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Erin Stern Diet and Workout Program

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“Being strong is a difficult choice, but it becomes a habit like anything when practiced over time” ….. She has justified her statement by helping others to achieve balance and happiness by uncovering their own unique strength.Yess! We are unfolding the fitness rules followed with her compatible Workout routine and Diet of none other than the Fitness Diva ‘Erin Stern’.Author of three books - MPower Your Life, Train Like a Bodybuilder and The Bodybuilder’s Kitchen. Her sustainable athletic training protocols make her an idol to people who believe in healthy living methods.

Who is Erin Stern?

[incontent_ads]A two-time Figure Olympia Champion, a 14-time IFBB Champion, a self-coached lifetime natural athlete and a former Division 1 Track and Field Junior All-American are all the credits that Stern has earned for herself.With a height of 5’9” and bodyweight of 63 kilograms (139 Pounds) this fitness model completely nails her gesture with brown hair and white ethnicity paired with brown eyes as well.

  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Professional Fitness Coach & Bodybuilder
  • Date-of-Birth: 5 February 1980

[su_box title="Also Read" box_color="#00bfff"]Jaden Smith Workout Routine & Nutritious Diet[/su_box]Belonging to a Jewish athlete's family, Erin at a very young age developed a passion for running and horse riding, which took her on track with her career.Unlike other fitness idols, Erin is not a supporter of the words strict diet plans. You read it right, friends !! Our athlete diva shares her thoughts on the word “Diet”, which connotes deprivation. She advises the need for experiments and thinks it is important to test-drive diets.

Erin Stern Diet

[incontent_ads]Stern adds on by saying that the quantity and quality of fuel both are important for a workout regime. She is exclusively active, hence doesn’t count calories and keeps her carb intake relatively high which are supposed to be good carbs.She is not a believer in chat meals although she says that treat meals, may not be clean but that still have some nutritional value. With her simple eating habits, Erin likes to keep it creative as health is a priority along with performance.This natural athlete suggests going for macronutrients and advocates for protein, a carb and fat in each meal you have. To reach a bigger platform you need to step on small stairs, that's exactly how Erin motivates you with her diet plan.Adding color to her plate with lots of seasonal vegetables gives her space from the daily dose of egg whites and oatmeal.For the fats, she hits it with good stuff like Avocados, Flaxseed oils and Pepitas(pumpkin seeds). Her Nutritional Regime is high in protein and carbs with moderate healthy fats.You can also read this post: Caroline Girvan Diet and Workout PlanHer diet for the day includes:-

  • Meal 1: Egg whites, Cooked Dry Oats
  • Meal 2: Grilled Chicken, Black Rice & Spinach Salad
  • Meal 3: Tuna & Rice cakes
  • Meal 4: DYMATIZE ISO-100 & Fresh Fruits
  • Meal 5: Egg white omelet & Broccoli
  • Meal 6: Casein, Yoghourt & Egg white omelet

To pamper her workout body, Erin relies on Supplements such as- L- Camitine, CLA, BCAAs, Whey protein, etc.[incontent_ads]

Erin’s Workout Program

erin stern workout

So for all you fitness lovers out there…. It's a relief you get from our fitness diva’s workout regime.Erin! Athletic Beauty ! is not intrigued by the logic of calorie counting. She rather gives importance to the timing of calorie consumption that would fuel her body both, pre and post-workout. Not only with her diet that she does mark herself as different but also with her workout plans.Guys, if you are on a workout regime hunt for more…..get an experience with Erin’s workout structures.“I mix it up!” She says that boldly further explaining that “it's important not to stay in the same routine because your body will get used to it and you’ll plateau”.She lifts weight but balances herself by training for strength, speed and physique supporting each activity with the other. In her gym, she does Hang cleans or Hang snatch, some Olympic lifts (maybe 5 sets of 5 reps).Then she goes for Compound Movement and wraps up with Isolation moves. She does Circuit training followed by Supersets to drop muscle.Stern prefers sprints and HIIT to the treadmill grind and does not support steady-state cardio for herself. She does sprints or some type of interval training and counts Tabatas as cardio.She confirms that muscle grows at rest and for that reason, lifting is not needed every day. It's preferable to keep a day off to rest and recover from training madness.Erin trains for each specific goal and program of her routine depending on the desired outcome. You can simply rely on her Training Regime to get tangible results.[incontent_ads]

Day 1 (Back Workout)

  • Pull-ups - 5 sets (5 reps)
  • Followed by 5 more exercises

Day 2 (Shoulders Workout)

  • Jerk Balance - 6 sets (3reps)
  • Followed by 5 more exercises

Day 3 - (Legs Workout)

  • Hang clean - 6 sets (3 reps)
  • Followed by 6 more exercises

Day 4 - Weekly Off

Day - 5 (Arms Workout)

  • Superset
  • Close grip bench press - 4 sets (10reps)
  • Followed by 4 more exercises

Day - 6 (Track Training / Chest Workout)

  • Treadmill running
  • 4 sprints for 400 m or 8 for 200m
  • 4 sets 400 m
  • Followed by 6 more exercises

Day - 7 (Track Training/ Glutes Workout / Calves Workout)

  • Treadmill running
  • 8 sprints for 50 m or 6 for 100 m (8 sets, 50 m)
  • Followed by 5 more exercises.


Erin with her extensive knowledge in training, nutrition and competition developed a program that parallels her fitness philosophy and style of training that can help you to develop a strong, lean, athletic build.Other than using dumbbells, bench (inclinable) ez-bar, barbell and plate, swiss ball, cable machine, Eric also offers optional exercise on the stationary bike, treadmill, rowing machine and elliptical.However, you can modify any of the exercises to fit what you have at home.

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