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Jeff Logan Diet and Workout Plan

The Jeff Logan diet has its own meals to stay lean throughout the year. If we see in the food then there is all organic food. He is always regular to do his daily exercise routine. In his routine, there is also plenty of sleep for best health. He always keeps a distance from alcohol. Continue reading to know more about Jeff Logan's diet and workout.

Jeff Logan Bio

Jeff Logan is a bodybuilder, actor, model, and entrepreneur. He was born and raised in Canton, Ohio, United States. At young age, He used to play football at Central Connecticut State University. After that, he moves on to fitness.As he started his career in the fitness industry, His fan following growing on his social media accounts. Jeff is an entrepreneur today, He is the founder and CEO of Become Nutrition. He also helps people by giving advice about diet and workout on his Youtube Channel.

  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Professional Bodybuilder, Actor, Model and Entrepreneur
  • Year-Of-Birth: 1989

Jeff always follows his routine of diet and exercise regularly and by following this properly, He lose 100 pounds of weight. If you want to see the difference like that then you need to follow this type of routine.[incontent_ads]

Jeff Logan Body Measurements or Stats

  • Height —‎ 5’10” (178 cm)
  • Weight —‎ 205 lbs (93 kg)
  • Chest —‎ Will get soon
  • Waist —‎ Will get soon
  • Biceps —‎ Will get soon

If we want to have a good physique body then we need to concentrate on our diet and workout. He follows his diet plan and workout very strictly. We have to avoid processed foods from our diet and only focus on fresh and clean foods.If you want to have a healthy body then you have to control the food that you eat. That means you have to eat healthy food that gives your body healthy macronutrients like protein, carbs, and fats. You need to maintain the balance between them.

Jeff Logan Diet

Jeff Logan

If we think about diet, all our body health depends on what type of diet we prefer to our body like you need to take care of calories in the diet and many factors like, What should you need to eat? You must need to know that eating and sleeping is the most important factor in muscle building.As we discuss that he prefers only organic foods. In organic food, there is some grocery like brown rice, egg, kale, wild-caught cod fillet, nuts, and fresh fruit. These types of items are costly but It will give your body proper nourishment and natural energy.

  • Meal 1: Free range eggs, 3 pieces of toast, raspberries, and blueberries
  • Meal 2: 1 scoop vegan protein powder and half a banana
  • Meal 3: Wild caught cod fillet, brown rice and steamed vegetables
  • Meal 4: 1 scoop vegan protein powder and half a banana
  • Meal 5: Kale salad with cucumbers, tomatoes and olive oil
  • Meal 6: Egg white omelette with mixed nuts on the side

Jeff's diet is a clean diet and he always avoids alcohol. He also follows a good sleeping schedule. He thinks that only eating clean foods cannot give you proper health but you have to take discipline and restriction that you need to follow it strictly.He also supplements his body by taking Vegan Protein Shake.[incontent_ads]

Jeff Logan Workout

Before starting the workout routine or training routine, make sure you stay hydrated during workouts by drinking water or energy drinks. And don’t forget to warm-up exercising and make sure to cool down by stretching your muscles out, because It helps you to do injury-free workout or exercise.Also Read : Lily-Rose Depp Diet and WorkoutJeff likes to do cardio right before every routine, Like warm-up exercises. He always do like jumping rope for 5 minutes or other cardio exercises. He also does pyramid sets. Here is Jeff Logan's workout.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxY2RGT7vPk

Chest Workout

  • 5 sets & 6-12 reps — Incline barbell bench press
  • 5 sets & 8-12 reps — Flat dumbbell bench press
  • 5 sets & 8-12 reps — Incline dumbbell bench press
  • 4 sets & 10-15 reps — Standing cable chest fly superset with machine chest press
  • 4 sets & 10-15 reps — Pec deck machine superset with bodyweight push up

Back Workout

  • 4 sets & 10 reps — Dumbbell lat pulldown
  • 5 sets & 8-12 reps — Barbell deadlift
  • 4 sets up to failure — Wide grip bodyweight pull up
  • 4 sets & 8-12 reps — T-bar row
  • 4 sets & 15 reps — Seated dumbbell shrug

Shoulder Workout

  • 4 sets & 8-12 reps — Seated dumbbell overhead press
  • 4 sets & 8-12 reps — Behind the neck shoulder press
  • 4 sets & 10-15 reps — Seated dumbbell lateral raise
  • 4 sets & 10-15 reps — Seated alternating dumbbell front raise
  • 4 sets & 10-15 reps — Incline dumbbell rear delt fly

Leg Workout

  • 4 sets & 8-12 reps — Stiff leg dumbbell deadlift
  • 4 sets & 8-12 reps — Smith machine lunge
  • 4 sets & 10-15 reps — Lying hamstring curl
  • 4 sets & 10-15 reps — Seated leg extension
  • 4 sets & 8-12 reps — Barbell good morning
  • 4 sets & 10 steps — Dumbbell walking lunge
  • 4 sets & 10-15 reps — Single leg hamstring curl

Arm Workout

  • 4 sets & 6-10 reps — Standing barbell curl
  • 4 sets & 10-12 reps — Overhead dumbbell triceps extension
  • 4 sets & 10-12 reps — Seated dumbbell curl
  • 4 sets & 12-15 reps — Triceps cable pushdown
  • 4 sets & 10-15 reps — Overhead cable triceps extension
  • Standing dumbbell curl


It’s not easy that you can become like him overnight. But it took him lots of years of struggle to get physiques like him. We can evaluate that after taking a look at Jeff Logan diet and Jeff Logan workout that If we want to be like him then we need to work hard for it and his daily routine inspire us and motivate us to get a healthy body.Instagram: @jeffloagzHere is our Question & Answer Forum




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