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Iain Valliere Diet & Workout Routine

The Professional bodybuilder Iain Valliere diet is not a complex diet. But there is a seasonable diet that changes according to the season. Mean there are different food between off-season and competition. The Iain Valliere workout routine is little bit intensive for beginners.

Who is Iain Valliere?

Iain Valliere is a Professional Canadian bodybuilder. He has been active since 2010 in weightlifting sport. He worked hard and reach the top of his career.He competes every year in Mr. Olympia with the finest celebrity in the bodybuilding industry. He has a great vision to compete with his competitor.

  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Profession: Professional Bodybuilder
  • Date-of-Birth: November 27, 1990

Aside from his successful bodybuilding career, he enjoys coaching other bodybuilders such as Chris Bumstead. Chris is a strong Classic Physique competitor.Iain has been a dream achiever. He worked hard to reach his ambition. He worked hard for around a year so that he can able to change his dream into reality.[incontent_ads]

Iain Valliere Accomplishments

Valliere's first amateur competition was the 2010 OPA Ottawa Championships, where he finished first in the Junior Men's division and third in the Men's Heavyweight division.He obtained his Pro card in 2014 and competed in his first Pro show, the Toronto Pro Supershow, in 2015, finishing fifth.

Amateur Shows

  • 2010 OPA Ottawa Championships – 1st Junior Men’s, 3rd Men’s Heavyweight
  • 2011 OPA Provincial Championships – 1st Junior Men’s
  • 2011 CBBF Nationals – 1st Junior Men’s
  • 2013 OPA Ottawa Championships – 1st Men’s Super-Heavyweight & Overall Champion
  • 2014 OPA Provincial Championships – 1st Men’s Super-Heavyweight & Overall Champion
  • 2014 Amateur Olympia Mexico – 1st Men’s Heavyweight & Overall Champion (Pro card recipient)

Pro Shows


  • Toronto Pro Supershow, IFBB Men’s Bodybuilding, 5th place


  • Toronto Pro Supershow, IFBB Men’s Bodybuilding, 7th place
  • Vancouver Pro, IFBB Men’s Bodybuilding, 9th place


  • Indy Pro, IFBB Men’s Bodybuilding, 4th place
  • Vancouver Pro, IFBB Men’s Bodybuilding, 4th place
  • Mr. Olympia, IFBB Men’s, 14th place
  • Big Man Weekend Pro, Men’s Bodybuilding, 1st place


  • Tampa Pro Men’s Bodybuilding, 3rd place
  • Portugal Pro Bodybuilding, 3rd place
  • Vancouver Pro Men’s Bodybuilding, 4th place
  • Toronto Pro Men’s Bodybuilding, vice-champion, 2nd place

Iain Valliere Body Stats

[su_table responsive="yes" fixed="yes"]HeightWill Get SoonWeightWill Get SoonArmWill Get SoonChestWill Get SoonWaistWill Get SoonThighsWill Get Soon[/su_table]The guy works hard to stay in a shape. He performs intense training session everyday, It makes his body to stay in shape. The sculpted body can't build without hardwork.He used to share fitness content on his Instagram before becoming a successful bodybuilder. He was also interested in assisting and coaching others.[incontent_ads]

Iain Valliere Diet

Diet is the most important thing while prepare for bodybuilding. There are lots of other nutrients matter when dieting. So here we share the every meal detail of the Iain Valliere diet.The guy take care of his diet because we have to control on our food. Iain don't be so crazy while dieting. He makes things simple as it is. The technique he applies on his diet is good, He says that you need to eat according to your size.

  • Meal 1: 200g egg whites, 2 whole eggs & 100g oats w/ 30g whey isolate powder
  • Meal 2: 200g sweet potato & 300g chicken breast
  • Workout Session
  • Meal 3: (postworkout) 100g Jasmine rice & 400g white fish
  • Meal 4: 100g Jasmine rice & 400g white fish
  • Meal 5: 200g potato & 200g salmon
  • Meal 6: (carb cutting meal) 200g egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 100g beef & 30g walnuts

Valliere wants a premium diet, So he spends $250-300 per week on essential things like groceries and foods. That is normal because he has to maintain a massive physique.When he is prepare himself for an upcoming competition, Then he will cut back on carbs and fats while increasing his protein intake. This allows him to maintain a massive figure without compromising muscle mass.Iain seen preparing his breakfast in a video on the internet. Unlike some bodybuilders, Iain prefers to eat chicken and rice for breakfast instead of oatmeal and egg whites. He also does not avoid egg yolks as a source of healthful fats.

Iain Valliere Workout Routine Valliere, like other professional bodybuilders, divides his training into two parts: off-season and in-season contest prep. During each phase, he trains individually.Make sure you stay hydrated throughout workouts by consuming water or energy drinks before you begin your workout or training program.Also, remember to warm up by exercising and cool down by stretching your muscles out, as this can assist you to avoid injury during your workout or exercise.When it is off-season, Iain Valliere will train with lower rep range with heavier weights to bulk up. This type of training regime, forces his body to grow, when it combined with a caloric diet.

Shoulder Workout

This workout Valliere used to did with Bumstead. He stick with the routine in the gym ane of course there is no excuse when it comes to train shoulder. He basically performs a few crucial deltoids-targeting exercises.

  • 3-5 sets & 10 reps: Machine shoulder press
  • 3-5 sets & 10 reps: Lateral raises
  • 3-5 sets & 10 reps: Front raises
  • 3-5 sets & 10 reps: Dumbbell shrugs

Chest Workout

Valliere like to get into the heavier weights as soon as possible, so he does not warm up as much as many bodybuilders. He also likes to do cardio when he is near to any competition.

  • 3 sets & 6 reps: Incline bench press
  • 3 sets & 12-15 reps: Incline cable fly
  • 3 sets & 6 reps: Decline hammer press
  • 3 sets & 8-12 reps: Dumbbell fly
  • 3 sets & 8-10 reps: Incline machine press
  • 3 sets & 8-12 reps: Chest dip

When he prepare for contest, He'll consist high reps and midium weight. He make his workout routine short but make it intense then before. In short, He don't want to lose muscle by stick to the routine for long time.

FAQ’S ABOUT Iain Valliere

What is Iain Valliere Workout Routine?Ans. Valliere's workout is very intensive for begginers. He spiltted his workout in two phase: In season and off-season.What is Iain Valliere diet?Ans. Valliere likes to take a quality diet. He spends lot of every week for grocery of his diet.


It’s not easy to become like him in a day or two. But he had to work hard for years to achieve his shredded and muscular physiques. After looking at Iain Valliere workout routine and Iain Valliere diet, we can conclude that if we want to be like him, we must work hard for it, and his daily routine inspires and motivates us to achieve a healthy body.




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