David Pollack Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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David Pollack was born in New Jersey but later spent his childhood in Georgia where he was a top-notch athlete, playing football, basketball, and wrestling in high school and college. Being a high school senior, he was called Defensive Lineman of the Year and a Class 5A all-state selection. Pollack earned many awards and titles for playing football for the University of Georgia, which also involved SEC Player of the Year and All-American 3 years in a row. He finished college with a degree in history and proceeded further to compete for the Cincinnati Bengals but was wounded on multiple occasions.After crushing his backbone during the second game of his second term, he withdrew from professional football and walked on to sportscasting. He also has his own business named FanBan that creates pennants with college football logos and photos of different types of sports. In 2016, Pollack founded the Pollack Family Foundation which supports all phases of health and wellness. Now, Pollack is also a brand representative for Barberitos, a fast and casual burrito eatery. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs about 220 lbs.

David Pollack

It is no surprise that David Pollack loves and breathes football. After an experience at the University of Georgia Bulldog and Cinncinati Bengal, his professional football career was cut short after an injury but he wasn't deterred to follow his passion. While he inclined the measures at 297 pounds in his youth, he has slimmed down to a more flexible 220 pounds.

Nowadays, he spends his time traveling all around the country with ESPN's College GameDay where he interviews and talks about the realms of football. He also shared how he slimmed down and worked his way down. But before we move on to his workout routine and his diet plan, here's a look at his statistics.

David Pollack Statistics

David Pollack

Weight: 255 lbs or 115 kgsHeight: 188cmBorn: June 19, 1982 (Age: 38)Country of birth: Snellville, GA

David Pollack Workout Routine

David Pollack

When David Pollock was a junior at UGA he was fairly overweight, but things took a turn when he got to his senior year and slimmed down significantly. He shares his junior and senior seasons and talks about the reason for his weight gain and weight loss. He says, "When you’re an athlete—especially at the position I played, defensive end—you have to have some size. I think your identity gets wrapped up in having a size and being a big person. You train to be big and strong. I started to take nutrition classes at UGA going into my senior year. My idea of a pregame meal, [I would have] two Wendy’s triple stacks and a large frosty. I met with a nutritionist and went down the aisles of [the grocery store] and started to read labels and really learned how to apply it. It was amazing. I went from 292 to 245 for spring ball."David also shares that his weight gain has affected him mentally as well knowing he was smaller in the previous season. He felt he lost some strength but he got back in the weight room and got stronger than before. He explains his experience saying, "You worry about your weight because you have to be big and you have to be strong. The one thing that I started to realize is initially you lose strength, but it’s just like anything else. You get in the weight room and you can still get stronger and you can still get it back. I realize that you don’t have to be big to be strong. Just because I’m a big guy doesn’t make me a strong guy. I was still powerful and I lost weight so fast that I lost some strength, so it took me some time to put my muscle back on."David Pollock has constantly struggled with weight and while he was playing he went down to 245 on the scales. Before and after he lost weight, there was a drastic change and he shares the same saying, "

David Pollack

"I would say from my junior year to my senior year I went from 400 benches to 455. Keep in mind, I went to 245 for spring ball. Once I got through the spring and into the summer, I was back up to 265. It was a more solid 265, a lot better looking. I cleaned at 400 pounds."However, he performed better according to him in the prior season when he was still at 265 pounds. He says that all of the seasons are a journey where he learned and grew so much and evolved in his own unique way. In his words, "I performed better. I think with preparing for the offseason and getting ready for your senior year, every year you continue to learn and grow and try to make your game evolve. The thing I like the most about being a little bit lighter is, endurance-wise, I think you can push yourself harder. When you strap a 20-pound weight vest on and you go run, it makes it a lot harder."

David Pollack

Decided to go from 265 to 245 was a tough decision and rather a process for David Pollock. He slowly built it up by changing his food habits and working out although he had recently had an injury. He says that he clearly stays away from processed foods and anything which is not natural or packaged. For him, it was a whole process and it took him a lot of time to grow out of his old habits. He says,"I’m 220 now. It’s a process just like everything else. I was in a halo and a neck brace for a couple of years [after my injury with the Bengals], so [I] couldn’t do everything [I] wanted to do, but I slowly started to lose some weight. It’s been a process and I’m continuing to educate myself. My wife and I, we’re cognizant of what we cook and what we eat, when we eat. This next year, I have goals I want to pursue in nutrition—[eat] more deer; I don’t want to eat anything that is processed. I look at stuff that has more than four ingredients and I’m not interested in it. It took a while to evolve and grow. The number one thing that is the most annoying is that everyone who sees me is like, oh my god you’re so skinny. I’m 220-230 on a given day, and I’m just like, I lost weight, I’m not small. It’s like walking up on me, dude—come on!"David Pollock has to do a lot of traveling, almost five days a week. He is always on the go and so his hotel room is his gym. He does basic exercises whenever he finds some space and tries to run for his cardio. He keeps on challenges himself even though he does not have a lot of time on his hands. He explains, "Now, because of my travel schedule—I travel five days a week—I do a lot of bodyweight stuff, finding weight rooms when I can. A lot of pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups. I have these pull-up straps with me on the road that I can strap on the door and do pull-ups. I have to run at least one mile a day. I’ve done a challenge on my Twitter the last few years from Thanksgiving to January 1st. Everyone has seven to 20 minutes to walk, jog, or run a mile. Everyone can do that. I challenge myself to do that as well."

Hotel Room Hits

David Pollock is an all-time traveler and he makes his hotel rooms his personal gym. He works out whenever he can and if he could find a weight room, he will make sure he is using it.

Pollack travels a lot, and so he says he squeezes in his workouts where he can, either with bodyweight exercises or in the gym if his hotel has one.

Daily Dose

David Pollock tried to fit in some runs in his schedule. He runs for at least a mile every day and even has a Twitter challenge where he hopes that he could inspire some people to do a mile every day.

A Tradition of Health

David Pollock and his family have opened a foundation that revolves around the concept of "Whole Life Health." The motive of this foundation is to promote all aspects of health including physical, mental, and even emotional.

David Pollack

Stay Strong

As a note to all his fans and followers, to keep up their discipline, Pollack and the Georgia Bulldogs strength coach Scott Sinclair strapped on harnesses and tended the 12-ton ESPN College GameDay bus.

A David Pollack Workout Routine

Run/walk/jog: 1+ miles dailyBodyweight exercises: push-ups, sit-ups, squats, etc.Get up and try to move every day as much as possible, which will help sustain all features of health.

Pollack On Weight Loss And Strength

Once you begin to lose weight, David Pollock felt he lost some strength too. However, you can regain all of it back by working hard. He says, ‘The one thing I started to realize is, initially you lose strength, but it’s just like anything else. You get back in the weight room and you can still get stronger and get it back.’

Pollack On Being Lean

He thinks that being lighter and not being overweight has its own health benefits, for example, you can lift more and push yourself harder and not feel the fatigue. In his words, ‘The thing I like the most about being a little bit lighter is, endurance-wise, I think you can push yourself harder.’

David Pollack

Pollack On Daily Exercise

For David Pollock, exercising daily is a must. No matter where he is he always makes sure to add in some sort of body movement in his routine. He says, ‘Everyone has 7-20 minutes to walk, jog, or run a mile.’

You Gotta Eat & Sleep This Stuff: The Negatives and Positives

David Pollock believes that one must keep the negative stuff out and only bring in the positive stuff. For example, when a past Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s name was considered as a possible nominee to the College Football Playoff selection committee, Pollack got detonated for indicating women should not be on the committee. He immediately explained that he intended only that he demanded panel members to be committed to the sport. In his own words, ‘I want people on this committee that…have played football…that can tell you, different teams, on tape, not on paper.’ Thus, he did not mean anything negative.

David Pollack

Top-Ranked Collegiate

Pollack had 36 sacks throughout his college vacation at Georgia, the third-most eminent in NCAA history. He was a 1st round best in the 2005 NFL draft.

Seriously Injured But Still On His Feet

When Pollack fractured his neck while on a tackle, he had to use a 3-lb. titanium halo twisted into his skull as part of his healing and was informed he might suffer perpetual paralysis. He was naturally scared as any normal person would be because it meant that his career is over. He said, ‘It was scary.’ Still, Pollack says he is very content with where his post-football route has guided him. He says he believes in the oath that God has chosen for him and he lives it to his fullest. In his words, ‘Everything I grew up wanting to. be was taken away in 1 hit. Never doubt what God can do! So thankful he took football away and brought me where I am today.’

David Pollack

Giving Back to the Society

Pollack’s Family Foundation has involved several other foundations like the Atlanta-based Strong4Life and C.H.O.I.C.E.S. which both concentrate on battling childhood obesity and partnered with these committees.

For him, offseason are blessings because then he can come back to his normal family routine. He loves it and says that he adores spending each day with his family which he otherwise can not. He explains, ‘It’s awesome. I get to spend every day with [my family] and go to baseball practices…and pick them up from the bus stop. It’s really rewarding to just come home and be Dad.’

That's all about David Pollack's fitness routine and his workouts. Moving on to what does he eat to fuel his body for the workout routine and the hectic schedule that he has for the week ahead.

David Pollack Diet Plan

David Pollack

David Pollock recounts that when he played football, he thought he had to be huge, and heeded a ‘sea-food diet, implying he would eat anything that came in front of him, including stuff like triple fast-food burgers and large shakes. His weight was up to or maybe even more than 290 lbs. when his NFL career was cut brief, but later he no longer wanted to feed himself so much, so Pollack set up a meeting with a nutritionist.He started paying consideration to food stamps and lost about 50 lbs. by executing moderately simple alterations. These days, Pollack has his weight down to about 220 lbs. He makes sure that he is eating whole, natural, wild-caught foods, and if a food item has more than 4 constituents, he won’t consume it. He says he’s giving up on his favorite triple cheeseburgers and his large shakes forever.He even went ahead and cleaned up the catering on ESPN’s College GameDay. He says this helps him and others around him to stick to healthy eating patterns because one is inclined to eat garbage food when it is lying all around you. Thus, it helps him stay healthy. He says, "When I came on Game Day a few years ago and [saw] what was on set—you look over and see candy galore and cookies—all this garbage. The more inclined you are to have something laying around, the more inclined you are to eat it. Just having that stuff next to us all the time was kind of bad. I asked, for me, can I get some of this, some of that—healthy snacks. Some fruit, stuff like that which would make it easier to be healthy. I did that and it kind of spread to where the table got a lot cleaner and healthier and better. Now, on the whole, our table is pretty good for being there all day."For him, losing weight was not something that happened in a jiffy. It was a whole process that took some time and he advises his fans and followers to give their journey a break and take small steps. Another important thing is to set realistic goals. In his words, "Every journey starts with baby steps. Don’t try to be perfect. Set yourself down a path where you’ll have success, but realize that path sometimes is going to a dead end and you’re going to mess up. That doesn’t mean you quit. That means you start back and you get back on the bike and start riding again. You try to be better the next time."

A K.I.S.S. Diet

David Pollack tries to eat the kinds of foods that are found in nature and shuns anything with a long listing of ingredients or any kind of packaged foods.

David Pollack

Go Wild

David Pollack has made it a rule to eat as much wild as possible, meaning he goes all fresh and natural when it comes to his food selection.

Sugar Buster

David Pollack is extreme when it comes to avoiding sugar. He in fact has got himself a name for not eating sugar in almost 10 years!

Baby Steps

David Pollack's advice to his fans is to not start huge but rather take baby steps. He wants his followers to not rush in and most importantly, not give up.

Table Clean-Up

The kitchen at ESPN’s College GameDay used to involve a lot of trashy food like packaged and processed food items. Pollack demanded they incorporate healthier choices, and the expanse has become a lot more healthy over the years.

What to Eat

  • Fresh vegetables
  • Locally-sourced, naturally-raised meat
  • Wild-caught fish
  • Eggs
  • Olive oil
  • Avocados
  • Locally-grown fruit
David Pollack

What to Avoid

  • Refined sugar
  • Processed foods
  • Refined carbs
  • Genetically-modified foods (GMOs)
  • Trans fat
  • Artificial ingredients

Pollack On Weight-Loss Worries

David Pollack has always had a misconception when it came to the weight that you have to be big to be strong but he soon realized that it was not the case. He began working out and focus on his strength than anything else. He said, ‘You worry about your weight because you have to be big, and you have to be strong…I realized that you don’t have to be big to be strong.’

David Pollack

Pollack On Taking Charge Of Your Diet

He immediately took care of what goes on his plate and here was, 50 pounds lighter in no time. He says, ‘My wife and I, we’re cognizant of what we cook and what we eat when we eat.’

Pollack On Giving Up Sugar And Refined Foods

The reason he lost weight was that he no longer had the misconception of being big and strong and neither did he have to play. He says, ‘After I retired from the NFL and I did not need to have my weight anymore, I chose not to eat bad food and I chose to get slimmer because I don’t need to hit people anymore.’

Pollack On His Dietary Goals

He clearly stays away from anything that is processed or is high in fat and sugar content. He eats healthily all the time. He explains.‘I don’t want to eat anything that is processed. I look at stuff that has more than 4 ingredients and I’m not interested in it.’

David Pollack’s Supplements

David Pollack

David Pollack makes sure to take his supplements which include a multivitamin with omega-3s which are great for strengthening the immune system and replenish the lost vitamins during the strenuous week ahead.


David Pollack also has a mega multivitamin that includes probiotics, turmeric, and a green complex which are great for weight loss and immunity.That was all about David Pollack's workout routine and his diet plan which helped him to lose weight. It was not a big deal because all he did was change his food habits. He remained active which also helped him to shed a few pounds along with his all-natural diet plan.

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