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Amy Lee Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Amy Lee

Amy Lee Summers ((Verve Magazine)) is an entrepreneur, fitness athlete, model, and social media influencer who hails from New Zealand. She was a WBFF Fitness Diva.


After years of dedication, Amy was able to sculpt an incredible figure, one that millions of people around the world admire. She has been posting updates on her social media channels and has shared the whole process of obtaining her WBFF Pro Card. Since then, she's become a leading fitness icon in New Zealand and around the world.

Physical Appearance

Hair Color: BlondEye Color: Dark Brown

Amy Lee

Family & Ethnicity

Parents & Siblings

She is the daughter of Sandy Palmer.[caption id="attachment_9278" align="alignnone" width="481"]

Amy Lee with her mother-

Amy Lee with her mother[/caption]Josie Palmer and Rachael Huges (photographer) are her sisters.[caption id="attachment_9280" align="alignnone" width="483"]

Amy Lee with her sisters-

Amy Lee with her sisters[/caption]

Relationship, Husband, & Children

She has been somewhat secretive about her dating life or husband.

Other Relatives

She has a nephew named Marcellus (son of Josie Palmer, her sister.)[caption id="attachment_9279" align="alignnone" width="488"]

Amy Lee with her nephew Marcellus-

Amy Lee with her nephew Marcellus[/caption]


Fitness has been a passion of Amy's since an early age, and she has always loved pushing her limits. Despite that, she didn't begin seriously training for bodybuilding until the age of 19. At that moment, she committed herself to achieving her dream physique - and career.

Fitness and Sports at an Early Age

Throughout Amy's life, sports and fitness have been an important part of her development. Amy has always been physically active and athletic. Only at the age of 19 did she start lifting weights. Amy loved the feeling of strength she got from working out in the gym. Following every hard training session, she not only felt strong but also had a sense of accomplishment. Each month, she pushed herself to lift heavier. Her hard work began to pay off as her physique improved with each passing day.

I couldn’t believe how much I could change the shape of my body by the training techniques I was doing. Suddenly I was hooked,” Amy explained.

Amy took up fitness as a hobby in the beginning. Eventually, she realized that she might be able to make it her career.

Confidence Boost

With each improvement that she made to her physique, Amy felt growth in her self-confidence.

“I was able to try new things, meet new people and have the confidence to put myself out there.”

Amy eventually became an entrepreneur and model in the fitness industry by pursuing new opportunities. Also, she started sharing inspirational and motivational posts on social media to help other like-minded people.

Preparing For Her First Show

The ambition Amy grew as she insisted on getting into the best shape of her life by training more intensely and hiring a coach. By this time, Amy was already 7 years into her training program. Her fitness was good, but she wanted to take part in fitness contests rather than glamour modeling. This would require an athletic appearance for WBFF. In Amy's case, training went very well and she got amazing results. The training she underwent helped her sculpt bulging abs and a toned physique that prepared her for the fitness competition. So she did it.

Winning the WBFF Pro Card

Her participation in the WBFF World Championships in August 2018 took place in Las Vegas. Although nervous, she was excited to take on the challenge. Her personality has always been one who loves to push herself mentally and physically, and this time was no different. Her commitment and sacrifice had finally paid off as she stepped up to the stage to give her speech

“I had brought my very best package and enjoyed every moment of what I had worked so hard for.”

Afterward, she was named the winner of the Bikini Diva category - earning her Pro Card. At that moment, Amy's feelings were flooded with emotions. Amy keeps reaching new heights on her journey, and she does not plan to stop anytime soon. In her current position, Amy Lee works as a social media influencer and as a personal trainer.[caption id="attachment_9273" align="alignnone" width="596"]

Amy Lee as a WBFF Bikini Pro

Amy Lee as a WBFF Bikini Pro[/caption]


  • WBFF Bikini Diva Pro


Amy Lee has a roman numeral tattooed on her wrist. The meaning of this tattoo seems to be personal and is unknown.[caption id="attachment_9288" align="alignnone" width="391"]

Amy Lee Roman Numeral Tattoo

Amy Lee's Roman Numeral tattoo[/caption]


  • She begins her day quite early and does a fasted cardio session. ((Verve Magazine))
  • She likes to drink occasionally. ((Amy Lee - Instagram))[caption id="attachment_9275" align="alignnone" width="450"]
Amy Lee having wine
  • Amy Lee having wine[/caption]
  • She has done paragliding before and likes to do adventure sports often.[caption id="attachment_9272" align="alignnone" width="650"]
A picture of Amy Lee paragliding-
  • A picture of Amy Lee paragliding[/caption]
  • She has two pet dogs named Stormi and Fendi.[caption id="attachment_9285" align="alignnone" width="483"]
Amy Lee's pets, Stormi and Fendi
  • Amy Lee's pets, Stormi and Fendi[/caption]
  • Some of her hobbies includes travel, fashion, music, and animals.
  • She has been on the Men's Fitness Magazine as well as Muscle and Fitness UK.[caption id="attachment_9284" align="alignnone" width="655"]
Amy Lee's interview with Muscle and Fitness Magazine UK-
  • Amy Lee's interview with Muscle and Fitness Magazine UK[/caption][caption id="attachment_9283" align="alignnone" width="668"]
Amy Lee's Instagram post about being on Men's Fitness Magazine -
  • Amy Lee's Instagram post about being on Men's Fitness Magazine[/caption]
  • She has her fitness app called Amy Lee Fit. She offers a variety of training sessions and personalized plans for the users. She also has some yummy recipes.[caption id="attachment_9282" align="alignnone" width="426"]
Amy Lee's fitness app-
  • Amy Lee's fitness app[/caption]
  • She has an Ebook called Big Booty Goals.[caption id="attachment_9276" align="alignnone" width="428"]
Amy Lee posing with her Ebook, Big Booty Goals-
  • Amy Lee posing with her Ebook, Big Booty Goals[/caption]
  • She has a scar on her right upper arm.[caption id="attachment_9277" align="alignnone" width="707"]
Amy Lee posted on Instagram about her scar-
  • Amy Lee posted on Instagram about her scar[/caption]
  • She has also shared her complete workout routine and diet plan on her Instagram page as she was featured in Women Fitness Celebrities Magazine.[caption id="attachment_9286" align="alignnone" width="784"]
Amy Lee's workout plan-
  • Amy Lee's workout plan[/caption][caption id="attachment_9281" align="alignnone" width="793"]
Amy Lee's diet plan-
  • Amy Lee's diet plan[/caption]

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