Gordon Hayward Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Gordon Hayward suffered from a serious ankle injury that was all over the news. During this period, he was allowed to eat whatever he wanted without any restrictions. Now, however, it is not the case. But let us begin by talking more closely about this phase too.

Gordon suffered his injury as a Celtic in 2017 when he was robbed of his reunion with his coach for two years, Brad Stevens. He was left wondering if he could ever join the team again. His motivation for following a strict rehabilitation process was motivated by the fact that his team surged to a 55-27 record and a two-seed in the playoffs. He then got his ankle surgically repaired.

After a year on bed rest, he has made a come back the previous year, trying to work harder and making up for the time he has lost so that he could aim for owning the Eastern Conference.

Since the comeback, he has been interviewed many times to know about his future strategies and appreciation of the game. We're talking about his diet and body measurements in this one, but before we dig into that, it is important we know what are we dealing with:

Gordon Hayward's Body Stats:

Age 28 years Height 6 feet 8 inches (203 cm approx..)Weight 213 lbs( 96 kg approx..)HairGolden brown Eyes Brown Sexual OrientationStraightChest44 inchesWaist34 inches

Gordon Hayward On His Injury Days:

Talking about the strength exercises that he could do while he was on the bed, he said, "Initially, there wasn't much. What I did do was a bunch of grip-strength work—stuff to try to improve the strength in my hands and forearms. I used rice buckets and a baseball bat, and I crumpled up newspapers. I did this while watching games because I wasn't allowed to stand or put any weight on my ankle. I was just trying to stay active with my hands and arms because that's all I had."

He even made many alterations to his diet since he was not very active during his rest days. He said that actually ate a lot. While explaining his logic, he said, "Right at the beginning, they kind of told me that I could eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and to eat a lot. My body had gone through such a major trauma, and it was burning a lot of calories while it was healing itself. As that process started to fade away, though, we started to watch what I was eating again. I would go to Chipotle and get, like, two soft tacos with chicken and pico, and that was it. That was tough for me, because when anyone in the world goes to Chipotle, they're getting a nice big burrito, and maybe some chips and guacamole. That was the hard part."

We did not hope that "eating whatever you want" meant eating all the junk food in the world, but, that's exactly what Gordon Hayward did. He says, "Oh, I was eating full boxes of a dozen doughnuts, cake, cookies—I was going to town. They were just like, 'Live this part up because you won't be able to do it soon.' I was for sure eating everything I could."

Gordon Hayward's Diet Plan After Recovery:

Breakfast: Gordon explained how his breakfast is full of protein to provide him sufficient fuel for the day.

"If we have a shootaround in the morning, I'll wake up and have green tea with a little bit of honey. I'll do scrambled eggs with some bell peppers, cheese, and a little bit of bacon. I'll also have oatmeal with blueberries."

Lunch: His lunch choices seem to be pretty basic. He really believes in moderation. About his lunch he says: "For lunch, I just eat what's available at the practice facility—they like to mix it up. Usually, I take a nap on gamedays. I've done that since I've been in the league. When I get up, I eat something else. My wife usually cooks that for me, and it's usually chicken and rice. Then it's off to the facility and then to the arena."

Dinner: It is some chicken dish for him at dinner too.

Snacks: Gordon likes to have an energy drink once in a while. He usually takes that between his matches. "I've never gotten hungry to the point where I would have, like, a steak at halftime. [laughs] But I do like to have drinks, like an energy drink before the game. I'll take a swig of that at halftime, too."

Gordon Hayward's Workout Routine

Gordon does not have a fixed schedule for workouts. He usually does the strength training with some weight in the gym apart from his on-court exercises.

Boston Celtics' Gordon Hayward (20) talks to teammate Kemba Walker during the first half of an NBA basketball game against the San Antonio Spurs, Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019, in San Antonio. Boston won 135-115.

He mixes up by doing the upper body strength some days, alternating it with some lower body workouts. He also does a lot of abs workout like sit up and planks.

Because of his injury, he still can not load the maximum amount during his strength training but mobility and to increase his heart rate is one of the goals that he strives for.

He also makes sure that he is adding a lot of lightweight exercises which he does by using only his body weight, along with balancing postures and stretches.

Post his injury, he has had a different perception of the game he loves. In an interview, he said, "There has definitely been a renewal of my passion for the game—practices, lacing up the shoes, putting on the uniform, even the drills I hated doing—all that means so much more to me now. The little things you take for granted, I understand how quickly they can be taken away. I make sure to enjoy every moment I have out there."

So that's all behind the motivational daily routine of Gordon Hayward including his diet and workout schedule.




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