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How Can You Get Ripped With Calisthenics?

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If you are a regular gym freak who does weight training to stay fit and build his physique, getting ripped would surely be on your priority list. And if you are here, we can be pretty sure that you wanted to know whether a calisthenics workout program can get you ripped or not. Ain't it? Well, the short answer to that question is a big YES. Undoubtedly, building a ripped physique would also require you to follow a strict diet plan but as far as training is concerned, performing calisthenics can serve you pretty well in getting lean and ripped.So without further ado, let's get to know in detail how you can get ripped with calisthenics. Let's get started.[incontent_ads]

The effectiveness of calisthenics

The effectiveness of calisthenics is unquestionable. You can easily get an idea about it from the fact that performing bodyweight exercises is a crucial part of the workout routines of the fittest and the strongest men around the globe. So when it comes to getting ripped, a calisthenics workout plan can surely do the needful. Undoubtedly, calisthenics gets you ripped in the most efficient manner.There is a popular quote in the fitness community which says, "There is never going to be a time when you have outgrown the basic exercises." And what are the basic exercises? Well, they are the ones that your trainer made you perform when you started your lifting journey. Nobody starts their lifting journey with bench pressing or deadlifting over 200 lbs. We all get started with mastering our body weight first which happens to be the crux of calisthenics.Bodyweight exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, jump squats, L-sits, hanging leg raises, etc. target your core muscles adequately. Their execution further incorporates a greater number of muscle fibers which allows you to burn more calories. All this collectively enables you to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. And that's exactly the thing which you need to get ripped.[incontent_ads]

How can you get ripped with calisthenics?

Now, let's address the question for which you are here. Getting ripped with calisthenics is something that won't require you to take your local gym membership. Nor would you have to take out time from your hectic work schedules for your gym visits. All you need is some basic training equipment such as a pull-up bar (you can buy an inexpensive one that fits in between the door jambs), a dip station, and your body weight. Now it's time to know the tips through which you can get ripped with calisthenics. Let's have a look at them:-

Progressive Overload

Progressive Overload

Progressive overload is the holy grail of muscle building. So whether you are looking to build muscle or burn fat to look sharper, progressive load needs to be the underlying principle of your training program. When it comes to calisthenics, performing different variations of the exercises and increasing the time under tension adds the element of progressive overload to your calisthenics workout routine. However, it is recommended that you incorporate only one parameter at a time to avoid the adverse impacts of overtraining.[incontent_ads]

Training to failure

To get the most out of a calisthenics workout program, you will have to ensure that you train to failure on each of the exercises. Training in such a manner will adequately stimulate your muscles on one hand and burn a greater amount of calories on the other. Well, the latter will serve you pretty well in getting ripped.

High volume training

While performing calisthenics, you use your body weight as resistance. Hence, to stimulate your muscles adequately you would have to follow the high-volume training approach. Training this way will contribute significantly towards torching your body fat which will enable your body to get ripped.Now, since you are familiar with the tips that can make your calisthenics workout program effective, it's time that you get started with a beginner calisthenics workout plan. Well, you certainly don't need an experienced trainer to structure your calisthenics-based workout plan. You can get it done yourself.If you are an absolute beginner you can get started with a calisthenics workout program in which you will start with mastering the basic exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, free squats, planks and leg raises. To do so, start performing those movements with a strict form for as many reps as possible. This will allow your body to get adapted to lift your body weight and it will give your physique a lean and athletic appearance.

Exercise Progression

Exercise Progression

Once you get pretty good with the basic exercises, you can incorporate their variations in your training program as well. So if you are able to perform 30-50 pushups in a row with strict form, it means that now you should include exercises like diamond push-ups, one-arm pushups, archer push-ups, etc. in your workout routine. Other calisthenics exercises that will help you in getting ripped would be one-arm pull-ups or chin-ups, typewriter pull-ups, dragon flags, pistol squats, L-sits, etc.Whether your goal is to build muscle or get ripped, just ensure to make your calisthenics workout program challenging, but not annihilating. That way, calisthenics would surely make your physique muscular and ripped enough to make you look like a comic book superhero.


In order to get ripped with calisthenics, it's crucial that you feed your body well. Consuming adequate amounts of proteins to repair your muscles, fueling your body with good carbs and healthy fats, and keeping your body well-hydrated will allow you to gain the best out of a calisthenics workout program.

Wrapping Up

We are sure that this post would have motivated you to get ripped by following a calisthenics workout program. As we mentioned before, only relying on a well-structured calisthenics workout program to get ripped won't serve you much if your diet isn't on point. Along with that, you would also have to make provisions for rest and recovery. Nevertheless, calisthenics will assist you significantly in becoming your fittest and most ripped version. So go and give it a shot.

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