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Christian Guzman Diet and Workout Plan

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Who is Christian Guzman?

Christian Guzman is famous as an entrepreneur, fitness model, personal trainer. His Birthplace is Houston, Texas. He started his Youtube Channel in 2012. Now, His youtube videos watch by hundreds of people daily. He started lifting heavy weight in teenage with his friends. Christian goes to gym and work hard for many years. Let’s see Christian Guzman Diet and his Workout Routine.

  • Nationality : American
  • Profession : Bodybuilder, Entrepreneur, Online Coach
  • Date-Of-Birth : 14 January, 1993
  • Age (2020) : 27 years
  • Net Worth : $2 million

Christian once started "Christian Guzman Summer Shredding 2019", It is an online competition for transforming body. The attractive thing that about Christian hair cut style. He tell about his Meal plan and workout routine via many interviews, instagram chats and other social media platform. Christian started training in gym since teenage. Let’s see Christian Guzman Body Stats.[incontent_ads]

Christian Guzman Body Stats

Christian Guzman Body Stats

Christian Guzman Weight is 185–200 (83.9 – 90.7 kg). Christian Guzman Height is 5’11” (180 cm).

  • Height – 5’11” (180 cm)
  • Weight – 185–200 (83.9 – 90.7 kg)
  • Chest – Will get soon
  • Waist – Will get soon
  • Biceps – Will get soon

If we want to have a well physique body then we need to concentrate in our diet and workout plan. He follow his diet plan and workout plan very strictly. He started gym and gaining muscle and weight since he interested in the bodybuilding field.

Christian Guzman Diet

If we talk about diet, all our body health is depend on what type of diet we prefer to our body, like you need to take care of calories in the diet and many factors like what should we eat? You must need to know that eating and sleeping is most important factor in building muscle. Let's have a look in Christian Guzman diet.

Christian Guzman Diet Plan

Christian Guzman Cutting Diet

Christian's meals are balanced with lean protein, vegetables and help of supplements. The balance of food sources keep his metabolism working safely. He can get back his massive muscles and physique before his shows. Let's see His cutting diet..

Meal 1

  • Peanut butter, rolled oats, eggs, egg whites, blueberries, and pineapple
  • Christian uses pink salt, black pepper and hot sauce to add taste

Meal 2(Post-workout)

  • 1/2 scoops of whey protein

Meal 3

  • In this meal Christian likes to eat some light snacks.
  • Also add protein bar, energy bar.

Meal 4

  • Shrimp seasoned with minced garlic and lemon.
  • Add Baby spinach, jasmine rice and pink salt.

Meal 5

  • Vanilla Greek yogurt mixed with granola

Meal 6

  • A bowl of oatmeal mixed with a handful of chocolate chips.


Christian Guzman Bulking Diet

Christian Guzman Bulking Diet

Meal 1

  • Two scrambled eggs
  • A turkey patty
  • Grilled peppers and half a box of blueberries
  • Salsa with eggs for flavor

Meal 2

  • 6 ounces of lean ground beef
  • 1 packet of basmati rice, and a cup of sautéed spinach on the side

Meal 3

  • 3 ounces of lean ground beef
  • Half a box of thin spaghetti
  • 1 tbsp of butter, salt and pepper for taste

Meal 4

  • Granola bar

Meal 5

  • 2 servings of berry medley
  • 1 small container of Greek yogurt
  • 125 grams of pineapple
  • 1 scoop of whey protein

Meal 6

  • 1 chicken quesadilla from Taco Cabana with salsa on the side

Meal 7

  • 1 packet of brown rice with fat free Italian dressing

As you can see Christian eats much like 6-7 meals of the day and he also maintain level of carb, fat, fibre in his body. That's we can say that He has much knowledge in creating a helthy balanced diet plan. He uses protein powder some times when needed.Above Meal Plan tells us that what Christian eats within a single day to maintain his massive muscles and Maintain his weight. Christian takes some Steroids and Supplements. We all understand that exercise is important in bodybuilding but nutritions & diet also plays vital role that how your body look.

Christian Guzman Workout Routine

Christian Guzman Workout Routine

Before start the workout routine or exercise routine, make sure you stay hydrated during workouts by drinking water or energy drinks. and Important is to don’t forget to warm-up exercising and make sure to cool down by stretching your muscles out, because It’s helps you to do injury free workout or exercise.

Chest Workout

Christian started exercises from Incline dumbbell and then Cable flyes and on. Take rest 2-3 min rest per set. Here is Christian Chest Workout.

  • 5 sets & 15-12-8-6 reps — Incline dumbbell press
  • 5 sets & 10-12 reps — Standing cable flyes
  • 5 sets & 10-12 reps — Incline barbell bench press
  • 2 sets & 15-20 reps — Bodyweight (last set to failure)

Back & Biceps Workout

  • 4 sets & 10-12 reps — Lat pulldown
  • 4 sets & 10-12 reps — T-bar row
  • 4 sets & 10-12 reps — Standing dumbbell curl
  • 4 sets & 10-12 reps — Cable reverse grip curl

Shoulder Workout

  • 5 sets & 10-12 reps — Dumbbell lateral raise
  • 5 sets & 10-12 reps — Bent arm dumbbell lateral raise
  • 5 sets & 8-12 reps — Seated dumbbell press
  • 5 sets & 10-12 reps — Reverse cable crossover

Leg Workout

  • 5 sets & 8-12 reps — Barbell squats
  • 5 sets & 10-12 reps — Leg press
  • 5 sets & 10-12 reps — Lying hamstring curls
  • 4 sets & 10-12 reps — Leg extensions (last set drop set)
  • 5 sets & 6-12 reps — Standing calf raises

Alphalete Gym

Christian bought his gym in 2013, When he bought, It was very small storage. But now he moved on bigger storage gym and better equipments. Christian is owner of Alphalete Gym, Which set in Stafford, Texas – is spread around 19,000 square feet.As we see you need to work hard to achieve bodybuilding like him. Christian Guzman diet and his workout plan and daily routine inspire and motivate us. If you want to follow him on social media then below is the link of his instagram profile.

Social Media Profile

Christian Guzman Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/p/CDSW2r1JEsO/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_linkAlso Read : Mike Chang Diet Plan and Workout Routine

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