be much the same as what I had for lunch.9 pm - I allow myself a snack later on. This will usually be chicken bites and sometimes a protein shake. I like to mix up the flavorings and different types of marinade on the chicken. They are the little things that help keep everything fresh.

Josh Taylor

Josh Taylor does not like to have alcohol during his training period as it harms his system. He can literally see the difference and says, "One thing I abstain from entirely is alcohol. I don't touch the stuff. I can feel the difference the next day even if I have just a small amount the night before. And it's not because I'm a lightweight drinker!"The only liquid that he consumes in the day is water. He makes sure that he is having gallons of water during the day as it helps him beat the fatigue and muscle soreness too. He says "Water makes up the bulk of my fluid intake but when I need a bit of a kick I splash out on a Lucozade."After his fight is completed, he enjoys a great meal afterward of whatever he is in the mood for. He says, "Once the fight against Soto is over I can eat what I like but until then it's all about sticking to this diet knowing it will pay off in the end." Taylor, who is now training in London at trainer Shane McGuigan’s gym, stated: “I’ve been learning a lot about what I eat and about eating plans over the last couple of years."He eats better foods now instead of the volume so it has definitely made an impact on si training. He makes sure to eat organic and healthy food as much as possible and avoid foods that are packed with chemicals. In his words, “I’m eating a lot more food, but better food so I’m having a lot more energy in training as opposed to coming home and eating maybe a pizza or a Chinese – that sort of stuff. I’m eating a lot more food but I’m eating a lot more of the right stuff to make sure I have the energy for training."He says that since he has started eating good kinds of food, he feels better and can see the defense in his diet. He likes to have good forms of meals to actually see a difference. In his words, “You’re talking about your lean proteins and you’re good carbs, you’re brown rice. It’s really good and you do feel the difference from eating better."He might not be the best cook but he tries his best to stick to a great meal plan that would make all the difference. He says, “I’m not great at cooking but I try my best. I’ve got a food company that delivers food that’s all packed and ready to go." All Josh Taylor needs to do is stick it in the over and enjoy while he relaxes. He says, “So it’s really handy if I can eat it straight away after being in the gym, I can stick it in the microwave or stick it in the oven and heat it."

Josh Taylor

Although whatever he selects is quite efficient and has been quite careful about what he chooses to have too. He says, “I am getting better at cooking in terms of getting stuff from the butchers and things like that but I’m still quite basic.”Ryan’s camp has previously investigated whether Josh Taylor would have plenty in the tank to go 12 rounds against the experienced 33-year-old Englishman but the Scot declares he is in the greatest form of his life. He continued: “The next couple of weeks will probably be the hardest I’ve trained and then I’ll come back home for the last week and taper it off for the fight."Besides focusing on a great diet, Josh Taylor is also focusing a lot on his workout schedule too. Good food is also great for his mental energy too which is quite nice. In his own words, “I’m doing a lot of intense sparring just and doing a lot of cardiovascular stuff as well. I had a tough week last week and after the last session on Friday I was dead, I had no energy. It’s to be expected now and then. It’s good having that in the bank, battling through it. It’s good for me mentally as well."

Josh Taylor

With focusing so amazingly not just on his workout routine but also on his meal plans, he is getting more confident than he has ever been. It has all shown in his performance over time as he starts to feel more confident. In his words, “I’m doing a lot of strength and conditioning training as well, circuits – weights for the explosiveness. It’s basically the same training I’ve done in the past, but more of it. I’m starting to get a lot fitter and now and getting more confident with every day.”That was all about the diet plan of Josh Taylor which he follows every single day without fail. There are some fails in between in which Josh Taylor takes his "cheat meals" because he is only a human and he deserves a bit of a treat after smashing his workouts or his matches, doesn't he? However, he also takes some supplements and extra nutrition to append with his diet requirements for better results. Here's all about it in the next section.

Josh Taylor Supplements and Nutrition

A way that Josh Taylor uses to boost his nutrition and energy is by adding some dietary and nutritional supplements to his diet. By his own confession, adding these supplements are the reason for him to reach the place where he is now. Some of Josh Taylor’s popular supplements incorporate BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), post and pre-workout, and muscle and mass gainers.Besides, he uses whey protein throughout the day. Josh Taylor is also the representative of PR Lifestyle—a brand that retails bodybuilding accessories, clothing, and supplements. One of the most important things that he uses is the pump elevating citrulline and the lactic acid killing beta-alanine.

Josh Taylor

Here is a list of things that Josh Taylor likes to use for his workouts:

  • fish oil
  • pre-workout
  • MHP’s BCAA XL Energy
  • Whey Protein

There are some more qualities and advantages that make the ball to be in Josh Taylor's court and that is the other outer and inner influences that Josh Taylor has in his life. One of the biggest things that Josh Taylor is grateful for is the immense dedication and the will to perform in the court which makes Josh Taylor one of the most extraordinary players of his time.

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