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Big Ramy Diet and Workout Plan

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The Big Ramy diet has a huge amount of calories that he consumes within a single day. He doesn't scare to eat much like other bodybuilders. He almost consumes 3000 calories per day. That helps him to create and shape his muscle mass. He also takes care of moderate protein, carbs, and fats.So Here you can read in-depth about Big Ramy's workout and his diet so let’s know more about him.

Who is Big Ramy?

Mamdouh 'Big Ramy' Elssbiay is an IFFB professional bodybuilder. He was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. Big Ramy is known for his giant size and insane physique.Growing up in a poor area of Egypt, Before bodybuilding, He was trained as a fisherman. One he goes to the 'Oxygen Gym' to begin a great chapter of bodybuilding.His first big victory was when his second competition and he won his first PRO card. Recently, He got a massive victory by winning Mr. Olympia at 1st position in 2020. He worked hard to win Mr. Olympia and his dream came true.

  • Nationality: Egyptian
  • Profession: Professional Bodybuilder & 7 times Mr. Olympia winner
  • Date-of-Birth: September 16, 1984

Here is Big Ramy's Instagram Profile: @big_ramyWhen he entered his first debut at the New York Pro Championships in 2013. He had limited experience with bodybuilding and its training. But he worked hard and broke his own records in the gym. Finally, He won his debut match such a grand victory.When he first participated in Mr. Olympia, He was less experience but however, He got 8th rank in Mr. Olympia 2013 competition that was arranged right after his New York championship.

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Big Ramy Body Measurement

Big Ramy Body Measurement
  • Height — 5’9″ (165 m)
  • Weight — 310 lbs / 135 kg
  • Chest — 54 inches
  • Waist — 30 inches
  • Biceps — 22 inches

If we want to have a good physique body then we need to concentrate on our diet and workout. He follows his diet plan and workout very strictly. We have to avoid processed foods from our diet and only focus on fresh and clean foods.If you want to have a healthy body then you have to control the food that you eat. That means you have to eat healthy food that gives your body healthy macronutrients like protein, carbs, and fats. You need to maintain the balance between them.

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Big Ramy Achievements

  • 2012 Kuwait Golden Cup – 1st.
  • 2012 Amateur Olympia – 1st.
  • 2013 New York Pro Championship – 1st.
  • 2013 Mr. Olympia – 8th.
  • 2014 New York Pro Championship – 1st.
  • 2014 Mr. Olympia – 7th.
  • 2015 Arnold Classic Brazil – 1st.
  • 2015 Mr. Olympia – 5th.
  • 2015 Arnold Classic Europe – 4th.
  • 2015 EVLS Prague Pro – 2nd.
  • 2016 Mr. Olympia – 4th.
  • 2016 Arnold Classic Europe – 2nd.
  • 2016 IFBB Kuwait Pro – 1st.
  • 2016 EVLS Prague Pro – 2nd.
  • 2017 Mr. Olympia –2nd.
  • 2018 Mr.Olympia –5th.
  • 2020 Mr. Olympia - 1st.

The above chart all tells about Big Ramy Achievement. As you can see Big Ramy's back-to-back victory, It possible because he worked hard to achieve his dream. His determination is great. Once he said he will do whatever happened.When he entered his debut competition, He was totally more inexperienced than other bodybuilders. But he trains hard himself to win the competition and definitely, he won his first competition.

Big Ramy Diet

Big Ramy Diet Plan

If we see the facts about diet, Our health depends on two things. The first one is, What type of diet we take every day. The second thing is that what kind of exercise we do in our daily routine.You need to take care of calories in your diet plan and many factors like macros protein, carbs, and fiber. You must need to know that eating and sleeping is the most important activity in a fitness and healthy life.[incontent_ads]

Meal no. 1

  • 12 egg whites
  • 3 whole eggs
  • 8 oz sweet potato.

Meal no. 2

  • 5 oz of rice
  • 8 oz chicken breast.

Meal no. 3

  • Protein shake.

Meal no. 4

  • 4 whole eggs
  • 8 oz sweet potato.

Meal no. 5

  • 8 oz chicken breast
  • 1 cup brown rice
  • 1 cup sliced pineapple.

Meal no. 6

  • 10 oz salmon
  • 1/2 cup cooked white rice.

Meal no. 7

  • 10 oz steak Green salad.

Meal no.8 ( Midnight )

  • Protein shake
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter

If we see in this diet that protein, carbs, and fat are also included, Diet has chicken, eggs, salad, protein shake, peanut butter, and brown rice So guys this are some information about the Big Ramy diet if you want to try above meals so you can adjust according to your weight.

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We all know that Big Ramy gives the best performance in Mr. Olympia. He lets himself decide that he would not take steroids anymore in order to have good health and a good body. He also said that I was suggested by doctors.

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Big Ramy Workout starting the workout routine or training routine, make sure you stay hydrated during workouts by drinking water or energy drinks. And don’t forget to warm up exercising and make sure to cool down by stretching your muscles out, because It helps you to do an injury-free workout or exercise.

Day - 1: Back Workout

  • Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown
  • Seated Cable Row
  • Barbell or T Bar Row

Day - 2: Arm workout

Similar to the way he trains his back, Big Ramy pushes his arm training. He focuses on the form while using heavy weights for both bicep and triceps workouts. It is very important for him to maintain a proper position on each set, to avoid injury the best he can.

Day - 3: Triceps workout

  • Bar Pushdown – 4 sets & 10-12 reps
  • One Arm Dumbbell Extension – 4 sets & 10-12 reps
  • Rope Pushdown – 4 sets & 12-15 reps

Day - 4: Biceps workout

  • Hammer Curl – 4 sets & 10-12 reps
  • Preacher Curl – 4 sets & 10-12 reps
  • Rope Curl– 4 sets & 12-15 reps

Day - 5: Leg workout

  • Leg Extensions
  • Squats
  • Leg Presses
  • Machine Squat

There are a lot of people in the world who dreamed to be famous bodybuilders and they really work hard for achieving it. These people often have idols who they look up to for inspiration. Big Ramy is one of such inspiring bodybuilders for whom.

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It’s not easy to become like him overnight. But it took him a lot of years of struggle to get physiques like he has today. We can evaluate after taking a look at Big Ramy's diet and Big Ramy's workout that If we want to be like him then we need to work hard for it and his daily routine inspire us and motivate us to get a healthy body.​

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