Ezekiel Elliott Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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The star we are going to talk about in this article, Ezekiel Elijah Elliott, is known for his exuberance but he can be very impetuous too. His image of being a running back is kind of overpowering and helpless defender and not waiting for any player to begin his moves.Born on July 22, 1995, Ezekiel Elijah Elliott is an American football moving back for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL). He performed college football at Ohio State, where he obtained second-team All-America honors in 2015. He was selected by the Cowboys fourth overall in the 2016 NFL Draft. A three-time Pro Bowl choice, Elliott led the group in speeding yards in 2016 and 2018.

Ezekiel Elliot

The NFL actually suspended Ezekiel Elijah Elliott after he had a season-long tiff between him and the league. Currently, with week 16 of the season which is approaching in 2020, and his team of Cowboy at the edge of a payoff berth he feels he is ready to take the field by the storm. According to NFL, Ezekiel Elijah Elliott rested in Cabo, Mexico during the time he was suspended and took the time out to work on himself.So, Ezekiel Elijah Elliott was not really there just to have fun, but to workout instead for six weeks straight which would get him prepared for the next term. Based on his pictures, it seems as if Ezekiel Elijah Elliott actually did the whole workout drill from Rocky III during his little Sejour to the south of the border.Ezekiel Elijah Elliott's physique now literally contains a set of 6 pack abs which is one of the most impressive features because it shows your determination. He also does not have any problem showing it off. He has, however, returned to the NFL after working for it for weeks and his labor has worked well!

Ezekiel Elliott Statistics

Ezekiel Elliott
  • Born: 22 July 1995 (age 25 years)
  • Country of Origin: Alton, Illinois, United States
  • Height: 1.83 m or 5 ft 11 34 in
  • Weight: 102 kg or 225 lb
  • Current team: Dallas Cowboys (#21 / Running back)
  • Sponsors: BioSteel, Nike

Ezekiel Elliot Awards and Achievements

  • 3× Pro Bowl (2016, 2018, 2019)
  • First-team All-Pro (2016)
  • Second-team All-Pro (2018)
  • 2× NFL rushing yards leader (2016, 2018)
  • PFWA All-Rookie Team (2016)
  • Big Ten Most Valuable Player (2015)
  • Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year (2015)
  • Second-team All-American (2015)
  • First-team All-Big Ten (2015)
  • Ameche–Dayne Running Back of the Year (2015)
  • CFP national champion (2015)
  • Sugar Bowl Champion (2015)
  • Big Ten champion (2014)
  • James E. Sullivan Award (2014)

Ezekiel Elliott Workout Routine

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Ezekiel Elliott

Nov 17, 2019; Detroit, MI, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott (21) runs for a touchdown during the fourth quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field.[/caption]Ezekiel Elliot might be doing whatever to do in shape in Mexico but it really seems to be working. According to ESPN, the Cowboys player has shed so much weight off his body during his vacation in Cabo that his weight is now down to being as low as 200 pounds which is a few pounds below his playing weight in the 2018 season which was 228 lbs. It is also the lightest that Ezekiel Elliot has ever weighed in at any point since his soccer career.Ezekiel Elliot has his weight 10 lbs lower which is much lower than what he weight at the starting of the year. And honestly, it was just a few months ago that the Cowboys went for a trip and the player's overweight picture trended on the internet/ To show that he was not all that overweight, Ezekiel Elliot jumped onto a scale and told that he was only 230 lbs.But now, Ezekiel Elliot has come down to as low as 220 lbs which is a matter of great determination. Now that he is more fitter, his teammates and the Cowboy owner, Jerry Jones, want him to stay put and keep himself in shape. In fact, Jones also expected that Ezekiel Elliot would change during this time off in Mexico and away from the team. He commented, saying, "Zeke has the ability to just completely hit the ground running, if I may use that," Jones said. "He has that, and we expect that. He says it, and I believe him, that he's in great shape. So I don't think that'll be an issue when he does come back."Ezekiel Elliot might have found the perfect trainer and a perfect diet to remind in shape in Cabo because it is not just this time that he was able to look great after his trip to Mexico. Back in 2016, Ezekiel Elliot spent 6 weeks in Cabo again when he was suspended and he came back with great strength and stamina.

Ezekiel Elliott

This time, however, Ezekiel Elliot has been supported for his weight from a very unexpected fan and an unlikely follower who is a Giant's fan. Previous super-middleweight champion, star coach—and New Jersey resident—Danny Musico saw his prominence up close and intimate, long ere Elliott secured his first vocation goal in his NFL debut against Musico’s favorite Big Blue. Musico got an opportunity to accomplish with Elliott over the summer, striking a helping role in improving the 6’, 225-pound bodily exemplar God-given talents with his own trademark label of boxing conditioning through an exhausting HIIT workout prepared via core conditioning and hand-speed improvement. “It was an absolute honor to work with Ezekiel,” says Musico, explaining his experience. “He was a beast on the field and in the gym. He deserves it,” he continued.

Music, whose customer list encompasses A-list celebrities and some NFL and NHL athletes, met the budding superstar at a gathering over the summer, with the duo accepting to work collectively while the Cowboys were in Oxnard, CA, planning for training camp. “I promised him I could help him enhance his hand speed and quickness,” Musico says.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O9upvgHO5MTwice a week throughout July, the two assembled for an hour at Musico’s Sixty Hotel workout studio. Musico’s special intensity quick hit interims had Elliott going for series after series of 30-second all-out effort subsequent by a half-minute of rest. “We just go round robin till we drop,” Musico says. “And that last round is when you’re gonna drop.”The duo worked on a 5 piece of equipment which included—Frog Trainer, Rage Soft Stones, RealRyder indoor cycler, Nexersys, and Sparc Trainer— where each piece of equipment is designed to enhance a different aspect of Ezekiel Elliot's game by enhancing his core strength and endurance. It also helped him relax his hand speed and power. He never really followed any two sequences in a row over the period of his association with him. There were no two exercises that were the same one after the other.They explain the workout to the audience explaining, “It’s the old method of going into the gym on Monday, and you see the same guy doing chest and bi’s starting with the same routine, same exercise every time,” Musico says. “Not here. We don’t want the muscles getting used to performing the same exercises at the same time always, so you want to shock the muscle."They also gave 5 important moves that Ezekiel Elliot performed every day to enhance his routine

Ezekiel Elliott



This exercise is great for people to create gravity strength. “With the Frog Trainer, your body is suspended in the air like an accordion to create a center of gravity strength,” Musico says. Whether presenting a shoulder or leg press on the Frog (Musico would combine it which would then depends on day to day), Elliott would have to maintain himself in a lengthened position for 30 seconds, repeat, stay for a half-minute, then drive again. “Having the upper- and lower-body strength meeting at the core, that’s what the Frog does. So every time Ezekiel’s in a set position and he pops up and that ball is stuffed into his gut, he remembers the Frog.”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGild0yjuEY


This workout is good for explosive strength. It needs a stone which should weigh 50 pounds, approximately. Take over the shoulder, toss it, chase it, bend it and cradle it and then you will have to do that again for the next 30 seconds. It will really et anyone up for the big gains. “Explosive power is what the stones are all about,” Musico says.


With the single indoor bike on the business that really converts, Musico would have Elliott accelerator full-on on the Real Ryder for 30 seconds, next after a 30-second light breather, Musico may cry out, “Bike right!” which would then indicate Elliott to move the bike to his right for 30 seconds. By now his abs and obliques are completely committed and quads in flames as he paddles out a full 30 seconds. Then it’s left, center, or whatever way Musico exclaims out. “It’s what helps you get that strong second push till the play is over,” Musico says.


This drill helps Elliot gain even more power than it is already there in his arms and biceps, Musico makes Ezekiel Elliot jab, uppercut, and hook various kinds of punches and kicks with pads attached to the nexuses. Music tells Elliott to continuously strive and thrust his hands over the pads, which increases his overwhelming strength to push off his offensive players en route to the end zone. “It’s all hand speed,” Musico says. “This is what helps with the stiff arm.”


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kIitNZos28This is something gutting that out in the fourth division seems like. For four minutes—with 30 seconds on, and the next 30 off—Elliott’s legs are drawing all out to create as much wattage as desirable on this body strength powered device. “It’s about interval explosions and recovery,” Musico says. According to Musico, the common athlete’s wattage would float approximately 400 to 500 watts. You wanna know Ezekiel Elliot's? “Nearly 900 watts,” he says.This is the main part of what he does for his workout routine to get a fit physique. Moving onto his diet plan and what he eats to fuel himself.

Ezekiel Elliott Diet Plan

Sanders stated that he and Elliott has hired the same private chef. In his words, “Ay, thank you for blowing my chef up. You took him from me, and you put him on another level,” said Prime. “Chef Hoppie love you to life, he talks about you all the time. Man, I appreciate you for giving him that type of love. He is a great kid.” Elliott responded, “For sure. Chef Hoppie – shouts to him, he is definitely the best chef in Dallas, and he makes it work for me.”Chef Hoppie was a patron on the podcast or live stream appearance in BFB [Best For Business] entertained by Walt Chism and Lindsay Cochrane [LindsayyOnAir]. Throughout the conversation, Hoppie yielded some of the meals he prepares for the Cowboys running back, Ezekiel Elliot. He tells that it ought to be high in protein but Zeeke definitely eats carbs. He mixes his protein sources like chicken, fish, and meat with some carbs source.

Ezekiel Elliott

In his words, “So for Zeke, we kind of keep it too high protein, but he likes to keep his carbs in there just because he is burning throughout the day with working out. So, one meal would be mash potatoes with steak cooked medium-well and some roasted broccoli. We also do a little bit of asparagus with yellow rice and bake chicken just a little bit of everything. I have a creation called steak wrap shrimp. So, instead of the shrimp being wrapped in bacon, it is wrapped in steak. So, I do that as well for Zeke,” said Hoppie.As far as the kind of steak that he is utilizing is concerned, “It’s a kind of stirfry so that it is then it still cooks, and you are not overdoing the shrimp. It has to be a thin cut type of steak."But how does Chef Hoppie know what to make and serve for Zeke? “Really, Google and experience,” said Hoppie.

Ezekiel Elliott

He also went to a culinary school only when he was a teenager, approximately13 years old called Young Chester Academy, and was able to learn a lot of things at the school. Later he applied to be a teacher at the same institute where he learned. He was just 16 at that time. Ever since he has been in this industry and used to work at the concession stands at Cowboy Stadium. He also states that he started with baking. "Baking was my foot in the door. A lot of people wouldn’t trust a kid with their food, but they would trust them with baking. So I used that to stay in my lane and stay in my path," Chef Hoppie said. "Then when I went to culinary school when I was about 12 or 14, that was kind of how everything molded together," he continued.It was at that very time, he settled for his first catering job, with a prominent star in football. "Deion Sanders gave me my first job. I played for his football team Truth at 12. He gave me my first catering job at 13 and he has been a mentor ever since. I am his personal chef right now," Chef Hoppie recalls his first job. Truth is Deion Sanders' charitable football association. They strive to retain kids' engagement in sports and off the streets.However, for chef hippie, the goal had always been pretty clear. He wanted to turn his passion and his dreams into reality! In his words, "This is my passion. I started my brand, Chef Hoppie when I was like 14," he said. "I knew that football wasn’t it for me. But I wanted to show people that you can live the lifestyle by just following your dream and turning it into your passion."Seems like dreaming big had paid off for chef Hoppie. He is also providing personally cooked meals for many professional athletes and players. The chef gives out a few names saying, "Ezekiel Elliott, DeMarcus Lawrence, Leonard Fourtnette... comedian Desi Banks," Chef Hoppie said. "All of the Cowboys know who I am. Whenever they need a chef or something catered, they call."It is not just the celebrity clients that he caters to, he also has other kinds of clients as well. They are the people who want to eat well and right but are busy and always on the go. Chef Hoppie makes them work it out. He also gives out a few tips for eating healthy which he also of course gives out to Ezekiel Elliot and which he follows. His tips also extend to the kind of cooking and the healthy additions to the food.

Ezekiel Elliott

"A lot of people love shrimp and grits. So for instance, you can use steel-cut oats. Make them savory instead of sweet. Instead of rice, you can use cauliflower rice. A lot of the food you love, you can still eat, you just have to eat the right portions. A lot of people also think that to eat healthily, you can’t use any seasoning. You can use seasoning! Not a pound of salt or anything, but use some seasoning," Chef Hoppie explained giving out some vital tips to the fans and listeners.Now let’s go back to why he’s known as Chef Hoppie specifically. And in fact, it is a very interesting story, indeed. "When I was playing for Coach Deion, we were going to Florida for a tournament and I had fractured my ankle," he explained. "That’s when I got the name Hoppie. So when they found out that I could cook, they started calling me Chef Hoppie."The rest, in this instance, is a sweet and savory chronicle. And that is all about Ezekiel Elliot's workout routine and his amazing chef who makes his diet plan!

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