Caroline Girvan Diet & Workout Plan

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The 37 years old fitness tycoon is hitting the social zones like no one did ever before. The Caroline Girvan diet is a craze among workout freaks.Owner of the world’s second fastest growing YouTube channel and a stress reliever for fitness freaks, this Fitness Guru has to be none other than Caroline Girvan herself. Her workout plans have reached new goals in the fitness world.

Who is Caroline Girvan?

This North Ireland mom….of two kids, has her own potential of fitness goals which got her the titles of ultramarathon runner, a marathon runner, a triathlete and an Ironman.Her super fitness makes her an internet sensation with home workouts, rewarding her with 1.39 million followers on her YouTube channel.

  • Nationality: Irish
  • Profession: Fitness Model, Youtuber and Trainer
  • Date-of-Birth: June 22, 1984
  • Age: 21 years (as 2022)

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She is a certified personal trainer with an ideal weight and perfect vital stats. Caroline is complemented with blonde hair and dark brown eyes adorning her face.Being a fitness model, trainer, Instagram star, YouTuber and social media influencer, Caroline is also the founder and creator of EPIC, a fitness and healthcare program.

Body Stats of Caroline Girvan

To have a fitness regime, a healthy diet is the only mantra for you. Consumption of nutritious food that is rich in all essential micronutrients elevates your personal health.We must concentrate on our food and training if we want to have a decent physical body. She sticks to her diet and fitness routines religiously. We must eliminate processed foods from our diet and focus solely on fresh, healthy foods.If you want to maintain a healthy physique, you must exercise control over the foods you consume. That means you must eat nutritious foods that provide your body with essential micronutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, and fats. You must strike a balance between the three.

Height: 5'6" (167cm)

Weight: 119 lbs (54 kg)

Breast: 32 inches

Waist: 25 inches

Hips :33 inches

Caroline owes a perfect health plan with a suitable diet to supplement her routine. Her rigid implementation gives her perfection.Her sparkling fitness has reached her fame not only on social media platforms but she has also been the face and promoter of various fashion, apparel, sports and nutrition brands like Nike and others.

Caroline Girvan Diet

Caroline’s diet plans add wonders to your workout targets. She completely nailed the diet chart for fitness lovers. Her diet ideal is a powerpack for you guys… if you are planning a workout routine.You can take a glimpse at how she keeps her body fit and healthy with this daily diet of eating.

  • MEAL 1: Eggs, Toast, Avocado, Fruits
  • MEAL 2: Protein shakes or Yoghourt
  • MEAL3: Salmon, Brown rice & Broccoli
  • MEAL 4: Rice cakes, Peanut Butter & Apples
  • MEAL 5: Chicken breast, Lentil Pasta & Spinach
  • MEAL 6: Cottage Cheese & Dark Chocolate

If you are planning a workout regime, then be sure to not miss out on the essential nutrients in your diet. A perfect ratio of Carbohydrates, Protein, Minerals and fat should be well coordinated to give you a healthy backup.

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Caroline Girvan Workout Plan

Caroline Girvan Workout plan

Hey friends…..No more waiting moments! Fasten your seatbelts tight and get charged up for your workout schedules. When it comes to weight loss, You have to create a workout session where you have to burn calories and fats. Caroline Girvan gives you EPIC Beginners Services, consisting of 5 workouts across 1 week period. You can complete this task according to your choice of time. Her program offers you a workout of 30 minutes based on the main movements where you experience and practice actions, improving your strength, balance, coordination, muscular endurance and core stability. The first 3 workouts are bodyweight lower body, bodyweight upper body and third-day core and abs to help you build the fundamental movements before moving on to a full-body workout with dumbbells on the fourth workout.

Workout Routine by Caroline Girvan

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Warm Up


 5 minutes of dynamic stretching focusing on shoulder and hip rotations -

 30 seconds each side jumping jacks to elevate heart rate -

 30 seconds arm circles to activate the shoulder muscles

Strength Training


 2 sets of 10 each side reverse lunges with barbells -

 2 sets of 8 pull-ups with added resistance band for extra challenge

 3 sets of 8 bicep curls with dumbbells -

 3 sets of 12 tricep dips with a bench press or chair -

 2 sets of 15 lateral raises with dumbbells for overall shoulder development and stability

Core Workout

 2 sets of 15 Russian twists using medicine ball to target obliques -

 2 sets of 10 crunches on the Swiss ball -

 1 set plank pose hold for 60 seconds

Cool Down & Stretching

 5 minutes of gentle jogging or walking to cool down the body -

 Dynamic stretching exercises focusing on major muscle groups such as hamstrings, quads, glutes, back, shoulders and core.

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So… what are you waiting for guys?? Get into the action, with a wall…a stable chair….a pair of dumbbells…a mat and of course your power-boosting energy. If you want Caroline Girvan diet plan pdf then let us know in the comment section.Your intensity and focus will gain benefit your strength and overall performance. No pressure! No stress! No health fatigue!! It's only your audacity to challenge yourself as much as you can……..that will bring you positive results.So….cheer up and gear up…..setting your alarms on snooze!!!

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