Ja Morant Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Temetrius Jamel "Ja" Morant was born August 10, 1999, and is an American professional basketball player for the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was a part of the college basketball for the Murray State Racers, where he was a consensus first-team All-American as a student in 2019. He was chosen by the Grizzlies with the second overall selection in the 2019 NBA draft and defined as the NBA Rookie of the Year in 2020.


Temetrius Jamel "Ja" Morant, the prodigious point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, has had a remarkable journey, rising from an overlooked high school player to become one of the most electrifying talents in the NBA.

Despite earning All-Region Most Valuable Player three times and receiving All-State honors at Crestwood High School in Sumter, South Carolina, Morant was largely overlooked by NCAA Division I schools and was unranked among recruits. However, this did not deter him from pursuing his dream of a professional basketball career.

Morant's underdog story took a turn when he attended Murray State University. As a freshman, he made significant waves, earning first-team all-conference honors in the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC). His breakout sophomore year saw him crowned as the OVC Player of the Year and leading the NCAA in assists. Additionally, Morant made history by becoming the first player in NCAA history to average 20-plus points and 10-plus assists per game for a single season12.

Now as a key player for the Memphis Grizzlies, Morant continues to showcase his exceptional skills on the court. As a point guard, his responsibilities are manifold, but one of his standout abilities is his long-range shooting, often sinking crucial three-pointers.

Maintaining his athletic finesse requires a rigorous basketball workout routine. Morant's lean and muscular physique enables him to move swiftly on the court, controlling the ball with precision and making quick breaks. This article will delve into how Morant maintains his athletic build, focusing on his workout routine, diet plan, daily regimen, gym schedule, meal plan, and physical stats.

Stay tuned as we unpack the fitness regime and lifestyle that fuels Ja Morant's remarkable performance on the court. His journey serves as an inspiration to young athletes everywhere - a testament that determination, hard work, and resilience can indeed turn an underdog into a star.

Ja Morant Statistics

Ja Morant Height: 1.9 m 6'2"

Ja Morant Weight: 79 kg 174lbs

Ja Morant Age: 20 Years

Ja Morant Awards and Achievements

  • NBA Rookie of the Year (2020)
  • NBA All-Rookie First Team (2020)
  • Consensus first-team All-American (2019)
  • NCAA season assists leader (2019)
  • Lute Olson Award (2019)
  • Bob Cousy Award (2019)
  • OVC Player of the Year (2019)
  • 2× First-team All-OVC (2018, 2019)
  • OVC Tournament MVP (2019)
  • OVC All-Newcomer Team (2018)
  • No. 12 retired by Murray State Racers

Ja Morant Daily Routine

Ja Morant, the rising star of the NBA, is back with his gruelling workout routine for the latest season. His non-stop, action-packed daily routine gives him a buzz and keeps him on top of his game.

"I wake up around eight o’clock, have breakfast," Morant shared about his day. "At nine, I go for treatment which includes massages and everything else needed to keep my body in peak condition. Post that, I do an on-turf workout for about an hour, from 10:30 to 11:30, and then move straight to the court for another hour or so. I wrap up around 12:45, grab some lunch, and then have a two-hour window of free time. During this break, I might opt for more treatment or just rest. Then I start back up at four o’clock with weight training, wrapping up around 5:30 or six o’clock. It’s a lot."

Indeed, it is a lot! This rigorous routine seems to consume his entire day, but Morant believes it will pay off within three weeks, propelling him to the number one spot in the sport.

In addition to his workout regimen, Ja Morant is also gearing up for an exciting new venture. He has signed with Panini, the trading card company, and is eagerly awaiting the release of his own trading card.

"Everybody, when you were young, you had players you looked up to and you were trying to get their trading cards," Morant said. "Panini allowed me to have a trading card of my own and be part of an amazing group. I am just ready to see how my trading card turns out."

His collective version will be released in August, while his NBA card will be available in October. However, before that happens, Morant may need to land with a team – a process that might necessitate even more strenuous workout sessions.

As we prepare to watch Morant's journey unfold, one thing is certain: his intense workout routine and unwavering dedication to his craft will undoubtedly continue to propel him towards greater heights in his career

Ja Morant Workout Routine


Ja Morant adheres to a straightforward yet highly effective workout regimen, which includes basketball exercises designed to enhance his shooting, passing, and dribbling abilities. The role of a point guard is multifaceted, requiring both defensive prowess and offensive capability. When forwards struggle to score, it falls upon the point guard to step up and deliver. Undeniably, the point guard position is one of the most pivotal roles on the court.

In his daily training routine, Ja Morant incorporates a variety of basketball workouts to solidify his performance. These workouts are instrumental in building a robust foundation that contributes to his success on the court:

  1. One-Leg Barbell Squats: This exercise, performed in 3 sets of 10 reps, helps strengthen the lower body and improve balance1.
  2. Front Cable Raises: Done in 3 sets of 8-10 reps, this workout enhances shoulder strength, crucial for shooting and passing1.
  3. Cable One Arm Triceps Extension: Performed for 10-12 reps across 3 sets, this exercise strengthens the triceps, aiding in shooting form1.
  4. Landmine Shoulder Press and Lateral Raises: These exercises help build upper body strength, essential for powerful passes and shots2.
  5. Kettlebell Swings, Clean & Jerks, Goblet Squats on a Stability Ball: These compound movements work multiple muscle groups at once, improving overall strength and agility2.
  6. Shooting, Jumping, and Agility Drills: These are key to enhancing Morant's speed, precision, and footwork3.
  7. Single Leg Line Hops, Cone Hops with Reaction, Single Leg Broad to 90 Degree Jumps, Reactive Jump Cut: These agility and quickness drills improve Morant's explosiveness on the court4.
  8. Box Jumps, Hip Flexor Lunge Stretch, Calf Raises: These exercises improve lower body strength and flexibility, essential for explosive jumps and quick sprints5.

Form shooting

Ja Morant, the acclaimed point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, has a unique approach to his basketball workout routine. A significant part of his regimen revolves around form shooting, a technique that hones his precision from various angles on the court12. The primary objective is to ensure the ball lands smoothly on the rim every time.

Form shooting is a critical skill for any shooter, especially in high-pressure situations. When executed correctly, it can significantly enhance the shooter's accuracy and consistency. For Morant, this exercise plays an integral role in his training routine.

The importance of this technique cannot be overstated. If a player's form is correct in the midst of shooting, there's a high probability the ball will sail cleanly through the hoop without grazing the rim. This ability to make clean shots is paramount in basketball, and it's one of the reasons Morant is such a formidable player on the court.

This drill is not just about scoring. It also helps improve hand-eye coordination, muscle memory, and shooting mechanics, all of which contribute to Morant's overall performance. In essence, form shooting is a critical component that contributes greatly to Ja Morant's success as a professional basketball player34.


In the electrifying game of basketball, the art of dribbling holds paramount importance, and for fans of Ja Morant, it's a skill they've seen him master time and time again. Regardless of your role on the court, the ability to deftly maneuver the ball past a defender is a crucial aspect of the game that no player can afford to overlook. Dribbling 101

For Morant, a maestro of the dribble, this fundamental skill is not just about moving the ball; it's a strategic weapon in his arsenal. His adept handling and control of the ball, coupled with his quick feet and sharp mind, often leave defenders scrambling in his wake. It's no surprise then, that Morant places such a high emphasis on honing this skill. Want to learn more about the importance of dribbling? Important of Dribbling

So, whether you're a point guard like Morant or play another position, mastering the art of dribbling is essential. It's a transformative skill that can elevate your game, just as it has done for Morant, turning him into the formidable player he is today. Learn Basketball Dribbling Moves

Ball handling

There is no point in shooting and dribbling if you cant handle your ball. Thus this point is extremely important if you want your ball to stay at the place and it does not slip because then you will have a missed opportunity.

Rip through, Cross and Inside Finish


The training includes the understanding of countermoves, and it’s indispensable to get your explosiveness out. Let's see what else does Ja Morant workout's include.

Between the leg fake and spin one-foot fade

The 'Between the leg fake and spin one-foot fade' is a complex basketball move that combines agility, precision, and deceptive maneuvering. It's a move that requires exceptional skill and control, both of which NBA star Ja Morant possesses in spades.

Here's a breakdown of the move:

  1. Between the leg fake: This is a dribbling technique used to deceive the defender. The player dribbles the ball between their legs, but instead of letting it bounce to the other hand as expected, they quickly pull it back with the same hand, effectively faking out the defender.
  2. Spin move: After the fake, the player then performs a quick spin to get around the defender. This requires swift footwork and body control to maintain balance and possession of the ball.
  3. One-foot fade: Finally, the player jumps off one foot and leans back (or "fades") away from the basket while shooting. This creates separation from the defender and gives the player a clean look at the basket.

As for how Ja Morant practices this move, it likely involves a combination of drills focusing on each component of the move. For the between the leg fake, he might practice rapid-fire dribbling drills to improve his ball handling skills. For the spin move, agility and balance exercises would be key. Finally, for the one-foot fade, he would work on shooting drills, particularly those involving off-balance or leaning shots.

Morant's dynamic playing style and relentless work ethic allow him to execute such complex moves with grace and effectiveness on the court2.

Weight training

Ja Morant adheres to a comprehensive gym regimen, emphasizing weight training and explosive strength enhancement - two crucial elements for any basketball player. His workout regimen consists of a series of exercises that he diligently practices five times a week, each session lasting at least an hour. Morant often prefers to train alongside his teammates, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collective growth.

Here's a snapshot of his weekly exercise routine:

Monday Ja Morant Workout Routine

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  • Seated cable rows of 10-12 reps, 3 sets
  • Cable barbell curls of 10-12 reps, 3 sets
  • Pull-ups of 10-12 reps, 3 sets
  • Cable hammer curls with a rope of 10-12 reps, 3 sets
  • Cable flys of 10-12 reps, 3 sets
  • Cable one arm triceps extension of 10-12 reps, 3 sets
  • Cable triceps extension low cable of 10-12 reps, 3 sets
  • Push-ups of 10-12 reps, 3 sets

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Tuesday Ja Morant Workout Routine

Optimum Nutrition's Pre-Workout

  • 30 minutes of High-intensity interval training
  • 10 minutes if uphill sprint on the treadmill
  • Lower abs workout
  • Cardio workout
  • Core workout exercises

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Wednesday Ja Morant Workout Routine

Optimum Nutrition's Pre-Workout

  • Bent over low pulley lateral extensions of 6-8 reps, 4 sets
  • Barbell lunges of 6-8 reps, 4 sets
  • Handstand push-ups of 8-10 reps, 4 sets
  • Dumbbell squats of 8 reps, 3 sets
  • Dumbbell step-ups of 6-8 reps, 3 sets

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Thursday Ja Morant Workout Routine

Optimum Nutrition's Pre-Workout

  • One leg barbell squats of 10 reps, 3 sets
  • Front cable raises of 8-10 reps, 3 sets
  • Cable one arm triceps extension of 10-12 reps, 3 sets
  • Cable triceps extension low cable of 10-12 reps, 3 sets
  • Barbell lunges of 6-8 reps, 4 sets

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Friday Ja Morant Workout Routine

Optimum Nutrition's Pre-Workout

  • Cable barbell curls of 10-12 reps, 3 sets
  • Pull-ups of 10-12 reps, 3 sets
  • Cable hammer curls with a rope of 10-12 reps, 3 sets
  • Cable flyes of 10-12 reps, 3 sets
  • One leg barbell squats of 10 reps, 3 sets
  • Cardio workout
  • Push-ups of 10-12 reps, 3 sets

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Day 5 and 6: Friday and Saturday Ja Morant Workout Routine

Optimum Nutrition's Pre-Workout

Day 5 and 6 are mostly about cardio like running, swimming, or playing any sports.That was all that Ja Morant does in his week full of training. Now moving on to what doe she eat to fill himself up with nutrients so that he can live and play better!

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Here's a look at Ja Morant's meal plan.


Ja Morant Diet Plan

Ja Morant, like many professional athletes, maintains a certain level of privacy when it comes to his dietary habits. It's well known that each athlete's diet is tailored to their specific needs and body type, and Morant is no exception.

That said, it's not difficult to piece together the general composition of Morant's daily nutrition. He focuses on balanced meals rich in the three primary macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Despite his strict regimen, he's not one to shy away from the occasional cheat meal, thanks to his robust metabolism and the constant calorie-burning that comes with his rigorous schedule.

Morant is aware of the importance of essential vitamins and minerals in his diet, particularly considering his size and the physical demands of his position on the court. His meal plan is loaded with proteins, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids for healthy fats, and a measured amount of carbohydrates. This balanced approach fuels his performance during games and aids in recovery afterward.

A closer look at his diet reveals a penchant for protein-rich foods such as chicken, turkey, and a variety of seafood like salmon and shrimp. Fiber is another crucial component of Morant's diet, which he incorporates through oatmeal, fruits, and vegetables. Additionally, hydration plays a significant role in his nutritional strategy, ensuring his body functions optimally.

In essence, while the exact details of Ja Morant's diet may remain under wraps, it's clear that he follows a disciplined, balanced, and nutrient-dense approach to fuel his high-performance lifestyle.


Basketball star Ja Morant's diet is as disciplined as his training routine, designed to fuel his high-intensity workouts and keep him at peak performance. A considerable portion of his diet is protein-rich foods, supporting the strenuous demands of his daily regimen.

Morant's diet includes a variety of nuts such as almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and cashews, offering him both protein and healthy fats. Dairy products are also a staple, providing crucial calcium for bone strength and density. Eggs, a well-known source of high-quality protein and beneficial fats, are another essential component of his diet.

Fish and legumes feature prominently in Morant's meals, acting as vital sources of protein necessary for muscle maintenance and structural support. Quality is key when it comes to Morant's food choices; he opts for nutrient-dense foods that offer a balance of macros, with a particular emphasis on high-pro


Breakfast is an essential mix of protein and carbs along with some fruit in the form of juice or whole fruit.

  • Eggs
  • Whole grain pancake
  • Juice

Pre-training Meal

Right before Ja Morant hits the gym, he makes certain that he has a fabulous mixture of fats and protein which will help him increase his energy in the gym and give him a comprehensive workout.


His lunch is pretty much the primary one which consists of a carb source, proteins, and veggies. His lunches and dinners are rather much the same because Ja Morant assumes in keeping things elementary. Ja Morant does not like fancy foods that much and relies on whatever is possible.

  • Chicken
  • Rice
  • Veggies

Pre-workout Meal

Pre-workout meals are necessary for him because it helps him improve and release his muscle. It also helps the body to make the tissue fibers again. Ja Morant makes certain to have a protein-rich meal after he has done his workout.


The dinner for Ja Morant is rather much the same as his lunch. He keeps it pretty elementary with some protein, carbs, and veggies on the side. He either has chicken or fish for his protein which is a rather excellent option to get lean protein. More or less, his diet plan is moderately basic to understand and hassle-free.

  • Steak or chicken
  • Veggies
  • Rice

As a point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, Ja Morant's diet is as strategic and disciplined as his game plan on the court. He recognizes the importance of fueling his body with balanced, nutritious meals to maintain his elite athletic performance. This approach allows him to focus more on refining his skills and less on exhaustive gym sessions.

Morant's diet is rich in protein sources like beef, chicken, and seafood, including favorites like shrimp and salmon1. He complements these proteins with a variety of vegetables and carbohydrates like pasta, creating well-rounded meals that support his demanding physical routine.

While he does employ a personal chef, Morant isn't averse to whipping up some simpler dishes himself. It's all about striking a balance between convenience, nutrition, and taste.

And like any other person, Morant enjoys indulging in a few cheat meals throughout the week to break the routine of strict dieting. However, he's mindful not to overdo it. His guilty pleasures include burgers, fries, and soda, but he ensures these treats don't derail his overall healthy eating habits.

As for his sweet tooth, Morant loves cakes, candies, and chocolates, which serve as a delightful reward and help curb his sugar cravings. However, he's careful to reserve these sugary indulgences for specific times, ensuring they don't interfere with his regular diet.

In essence, while Morant's diet is meticulous and tailored to his athletic needs, he also knows how to enjoy his food and satisfy his cravings responsibly.

Ja Morant 7 Health Tips


This is essentially what it takes for an NBA player like Ja Morant to be on track every single day of the year and to perform his best!

Elevating the game to NBA star status, as Ja Morant has done, requires not only exceptional skill on the court but also an unwavering commitment to physical health and fitness. For Morant, his body is his temple, a finely-tuned instrument that he nourishes with a meticulously planned diet and a regimen of supplements aimed at maximizing his athletic performance12.

Morant's dietary approach is holistic and purposeful. He often shares glimpses of his meals via social media, allowing fans a peek into his nutrition strategy during both training and off-season periods. Like fellow NBA player Russell Westbrook, Morant's goal during the off-season is to enhance his athleticism and build lean muscle mass.

A cornerstone of Morant's diet plan is his strategic use of carbohydrates. Timing and type are key: consuming the right carbs at the right time can significantly impact energy levels and muscle recovery. For Morant, carbs serve three main purposes: fueling his workouts, aiding post-workout muscle recovery, and maintaining insulin levels12.

But Morant's nutritional mindfulness doesn't end with carbs. He also pays close attention to his protein intake, particularly at night. Late-night protein consumption, coupled with a legal, all-natural testosterone booster, helps him maximize his testosterone levels. The slow-digesting protein ensures a steady supply of nutrients while sleeping, when the body produces most of its testosterone12.

In essence, Morant's approach to diet and supplements is a testament to his dedication to his craft. His focus on nutrition underscores the importance of diet in achieving athletic excellence and maintaining peak performance.

Antioxidants are essential


Ja Morant places a significant emphasis on health protection and recovery strategies. Post-workout, he indulges in a recovery shake that replenishes his body and initiates the healing process. In addition, he supplements his diet with all-natural antioxidants to ensure his body has the necessary fuel for complete recovery. Foods rich in antioxidants, like Goji Berries, green tea, and dishes seasoned with turmeric, are part of his dietary routine, speeding up his recovery.

Add protein to each meal

Contrary to common belief among amateur athletes, protein isn't only for muscle building; it's crucial for recovery too. Consuming protein after competitions or intensive exercise sessions can help rejuvenate the body, aiding muscle recovery and power restoration. This is particularly important if you're engaging in back-to-back games or workout sessions. Optimum Nutrition's Whey Protein is one such supplement that can easily incorporate protein into your meals.

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Have a big breakfast

Basketball players, given their high-energy gameplay involving running and jumping, burn a lot of calories in a short period. Hence, a substantial breakfast is beneficial as it provides the body with plenty of calories to burn. Ja Morant also advocates for snacking but cautions against large meals before a game, maintaining a balance between energy intake and optimal performance.

Stay hydrated


NBA star Ja Morant is no exception. With the intense physical exertion and copious sweating that comes with playing professional basketball, maintaining optimal hydration levels is crucial. Ja Morant ensures he's well-hydrated by sipping on water throughout the day, not just during his games1.

In addition to his focus on nutrition and hydration, Morant also prioritizes rest. He understands the importance of sleep in athletic recovery and performance enhancement. As part of his pre-game routine, he often takes an hour-long nap, a practice shared by many top athletes. This rest, coupled with nutritious meals, primes his body for peak performance.

Ja Morant's journey to the NBA wasn't a matter of luck; it was a testament to his hard work and dedication. His life revolves around meticulous preparation, from his rigorous workouts to his carefully curated diet. His success isn't solely due to his impressive playoff runs, but also his ability to excel when others falter.

These seven insights into Ja Morant's lifestyle offer valuable guidance for fans and aspiring athletes alike. From his diet and workout regime to his focus on hydration and rest, Morant's commitments highlight the holistic approach required to maintain fitness and agility throughout the year.



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