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Gianluca Vacchi Diet And Workout - Training Routine

Mr.Enjoy! That’s what they call him!!People are drawn to look for Gianluca Vacchi diet and Gianluca Vacchi workout routine as well. As a large stockholder in an Italian manufacturing business IMA, he earns tens of millions in dividends each year and more.Gianluca Vacchi, with his flamboyance and extravagant lifestyle, his uniquely positive approach to life and his over-the-top and carpe diem attitude, became an overnight internet sensation.Vacchi apart from being a social media personality, entrepreneur and author is also a DJ who owns millions of fans across the globe for his heartwarming DJing.Extremely popular on social media via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc he is famous for his 20 million or more followers on Instagram who call him ‘the real life most interesting man in the world’.As a DJ he has performed with high longitudinal artists and celebrities globally. He also owns a group of fitness-loving fans who eagerly do not miss out on his diet and workout regime.

Who is Gianluca Vacchi?

[incontent_ads]Vacchi was born on August 5,1967 in Bologna Italy. His first tasted fame came in his teen years with his talent on the ski slopes. Later he joined IMA Group (Industria Macchine Automatiche)Gianluca along with his cousin helped the business go public carefully maintaining a large ownership stake. He is the president and CEO of the company that rears around $100 million per year in profits.This mega entrepreneur has skills over music too. At the age of 46, Vacchi became a viral sensation when he picked DJing, dancing and curating his Instagram page.

  • Nationality: Italian
  • Profession: Entrepreneur, DJ, Social Media Icon and Author
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Weight: 165lbs

In 2016 he published a book titled #Enjoy!Proud of his playboy title, Vacchi entertains his fans and followers by sharing photos and videos of his ultra-luxurious lifestyle, cars, private jets and exotic vacations.He often poses shirtless though !!Are you ready to know more about physique then read these articles Qimmah Russo Diet And Workout Plan, Erin Stern Diet and Workout Program and Shia LaBeouf Workout & Diet Plan.

Gianluca Vacchi Diet

[incontent_ads]Vacchi is an extreme party animal and a crazy person when it comes to enjoying his heart-out surprises all by his diet choices. He follows a very strict diet plan comprising high protein moderate fat and low carb.Vacchi acknowledges that eating lean protein and healthy fat maintains the elasticity of his skin keeping it firm and tight. His favorites are egg whites, chicken breast, grass-fed beef, avocadoes, olive oil and walnuts.Favorite Food

  • Egg whites
  • Grass-fed beef
  • Avocado
  • Olive oil
  • Walnuts
  • Chicken breast

Anti-Aging Food

  • Grilled fatty fish like Salmon
  • Grilled chicken breast
  • Roasted veggies

He likes lean protein and makes smart food choices by choosing heart-healthy fats and fiber to keep himself full all day. This is what he calls a kind of “Stay Young” diet.Vacchi loves vegetables and grilled fish protein which he finds a good source of lean protein. He likes roasted vegetables like Broccoli and Kale with grilled Salmon or grilled chicken breast. He admits that it takes a powerful determination to follow such a diet.

Gianluca Vacchi Workout

[incontent_ads]Vacchi is a fitness enthusiast apart from being an all-rounder international celebrity. His videos have more than a lot to offer from the star himself, his professional guidance, his multitudinal prospects of life along with his motivational speeches on how he trains or works out and his diet plans.This 5’8” tall media sensation weighing 165-175 pounds (74.8-79.4 kg) is a fitness lover. His training routine includes working out in the gym for an hour and a half.

Some Basic Workout Exercise

  • Rope climbing
  • Skipping in front of a fireplace
  • Weight training
  • Leg raises and core exercises
  • Lateral dips
  • Lateral pulldowns
  • Resistance training
  • Running
  • Pilates
  • Swimming
  • Dumbbell Chest Press

Vacchi is very particular about his fitness plans and does not miss a single day of working out. He has a youthful, lean and toned body in his 50s, which is a credit to his dedication and determination.Some of the regular exercises Vacchi works on are leg raises and core exercises, lateral dips, lateral pulldowns, resistance training, etc.

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Gianluca Vacchi is living the best life that any man can dream of. Great achievements don't come easy. Vacchi has worked hard to reach his aims and proudly proclaims himself self-made. His lavish life is the result of his dedication and struggles.He paved way for millions who follow him with his secrets and life advice. In one of his famous videos, he said about 3 major subjects that are key to success Mindset, Diet and Exercise.Tell me about your though on Gianluca Vacchi diet and Gianluca Vacchi workout routine in the comment section.




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